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True MRP (Sample)

  • Vegetarian


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MP MAX® True MRP is the ultimate meal replacement formula, designed to provide all the nutrients you require from a meal in one convenient shake.

Each 80g serving contains a massive 40g of protein, supplied through a tapered release blend which ensures you are drip-fed amino acids for a prolonged period of time. Protein helps your tissue to repair and grow when taken alongside a structured exercise routine, so it is crucial you consume sufficient amounts throughout the day. We have also added over 20g of carbohydrates sourced from low GI oats and barley. The low GI carbohydrates provide a slow release supply of energy which is less likely to settle as body fat and more likely to be burnt as energy.

MP MAX® True MRP also contains a subtle serving of healthy Essential Fats. Healthy fats assist a number of important bodily functions including the normal function of your cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems. We have also included a full spectrum of Vitamins & Minerals in order to replicate the micro nutrients associated with a normal meal.

The sophisticated macro and micro nutrient content of MP MAX® True MRP makes it an unrivalled meal replacement formula as it offers all the healthy benefits of a normal meal, whilst the balanced calorie levels help support an active lifestyle.

Product Reviews - 8 reviews


- (02 / Aug / 2013)


The True MRP is the best meal replacement I've tasted. It mixes well and isn't too chalky. It does the job.

Goes Well With:

Oats and Whey

- (18 / Jun / 2013)


I was impressed with the quality of True MRP (Sample) and the taste. I received my order within 24 hours of ordering, would recommend to my friends.

too sweet

- (22 / Apr / 2013)


The True MRP (Sample) was far too sweet for my taste.

- (25 / May / 2012)


Have tried chocolate mint and chocolate orange. Great for a meal replacement at lunchtime. I mix 25g with 300ml semi-skimmed milk. Really satisfying and great taste. I have the blended with the metal ball inside which mixes this up really well. Have ordered a few other samples cookies and cream and milk chocolate which I have yet to try.

- (02 / Dec / 2011)


"£1.19 for 40g of protien! and carbs, i dont tend to use MRPs because i like to eat as much real food as possible but we all get sranded when another meal rolls around sometimes so im going to be chucking in a few more packets with my next order for those emergency situations. not to fussed with flavors vanilla usualy does me."

- (10 / Aug / 2011)


Try a sample this is good stuff

- (09 / Feb / 2011)


"If you're considering trying one of these, I strongly recommend it. I've tried cookies and cream and milk choc' and with milk the taste is amazing. Highly recommend. Only 2 downsides i've noticed. 1/ Not great with water and 2/ (as mentioned in another review for the boxes) they, strangely, make you feel hungry not long after. Be careful not to eat too soon after one of these else you will suddenly feel fit to burst! Give it a go, you'll be looking for any excuse for an MRP, I bet ;)"

- (17 / Jul / 2010)


"I tried the banana flavour, very nice without being over sweet. Tasted like real banana, not at all synthetic, and had a nice smooth texture. Will definitely use again."

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