We've joined forces with Battle Cancer, an incredible fundraising event series born right here in Manchester.

Founded Six years ago by the passionate Scott Britton, Battle Cancer has been on a mission to make a difference. But this isn’t just about fundraising through fitness. It’s a strong community where people battling this awful disease and those who have experienced loss can come together as one.

Scott, and his dedicated team, have left no stone unturned in understanding how you can transform both the mind and body after illness. Through Battle Cancer's charity, The Battle Cancer Program, people post-cancer treatment can access 12 weeks of fully-funded strength and fitness classes preparing them to face any future challenges.

Nutrition plays a vital role in supporting not only our physical well-being but also our mental health. That's why this partnership is all about empowering and educating people while encouraging them to move for a cause.

Throughout the year, you’ll find us at various events, right by your side, as we help you conquer every challenge that comes your way. Together, we're stronger and more determined than ever to make a positive impact.

In Scott's own words:"I founded Battle Cancer in my back garden in Manchester six years ago with the aim of not only using fitness as a way to fundraise but also a connector for loss, suffering and to highlight all the amazing qualities those affected by cancer show to the world. On that journey, we have become obsessed with how to change the mind and body post-illness and be ready to withstand illness.

Supplements that are tested, impactful and the best grade possible are key to our goal and Myprotein not only offers a huge range to support the body but also makes this affordable and easy to understand and implement. Nutrition and what happens inside your body is vital to recovery post-illness and preventing illness, and with this partnership we can educate about nutrition and encourage movement for a cause.

After £5m raised globally for cancer charities, tens of thousands of athletes and hundreds of post cancer athletes Battle Cancer is still scratching at the surface of the problems that arise from serious illness and to have the power of Myprotein with us has just added a huge lift in that fight"

Get ready to join us on this incredible journey with Battle Cancer. Are you up for the challenge?