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Vitamin B5 Powder

Pantothenic Acid

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Pantothenic acid, or vitamin B5, is very plentiful in many of the foods we eat, and is found in all living things. In fact, scientists derived its name from the Greek root "panthos," which means "everywhere."

Having a high level of energy is important to all athletes and anyone who is trying to get in shape! It is very uncommon to be deficient in Vitamin B5 but supplementation can help to achieve other benefits like reducing acne.

Pantothenic acid is basically for biological reactions involving acetylation and energy production. Pantothenic acid helps in the formation of acetylcholine, the metabolism of fatty acids, and the incorporation of fatty acids into cell membrane phospholipids. Good sources of pantothenic acid from your normal diet are egg yolk and fresh vegetables.

Product Reviews - 11 reviews


- (26 / Nov / 2013)


Vitamin B5 is great for acne and this website sells the best products, for some of you one issue that could be the reason for your acne is that you're washing your face with soap or you scrub to hard, for those of you that don't know , the skin has a protective film that protects it from infections, when you wash your face more than 3 times a day , when you use cold water , especially when you wash your face with SOAP or use any type of alchool products on your face you are removing that protective film from your skin and so the skin gets infected, so stop washing your face with soap or any other products, a maximum of 3 times a day was your face by splashing warm water on your face and then gently dabbing the skin with a towel (do not attempt to scrub your face with the towel to get all the water of) is enough, most of you will notice that your acne will go trust least stop using soap on your face.

Works well

- (13 / Aug / 2013)


This is a miracle for people who suffer from oily skin like myself, it really does stop the excess production of oil, its been a real confidence boost knowing my face isn't horribly oily and shiny. Doesn't mix well in cold drinks but hot drinks are fine.

Goes Well With:

Coffee, disolves no problem.

- (12 / Aug / 2013)


Vitamin B5 Powder is an excellent product! Good efficency.

Great for acne

- (25 / Jul / 2013)


This is the best product I've found to reduce acne. I've tried plenty of other things, but this stands out. Months ago I would have given it five stars as it's effectiveness was off the scale, but this last week or two I've needed to take more per day to see the same results, which is getting a little costly. I will continue to use it though as the effect is second to none.

Goes Well With:

Lemon squash and hot water.

Vitamin B5 Powder

- (14 / Mar / 2013)


Vitamin B5 Powder is the only product to fight acne and oily skin, which is really effective. I use this vitamin to 2.5 grams four times a day. If you eat it with juice or protein cocktail, the taste does not seem so unpleasant. Good price and efficiently. I plan to use this product in the future.

- (09 / Dec / 2012)


"I am mid thirties and always suffered acne could never work out the cause and tried every product going then came across the research online about Pantothenic Acid and happy to find it here in powder form much cheaper than tablets elsewhere so gave it a go. Results came fairly quick within few weeks no more acne outbreaks now being using 3 months still amazing results. I have been using the scoop provided taking one full measure a day (not sure whether that's 3.5 or 5 grams), and like the research online I also take with L Carnitine. With regards to taste I have found it tastes fine mixed with lemon squash, give it time to dissolve for 5-10 mins before drinking, I hardly notice it in the drink, but this is all about results anyway not the taste. "

- (15 / Mar / 2012)


After a bit of research on the best way to combat acne i came across a study that claims 8-10 grams of B5 powder daily is the most effective treatment. So i bought this B5 powder and took 10 grams on my first try.... big mistake colonic irrigation has nothing on this stuff! If you want to use the recommended 8-10 grams from the study i would suggest using 3 grams (one level mp small scoop) per day for one week to see how your body handles it then up the dose to two scoops daily the second week and three from the third week onwards B5 powder does not mix well in cold water in doses of 3 grams and upwards it just clumps and tastes revolting. After a bit of experimentation i have found that boiling water dissolves it almost instantly add to this an even amount of your favourite squash and this makes for a far more palatable warm drink.

- (26 / Jul / 2009)


"early days yet, only been taking it for a couple of weeks but I can see the difference already. Better than any other treatment I have tried so far, anti-biotics, topical lotions etc.....I have been mixing approx 10g in four 500ml bottles of squash and drinking them throughout the day (started on half the amount of powder to begin with to get use to it). doesn't taste too bad at all in squash."

- (05 / Jun / 2009)


This is the worst tasting thing i ever drank. Cant argue with the results though!!

- (21 / May / 2009)


"Make a 2ltr bottle of squash add 4 small scoops to it, shake it up and allow to disolve over 5 mins, now drink that throughout the day. I add 1 scoop to my protien shakes also, oily skin and spots are completely gone, love this stuff!"

- (21 / Jun / 2007)


"Im 18 and have suffered from acne from the age of 13, and oily skin from 16. Iv used all of the ""over the counter"" and prescription meds (both GP and dermatolgist) apart from Accutane. I can control my acne, by oily skin is the problem. Iv tried B5 before as tablets, but couldnt only swallow 8x 500mg (4grams) before feeling ill. That reduced my acne/oily skin, but not completely. Now i can take 8grams (recommended dose for oily skin) of B5 in 2 minutes mixed with fruit juice (it tastes like mank if mixed with water)"

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