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Vitamin E

400 iu



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As one of the most popular dietary supplements that are currently available, Vitamin E is used by large numbers of people around the world, and offers a number of benefits when used correctly as part of a balanced and healthy diet. Vitamin E (400 iu) comes as a simple to swallow softgel and is intended to be consumed on a daily basis.

Although it is often recommended particularly for pregnant women, and those who are trying to increase their fertility, Vitamin E has a number of uses for people in all stages of life, offering health benefits for the heart and circulatory system. Vitamin E (400 iu) is a powerful antioxidant, and as such can reduce the damage caused by free radicals in the body. Vitamin E is made up of a number of different chemical compounds known collectively as tocopherols. These organic chemicals are found naturally in a number of different foods including vegetable oils and cereals.

There is a series of different tocopherols that make up Vitamin E, and these have slightly different properties from each other. The most potent of the 7 different tocopherols is D-Alpha Tocoperol, which is found in this supplement, and which offers very powerful anti-oxidant benefits, as well as being essential to the body for its role in synthesizing High Density Lipoproteins (HDL Cholesterol).

Vitamin E is known to be required by the body for a number of vital purposes including its importance in the production of cells. Vitamin E plays a particularly important role in the manufacture of white blood cells, making it essential for boosting the immune system.

One of the most popular uses for Vitamin E is in fertility treatment. Indeed, the name tocopherols originates from the Greek word for childbirth. Vitamin E is known to increase fertility in both men and women due to its uses in improving circulatory function and the production of healthy cells.

Product Reviews - 10 reviews


- (25 / Jun / 2013)



Goes Well With:

Alpha men

I think it works

- (29 / Mar / 2013)


With a 6 year old pacemaker and the usual statin side effects, I felt that I needed to boost my energy levels. I've been pleasantly surprised by this Vitamin E. I certainly feel better all round. I have given full marks for taste. On the other hand, my 'good' for effectiveness could be an 'excellent' in another week or so.

Goes Well With:

Goes down well with porridge and CoQ10 as an anti-statin problem solver.

- (26 / Jun / 2012)


"In regards to Michael Smith: Spots simply are caused by oil. The reason you get more when you workout is because you sweat and the sweat dries and traps the oil, which causes spots. To effectively combat this, simply wash your wash after every workout, and use a moisturiser after. "

- (17 / Nov / 2011)


"i have that problem with my skin and after working out my face gets even more spotty, how many did u take a day to combat this , and how long did it take to get noitceable results?"

- (01 / Jul / 2011)


"Does anybody know, do you swallow thesde whole or chew. Thanks."

- (16 / Apr / 2011)


I guess with all suppliments you kinda wonder when and do they really work. I can only say these vit e tabs really do work . for years i suffered with spots and even more so after training strangley enough. To my disbelief the spots they have cleared up so if i never pick a weight up again i for sure will pick up these tabs . thanks mp

- (13 / Jan / 2011)


"I used supplemental vit E during and transitioning after doing a rapid fat loss / PSMF diet where my fat intake was kept quite low. This product worked well, because it stopped me getting symptoms of vit E deficiency (dry skin, poor training recovery, etc.). However, i think the product could be improved. For a start, ditch the soybean oil carrier which is horribly toxic and allergenic, and secondly, add in some other tocopherols like gamma-tocopherol to provide a more well rounded vit E supplement"

- (04 / Sep / 2010)


"I got this item to see if it helpedmy skin, it is awesome my skin is cleaner and smoother"

- (31 / May / 2010)


"This product is great. I use it twice a day most of the time. Once in the morning and once either after workout or before bed. My skin has improved dramatically - and I swear it's the vitamin E. It wasn't acne or anything, just spots, but I no longer use benzoyl peroxide or anything. Soft as a baby's bum it is!"

- (20 / Jan / 2008)


"An often forgotten supplement, the E group vitamins provide immune support, have an antioxiant function, aid the repair of DNA, and play a part in many other metabolic functions. Take one of these softgels post workout (with vitamin C) to aid workout recovery, or with the main meal of the day on non training days."

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