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The downsides outweigh the benefits

I have to admit that I read the other reviews of this product thoroughly before trying, and although there were a number of comments about poor mixability and one about taste I decided to give it a go. In 2.5 years of training & using protein products this is the first time I've had what I consider to be a failure. I just can't get on with the product for two main reasons. Sure I feel better great after I've managed to down it & I do believe that the protein is absorbed more efficiently, but for me it's just a no-go product. So what about it is so bad? Let's start with the flavour. I bought the chocolate flavour, as this has always worked well for me in the past no matter what type of protein I've had. In this instance it was probably the worst flavour I could've chosen. The shake doesn't taste very chocolatey at all, in fact there is a definite meaty taste to it - not to mention the after taste. The best mix I've managed has been using the remains of my orange & cinnamon workout drink as that just about masks the flavour while I'm drinking. But nothing can take away the after taste. I can only manage a portion of this if I have a flapjack, seed bar or something like a Nakd bar to quickly eat after it as that does mask the aftertaste to a manageable degree. The next problem is mixability. I have an MP shaker with the mixer ball which has worked with every protein powder I've used in the past, but is a complete failure with this particular protein. No matter what I try (adding a little water first to swell the protein, making it really watery, trying to make it thick) I just can't get it to mix. It foams up ridiculously & the foam seems to lock in the protein - so I end up with watery chocolate drink & over half a shaker of foamy protein - which just tastes rank! Sadly I bought a 2.5kg pouch so I have rather a lot of it to get through. Within 3 days I had ordered a 2.5kg pouch of Whey because I just can't handle this on a daily basis, let alone twice a day. I'm sticking with using it after my 2 hour sessions (Bootcamp, Spin & Body Pump) on a Saturday as it does help with recovery from such hard work, but I feel that's the only time I workout hard enough to be able to justify following up with a flapjack as I have to be very careful with my carb count. So in summary, it's a high quality protein which seems to help with muscular recovery (hence the 3 star overall rating), but it's a impossible to mix without making a really foamy drink & tastes awful. It's like drinking a sirloin steak mixed with a thin chocolate shake.
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totally underrated!

Don't understand all the bad reviews! I am using banana favour carnipro and I like it! I mix it with milk, Greek yogurt and fruit even use it for protein pancakes! and there is no horrible aftertaste. Mixability could be better but its not that bad honestly! And I do have a sensitive palette, for example I cannot drink peptopro! I would recommend the banana carnipro to everyone, and if your that worried buy a sample first, dont let these reviews put you off. Their very harsh in my opinion.
Goes Well With:
Milk, Greek yogurt, in pancakes

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As a lactose-intolerant bodybuilder, this is my dream. I have strawberry, vanilla and chocolate (make more flavours please!) and even though the mixability can leave a little to be desired - that doesn't put me off. I have a nutribullet blender so I just whiz it in there for a few seconds and it's airy and smooth and delicious. I rarely drink shakes anymore though, I have this with my oats every morning instead. 2 scoops chocolate carnipro, oats, peanut butter and a coffee. OR my other favourite: 2 scoops carnipro vanilla, oats, cinnamon and steamed apple. Oh lawd. I've also whizzed the chocolate carnipro with frozen raspberries before and topped with some walden farms and it was absolutely beautiful. I actually love the taste, I don't know how anybody is getting a meaty vibe from it. All in all this makes it easy for me to hit my macros deliciously and beefily. No bloating whatsoever - and the added bonus of creeping out my colleagues by telling them I'm eating oats and beef for breakfast!

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Listen carefully

For a smooth, tasty and perfectly mixed shake follow these instructions to the letter! 1. 200ml water in the MP shaker (make sure the metal ball is inside) 2. 1 scoop of Carnipro 3. Shake the hell out of it until the powder is completely dissolved. 4. For those who want milk in the shake, add 100ml or more milk at this stage. For those who want water only, add 100ml or more of water at this stage. 5. Gently roll the shaker on it's side to mix the added liquid with the froth from before. 6. Let the shaker stand for 30 minutes. 7. Gently roll the shaker on it's side again. 8. Within a few more minutes the shake is ready to be consumed. 9. Thank me!

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Mix into food not drinks

I bought this protein to mix into foods instead of drink to up the protein in my meals. I hate the over sweetened protein drinks. It does have a more savoury taste and definitely smells just slightly beefy. But I mix it in my plain porridge oats with honey and it doesn't effect the taste. You can add it to pies, stir frys, sauces and gravies I feel like I add to everything now. Plus it's cheap. Yeah you do have to mix it well and it doesn't taste nice o. It's own. But follow the above and you're laughing.
Goes Well With:
Sauces. Porridge. Pies. Gravies. Any "wet" meal.

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Great paleo protein

I follow a strict paleo diet (aip) so it's difficult to find a protein powder to fit in with that! I use the unflavoured mixed with a cup of coffee, tsp cocoa and 1/4 cup of coconut milk for a quick and easy breakfast everyday, delicious and keeps me full til lunch. The unflavoured is great for those who want to avoid artificial sweeteners, you could easily add in your own flavourings and sweeteners to taste.

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Good Paleo, dairy free, chemical free option (if unflavoured). A

Due to my paleo lifestyle I am unable to use whey protein (and the fact my body hates dairy). I have used hemp and although enjoy the nutty taste it can be overpowering with reasonable but not large amount of protein content. I decided to give this new product a try (unflavoured) as it only contains the hydrolysed beef protein and xanthum gum - no sucralose sweeteners like the flavoured ones. I am very impressed. I added it to my morning chocolate smoothie (300ml almond milk, 1/2 avocado, 1 small banana, 1 tbsp linseed, 1 tbsp cashew nut butter, 2 tbsp cocoa powder). It did not change the taste at all, however bumped up the protein content 22g!

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Absolutely diabolical

It tastes like beef mixed with chocolate and is no less than vile to drink. Would highly recommend not going with this. I bought 5 kilos and the only way I've managed to enjoy it is by mixing it into cakes.
Goes Well With:
The bin

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Top notch

Don't care how it tastes or how it doesn't mix well . I care what it is in it and what it does . Top notch protein

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Good quality

I truly don't know so many people are complaining from this product. Everyone should do their research before ordering. I've been using beef protein for over 3 years from different brands. It doesn't matter how premium the brand is - the mixability is always difficult , you people need to read about it !!!! the consistency compared to whey protein is different, almost impossible to mix it with a normal shaker, the blender does excellent job. It's a low sugar and fat , read the nutritional facts of the product, that's why you can't expect amazing chocolate flavour, just add 50ml almond or coconut milk, it works great. Perfect for everyone who is looking for alternative to whey, or simply if you want to stay away from dairy products. Naturally high in amino acids, creatine. Plus with all the current sales, you can't beat the price.
Goes Well With:
Almond or Coconut Milk

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