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I am a 58 year old woman who has not trained seriously with weights for a few years and now has quite a bit of fat to shift. My gym trainer gave me intervals to do which I have been finding very hard and seeing little improvement in. Despite my heart rate/CV fitness improving I was not finding the intervals any easier and even seemed to be losing strength. After supplementing with Hurricane XS twice a day for 2-3 weeks I am now starting to see good improvements in the intensity and recovery in my intervals - it has just clicked in and I am sure that it is the Hurricane supplement that is helping here as I was previously just taking a protein shake that seemed to have no or little effect. Last night in the gym I also had more strength and endurance with my weights following on from the intervals - not felt that good for years.

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Great product

It's a post-workout mix with a nod towards bulking. Try this if your heavy workouts are becoming frequent and your goal is muscle mass rather than purely weight loss or cutting. It's a good product to move on to from standard Whey if the lifting becomes serious. The name sounds suspiciously like a different brand of post-workout shake which is also named after a type of extreme wind. The reason is probably because they are very similar and serve the same purpose. The difference? The alternative brand is eyewateringly more expensive. More than double the price considering the quantities provided. It makes no sesnse to buy anything other than Myprotein's product. This? A good 30g hit of protein with plenty of carbs and a dose of Creatine. I take this only on workout days immediately post workout. If you lift, you will be aware of 'the hunger' that comes after the post workout shower. This shake perfectly satisfies that hunger and makes the workout feel complete. The added carbs seem to give you a nice boost for the journey home. A perfect way to satisfy you until you get to your next proper meal. Adding Creatine to my supplements has increased not only my visible pump but also the weight I can lift during compound exercises. I can only recommend adding Creatine and this is a good product to provide that. The taste? I always buy Chocolate flavours (in this case Chocolate Smooth). It's pretty bad as chocolate shakes go but not unpleasant to my sweet tooth. It tastes like overly sweetened artificial chocolate. I'm happy to sip it slowly but if sweet isn't your thing I doubt you will find this flavour pleasant at all. Mixability? I only use at the gym and as a result I always use water in this particular product. 500ml is a good amount to go with the 2 scoops. If you put any less in the shake tends to be a little on the grainy side. I use the standard MP blender bottle and it works perfectly. The price is very reasonable as are all MP's products (less than half the price of the other strong-wind named competitor's product) and very effective as a filling, satisfying post-workout. Myprotein's service is also great. My products are on my doorstep right when I need them.
Goes Well With:
Water, Blender bottle, a sweet tooth.

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Good stuff but sugary...

Been using this stuff on and off (as well as impact whey) but won't be using it again. Why? Well as I've gotten older I'm struggling more and more to stay lean, as you'd expect but this stuff really hasn't helped. My strength is good, and I can see I'm "gaining" but how much of it is fat vs muscle is debatable as I look a lot softer than normal. Had a closer look at the nutritional values on the packet and it's 20% sugars, which is the same as a tub of Tesco mint choc chip ice cream I found in the freezer.....add milk into the mix (not really a fan of water for my shakes) and it'll be much higher than that. In short, it's an MRP/ weight gainer IMO rather than a supplement so not something you can throw down your neck pre and post workout unless that's very much set apart from usual meal times, and you're watching your other carbs closely..... Well, you could I guess but only if you have the metabolism of a whippet or you are simply trying to turn into a tank. For those wanting to stay lean you have to use this stuff with caution, and if you're aiming to keep your protein intake high this stuff is only about 40g per 100 of protein, whereas something like Impact Whey is circa 80, without most of the sugar. I've always found it to be a bit gritty too, and I suspect this is the creatine content, so mixing it is never going to be perfect. It's more bitter than the impact whey, again probably creatine related. I've tended to stick with Chocolate smooth as it's sweet enough to mask the inherent bitterness - god knows what the unflavoured would be like..... So to summarise, good stuff but be careful if you're trying to stay trim and I'd say avoid if leaning out is your goal.
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Great Product (it also contains un-described BCAA)

I used to take Hurricane XS, Hurricane XS Elite and now this product (all 3 are the same product). It performs well, helped me to build 1.5kg of muscles mass and lose 2kg of fat in 4 weeks (12 trainings). HMB dosage is just right for 70kg man (38mg per kg) so consider taking bigger doses if you weight more and want to benefit from HMB. BCAA. Even though it is not described, this product is built with Whey Protein which naturally contains Leucine so we are getting some BCAA's but can't tell how much really. It is sugary but it's a mix of Dextrose and Ground Oats to help to restore post-gym energy and not empty calories from white sugar so it is ok for someone who is building the endurance and mass in my opinion. Taste is very average to be honest but you will usually drink it in one go thirsty after gym so it doesn't really matter ha ha ha

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What's changed!?

I have been using this supplement for years, in my opinion it's the only one worth buying. The taste never bothers me, longs if it's effective, which i feel it is. The one I usually buy is smooth chocolate and have had no quarms with the taste up until now, my most recent order of this is sickly sweet and the colour if the product is alot lighter than the ones I have ordered in the past. I feel like this is an entirely different product despite me ordered the same type and flavohr. What's changed? Have I received a bad batch? Have you changed the sweetner? Like I have said earlier the taste really doesn't matter as I chug them down anyways but such a subtle difference in taste has me rather concerned.
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My son (U18 rugby player) has been looking for the past few months on a shake to use. He has had plenty of advise from coaches, physios & other players. He finally decided on Myprotein, which all I can say was a great choice. He went for the Rocky Roads flavour which he absolutely loves (only problem is that tastes too good & wants to drink more often than he should). He's been using for a couple of weeks & has felt a definite improvement in how his muscles are feeling & has improved not only muscle mass but also the recovery from exercise. The shake is so easily mixed & never has lumps in it, regardless of whether it is mixed with water or milk. Great product & would definitely recommend. Only decision to make now is whether to try another flavour.

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Sickly Sweet

Please listen to your customers and change the formula on this. I find it not possible to take the required amount in one drink as it is far too sweet.

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Good reliable everyday post-workout

I've tried various protein shakes from a number of the big named brands, but seem to come back to hurricane xs after each one. It mixes well, doesn't leave me feeling bloated and is giving the desired added muscle mass. I'm working towards gaining as much muscle mass as possible whilst maintaining an athletic physique, so don't want to sacrifice abs for big arms - this shake fits the bill perfectly. Although the taste doesn't bother me with protein shakes, these are generally pretty good; although on the sweet side. (I've tried choc-nut, Raspberry, Rum & Raisin And Latte)

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Best Supplement I've Used

I don't normally bother writing reviews but this hurricane xs deserves one. Having tried probably hundreds of different products over the last twenty years this is by far the best for building muscle (unless of course you're going to go down the route of the 'darkside' supplements which I'm not prepared to these days) alongside hard training (high volume of squats and other basic lifts in full body workouts 3-4 days per week) and a fairly ok-ish diet this has really helped me change shape. That is to say my shoulders, arms, back and hamstrings look visibly thicker while my midsection looks noticeably better. During workouts the pump I'm getting is ridiculous, veins popping out all over the place and that satisfying 'tight feeling' which Arnold Schwarzenegger goes on about. Honestly I recommend it highly. AS LONG AS YOU PUT THE WORK IN! It's not a magic bullet, nothing is, but it does work.
Goes Well With:
Hard training. Decent diet. Lots of water. Sleep.

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I have consistently used Impact Whey Protein for a number of years now, but occasionally I buy a pouch of Hurricane XS to switch things up a bit. I always ache regardless of what supplements I take however I definitely notice the difference when I switch to Hurricane XS due to the extra HMB and Creapure; it lessens the ache and I recover quicker. Having a sweet tooth I have tried a fair few flavours, all of which I found great in taste, mixed well with both water and milk, and definitely do the job in terms of helping to reach macros. The curbed most of my sweet cravings and if not I just had another shake or made a pudding by mixing a scoop of the shake, an egg, some cocoa powder and sometimes peanut butter in a mug. Choc Smooth is always a safe bet, consistently nice in taste. Choc Mint is nice but seemed to hurt my throat on occasion. Choc Peanut Butter (what I have at the moment) is really nice! It reminds me of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, hopefully it won't get sickly. Cookies and Cream is quite nice, it takes a while to get used to as it's quite sickly at first but I did grow to like it. Vanilla is fine but gets a bit boring and tasteless (but that's after two 5kg bags). White Chocolate is good, quite similar to cookies and cream, only tried samples of this flavour, I would imagine it becomes a bit sickly. I looked at a lot of reviews before trying new flavours, but it is completely subjective, my favourite flavour would have to be either Choc Smooth or Choc Peanut Butter! Even though the majority of the Peanut Butter reviews weren't great. As a whole I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to get more seriously into the gym and make more significant gains as opposed to just getting a bigger chest and biceps. As an all-in-one it is easier to consume the extra supplements without having to scoop out of various pouches which really saves a lot of effort when you are in a rush or lead a busy lifestyle. Worth the extra bit of money but I tend to wait for deals.
Goes Well With:
Water, Milk & Greek Yoghurt.

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