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Vitamin B Super Complex


  • Vegetarian


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Our Vitamin B Super Complex tablets are a super version of our standard Vitamin B Complex tablets. Our Super Complex version gives higher values of each vitamin and is aimed at the athlete or sports person.

B vitamins play a vital role in a number of key bodily functions including; energy production, red blood cell production, brain function and nervous system function. They have been shown to improve memory and focus, increase vascularity and show excellent antioxidant properties.

Our Vitamin B Super Complex provides a synergistic blend of some of the bodies most important nutrients. B vitamins are extremely effective when taken together, as they work with one another to support a vast number of biochemical processes within the body.

Vitamin B Super Complex provides all eight essential B vitamins.

Product Reviews - 12 reviews


- (20 / Jan / 2014)


This is a big tablet, ok to swallow in one go but gives an interesting after taste if not swallowed first time. On the plus side, feel the benefits after just one week in.

Goes Well With:

Water, balanced diet


- (11 / Aug / 2013)


This Vitamin B Super Complex is easy to swallow.

Goes Well With:


- (16 / Jul / 2013)


Vitamin B Super Complex is an excellent product in all aspects. Extremely good value for money.

Vitamin B Super Complex

- (14 / May / 2013)


The Vitamin B Super Complex is great. I've noticed the benefits instantly.

So far So good

- (13 / May / 2013)


I've never really taken Vitamin B Super Complex as a singular vitamin before, as I just usually rely on multi-vitamins. This make your wee quite luminescent in colour, but the taste and mixability is not a problem. It's maybe a little early to note any significant change in health/wellbeing, but they are a good price.

- (18 / Apr / 2013)


Did help me slightly with focus and brain function but other than that nothing, pills do smell bad and are big. It took a few tries to get them down but I don't think I'll be buying them again.

Vit B Super Complex

- (28 / Mar / 2013)


Really notice a difference each day with my focus and drive since starting these tablets, can be difficult to swallow whole though due to size but easily taken as two halves

- (15 / Apr / 2011)


"this has a foul smell and taste needed to hold my nose when taking, also noticed that my piss tured fllouresent gave the sense of bein dyhydrated constantly but other than this its a very effective product"

- (12 / Jan / 2011)


"The smell is not a pleasant one when you open the container, but get on with it. It'll do its job and it doesn't taste of anything. Tablets are a large size"

- (21 / Nov / 2010)


Started using these as I was feeling very tired after work and couldnt bring myself to exercise. Noticed a boost in my energy levels and found this suppliment really worked. I also work some night shifts and these tablets helped me get though them feeling fresh. Worth taking if you dont mind your p**s being glow in the dark and the disgusting taste of these tablets. Also make sure you put the cap on the bottle tight because they will stink out your room! Product very effective though!!

- (14 / May / 2010)


"These do a good job if you train regularly. They were suitable for vegetarians on the old website. Is that still the case? If so, why is there no green V sign near the title? I've noticed this with several products now and am reluctant to order.... Plz clarify MP"

- (20 / Jan / 2008)


"The B group of vitamins are of vital importance for a whole variety of metabolic processes including protein metabolism. For anyone with a particularly active or stressful lifestyle, supplementation with B complex vitamins provide an essential back-up to ensure adequet levels are ingested.\n\nI find that taking a tab with the largest meal of the day seems to aid energy levels. One thing to be aware of on these - taking them may cause your urine to become very dark, or even a near luminous green for a few hours! Whilst this can be a little disconcerting, it is perfectly fine and is just a sign that the riboflavin (vitamin b2) is doing it's job.\n\nI consider this to be an essential supplement which has numerous positive effects."

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