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Whole Egg Powder

  • Vegetarian


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Eggs are a rich source of quality protein and Whole Egg Powder is an excellent, convenient way to easily consume eggs.

Our Whole Egg Powder is a spray dried, non-instant, fine yellow powder produced from pasteurised hens' eggs. It has a mild egg taste and odour and will mix with a shaker cup or blender.

Don't worry about raising your cholesterol when consuming whole eggs! Several studies have shown that while egg yolks raise your levels of good cholesterol, they barely (<4%) raise total cholesterol.

Whole Egg Powder is a great food product to consume at least once a day if your goal is to increase mass.

Product Reviews - 19 reviews

Egg powder

- (10 / Feb / 2014)


We used this product for an allergy challenge test. It worked well and was tolerated by patients in terms of taste. I would recommend this as a replacement for raw egg.

Goes Well With:

Pureed fruit and yogurt

- (12 / Dec / 2013)


It does the job of giving a gluten free protein boost. Taste is not very nice (had to hold nose) but no worse than expected. Only slight lumps left after using protein powder shaker.

Whole dried egg

- (22 / Oct / 2013)


Geat to have in your food storage for scambled egg. Omelettes and for cakes ect. I really enjoyed it. My scrambled egg made with this powder. Great keep in times of need.

Goes Well With:

all the above

great product

- (05 / Aug / 2013)


This Whole Egg Powder mixes easily and is a dense powder. It does taste like egg but not in a bad way.

Goes Well With:

cocoa powder, coconut or almond milk, stevia

- (07 / May / 2013)


Whole Egg Powder helped me gain mass. I would consider buying it again

Goes Well With:

Instant oats


- (15 / Apr / 2013)


As a newcomer to MyProtein I must say that the price, service and delivery times were excellent. This Whole Egg Powder is second to none. It's easy to mix and very palatable. Compared to others that I have used in the past, this whole egg powder is without doubt the best I have used.

- (22 / Mar / 2013)


I love this product, however I personally think this product is a little overpriced. I know you pay extra because its in powder form but 1 KG of this powder is roughly 35 fresh eggs.

Whole egg powder

- (13 / Feb / 2013)


I have only used this Whole Egg Powder for baking. It is an excellent substitute for shell eggs, as everyone discovered during the last war. To reconstitute - 1 tablespoon of egg powder: 2 tablespoons water - mix well! Powder can be used dry - just increase the amount of liquid in recipe.

- (16 / May / 2012)


"mix it choc flavour, oats & maltodextrin. tastes great, can't have whey products (lactose) please please please just make a bloody all in one with no whey in it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- (21 / Sep / 2011)


We are only using this product for baking. So the taste of this product is immaterial! as we're not using it as a protein drink. The effectiveness of this product as a real-egg substitute is great. BUT 1 negative point: can anyone tell me what quantiity (grammes) of this Whole Egg Powder equates to 1 real egg?! As this is not stated on either the packaging of this product nor on this webpage :-( This is about the only 'down' point I can make about this product. We really need to know this info in order to be able to bake/prepare egg-dishes with this subsitute-egg product.

- (12 / Aug / 2011)


"This used to taste ok, very eggy, infact it reminded me of the taste of protein powder from the 80's and i did'nt mind it but now they have changed it, it is bright yellow in colour and tastes just awful. It was a good product but now it is disgusting in taste and almost impossible to drink on its own. Why change it?"

- (27 / Jan / 2011)


"If you bake as I do then having whole dried egg on hand allows all manner of baking without worrying if there will be enough eggs around; also great for pancakes, waffles et al. I did try as scrambled eggs but do not recommend alone as said by others best if mixed in 'something' else."

- (19 / Oct / 2010)


Good nutrition however it tastes foul! Need to find something to mix it with to make it bareable even when downed.

- (08 / Oct / 2009)


As a few others have pointed out this is a nutritionally complete powder however it really cant be added to much because of its very eggy taste and smell. My recipe to make this edible is 250mls of natural yoghurt 250mls of orange juice and 2 scoops of whole egg powder blended up this is bearable but not for everyone.

- (08 / Jul / 2009)


Exellent and essential product for those on high fat/low carb diets (4.5 stars because it does contain a small amount of carbs). It dosent taste great but the idea is to put on mass not have a nice drink

- (27 / Mar / 2009)


Perfect nutritional profile but I cannot for the life of me drink this stuff!

- (04 / Nov / 2008)


"The protein benefits are GR8 BUT!! The taste it is bad to say the least, I had to mix it with some chocolate powder to get it down me."

- (10 / Sep / 2008)


"Eggy, as you'd expect, but after mixing with some "Impact Whey Protein" and some milk, you'll get something resembling eggnog delicious."

- (08 / Aug / 2007)


"this is ok mixes well if you mix in small amount of water first, very smooth unlike hemp and brown rice protien which has grittyness"

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