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Beta Alanine

Super-convenient amino acid to add to your daily shake

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Works but scoop is not correct serving size

The product works well and as it should. I get the beta alanine tingles but one thing that really annoys me is that you get a scoop that's not even the correct serving size. On the label it tells you to only to put a third of the scoop in it. Why do I have to estimate my servings each time I take it? If you don't wanna drop dead with nausea, DO NOT take the full scoop. It is not a nice feeling and it lasts for 1 hour. If you can, you can measure it with an accurate food scale but why do we have to bother with that in the first place? Put the right scoop size and I'll make this 5 stars.
Goes Well With:
Juice, Energy drinks. A non-empty stomach.

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I feel strange and I love it ...

**DISCLAIMER** You're not going to pack on 30lbs of pure muscle in a month. You will, however, be able to do more reps of high-intensity exercises, meaning more muscle stimulation (and potentially hypertrophy) than without supplementation. I'm no scientist. I just like working out :) I'm currently experimenting with a scientifically backed programme aiming to promote an increase in strength and hypertrophy through a combination of powerlifting and calisthenics. I take about 5g Beta-Alanine (a scoop-ish) about 20-30 minutes before each workout, and the effects are incredible. Having trained as a professional Muay Thai Boxer, I am no stranger to gruelling workouts. The kind where every muscle in your body burns and you feel as if your chest is about to explode in about 10 more push ups. With Beta-Alanine, the science and the first hand experience are truly incredible. I find myself able to carry out more and more reps without the burning sensation of the lactic acid. I find myself consistently adding more and more reps to my higher-intensity exercises without the drawback of the lactic acid build up. Typically after a workout I would struggle to do 10 controlled push ups due to the burning. Now I find myself able to do 25 without the "everywhere" burn stopping me. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to increase their endurance, particularly for high-intensity exercises, and for anyone looking for something that will help promote and stimulate muscle growth by increasing the work done on each muscle group. For anyone who wants the quick science: From what I understand, Beta-Alanine reacts with Histidine in the brain and muscles to produce Carnosine. For programmes with repetitive high-intensity exercises, glucose is used as the primary energy source, producing lactate and H+ ions when used up. These H+ ions acidify the muscles, reducing the pH and thus the ability of the muscle fibres to contract. Carnosine helps to buffer that reaction by prolonging this process. The muscle fibres can therefore contract for a longer duration (which is felt quite evidently in the workouts). The wonderful side effect we call 'the tingles', is known as Paraesthesia. Carnosine appears to activate a group of receptors (I googled the name of them, they're sensory neuron-specific G-protein coupled receptors) which are responsible for creating itchiness under the skin. I find my face and ears to be the main places for the tingles...
Goes Well With:
Creatine, BCAAs, Impact Diet Whey, Multi-Vitamin Gummies, a well-balanced diet and most importantly...the song that get's you the most pumped!

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The "new" creatine

This is the one. I'm sure most of you know that this is in a lot of preworkouts but you probably won't be getting enough.. 3-5 grams per day approx 20-30 mins before workout - great for runners and cyclists - check the science too. Very happy, and it's cheap as chips. I feel like a train whilst running. So much power and there's no stopping! Tastes bitter on its own so maybe add to juice or top up your pw. Doesn't mix/dissolve in water so keep swirling (as your probably already do) Also, don't forget about the tingling. I like it, but for some it's too much.
Goes Well With:
Creatine and amino's.

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Quality product one 5ml scoop does the job half hour before training on training days or 2.5ml morning and night on rest days.
Goes Well With:
Juice or just scoop it into your mush and swig a drink 

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just great, top product

I don't know if it lowers my fatigue or what, but I can push much more during my workouts if I take this before the workout. I mix it with "Creatine Monohydrate" so I'm not sure if the combination of those two helps or just one or both but combined they work. :D
Goes Well With:
Creatine Monohydrate

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Absolutely amazing wouldnt be caught buying elsewhere
Goes Well With:
Water and heineken

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Hits like a charm!

This beta alanine hit like no other, just after 5 mins after digesting it the itching start, it's normal so get use to it. I'll definitely get another 500g after I finish this one. Overall great product. Session is easy. If you guys looking for great pre workout I suggest you also mix with Creatine, electrolyte and Citrulline Malate.
Goes Well With:
Creatine Electrolyte Citrulline Malate

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Does exactly what is says on the tin (or packet)...

Beta-alanine, an amino acid... by design, it will never taste overly nice in its raw form so disregard any negative remarks from other reviers on taste - just expect it. As for its function and how it benefits training, it deserves full marks. Taken for its role as a precursor to carnosine, BA will improve athletic performance in relatively notable amount, most importantly, endurance and ability to perform 'bursts' of activity. Dosing advice; take pre-workout (30min) along with Creatine, in a drink (not protein shake, this will make it taste grotty). This is a slow-burner, best taken over an extended period to see best effects. Fortunately, when raising carnosine levels via BA, the cumulative effect is relatively long-lived i.e. it takes a long time for carnosine levels to deplete/return to baseline so taking occassional breaks from BA supplementation won't impact its effectiveness (if you've been using it for a while). Overall, a brilliant OTC supplement with no serious side effects and one of the very few powders worth taking. Word of warning; don't take with taurine as they will compete for absorption which muddies the benefits of each amino acid. Personally, I'd avoid any supplements that contain both BA and taurine for this reason.
Goes Well With:
Creatine. DO NOT TAKE WITH TAURINE - competes for absorption thus lessening effects of both.

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Does what its meant to!

I've been using this product for over a year now, the bag lasts me a while, I don't mind it unflavoured with just water, but can be added to your protein shake or even juice. Only thing is it needs a good stir as it doesn't break down completely so I stir before each drink as the little bits sink to the bottom of the glass. Performance wise, I feel it helps me with my strength and I don't feel I fatigue as I would without it. I don't use full scoop as when I do it makes me feel sick, and very itchy and tingly, so I always do about half or 3/4's of a scoop. The first time to use it, you will definitely feel itchy so be prepared. Good Product for the price though.

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Not sure of effectiveness yet as only tried it just over a week. Slight tingle if you use too much. Haven't seen any benefits yet but early yet. Mixes easily.
Goes Well With:
Orange juice or protein shake.

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