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Post-Workout Endurance Formula



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RE:CHARGE is part of Myproteins Nutrient Timing Programme which is designed to satisfy your body's specific nutritional requirements before during and after exercise or competition.

RE:CHARGE is an advanced formula combining protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes to help maintain hydration and encourage muscular recovery after physical activity. Taken directly after exercise or competition, RE:CHARGE helps put your body in a position to recover and recuperate for your next test.

The unique carbohydrate blend has been formulated to replenish the crucial levels of glycogen that have been used during your activity. Glycogen is used as a source of energy by the body and consuming carbohydrates is the best way to re-build glycogen stores during the recovery process.

Supporting the carbohydrate content is a premium protein blend which helps your body to recover and rebuild after exercise. Muscle protein is often broken down as a source of energy, so it is vital that sufficient quantities are put back in to the muscle straight after exercise.

We have also included electrolytes to replenish the salts lost through sweating, vitamin C to remove the damaging toxins produced during physical exercise and creatine to replenish vital ATP stores.

Product Reviews - 15 reviews

- (13 / Feb / 2014)


works great for giving you that little boost straight after training. the taste isn't the best, but i didn't get it for the taste, i got it for something quick after a training session when i am short on time. doesn't mix very well and needs shaking after every sip, but if drank quickly this isn't a problem. for the cost i would still use it again.

Goes Well With:



- (11 / Feb / 2014)


A great product to take straight after hard training, find it really refreshing and reboots my energy levels

Goes Well With:

Water and Shaker


- (10 / Feb / 2014)


The only one that provides a near 3:1 carb:protein ratio which is needed in high carb diets (eg running). Taste is not amazing but certainly not as bad for me as other reviews suggested. The orange flavor reminds me of a cough syrup. Results are as good as expected from a solid recovery drink.

Goes Well With:


- (27 / Jan / 2014)


Re:charge gives extra energy during long training session or between two training sessions. For recovery drink protein amout is too low. Taste is ok, it's not delicious but not either horrible.

Goes Well With:


Take this with PetpoPro

- (28 / Oct / 2013)


This is great for post workout along with PeptoPro, it already contains Peptopro but if you looking for fast intake of protein post workout without feeling bloated, this is a great combo, add creatine and beta alanine and you will not want to go back to usual whey protein again.

Goes Well With:

PeptoPro, Creatine, Beta alanine

Does the job

- (07 / Oct / 2013)


Excellent for after a hard work out. The carb content makes you feel full and it sits really well on the stomach. Maybe not as good as recovery XS but easier on the stomach. The taste is horrendous but I don't take it for the taste.


- (24 / Sep / 2013)


I read a lot of reviews before deciding to purchase this one, I was almost put off by the comments about the taste but read another review who basically said what I think and it’s not really about taste but what the it can do for you. I have used it for a few weeks now, after my run and have noticed that my legs don’t ache as much for as long... Is it in my mind? Maybe but I will continue to use it. One last thing, the taste is nowhere near as bad as others make out, yes, it is quite sweet, but not so sweet that you have to moan and complain about it!

Goes Well With:

Slip a Banana with it..


- (30 / Aug / 2013)


I think this RE:CHARGE does what it says on the tin and am quite surprised about all the reviews on the disgusting taste. Whilst this isn't a delicious milkshake, it really is not bad at all. I use only 200-250ml of water, and once blended it becomes light and creamy and perfectly drinkable. I don't like ice myself, but I imagine replacing some of the water with ice in the blender would mellow the taste drastically.

Good gear

- (24 / Jun / 2013)


Good stuff. Does what it says on the tin. Tastes alright to me, but who cares? It's Muscle Beach, not Masterchef. I'm willing to wager those moaning about flavour are the guys that do their hair before a gym session.


- (29 / May / 2013)


I bought this as it seemed to be a new product to go further than the current Recovery XS. On paper it is ideal, however the taste leaves a lot to be desired. I know there's a lot of reviews on here picking up on the taste, but it is very bad and I've not managed to finish one drink yet. I'll be going back to Recovery XS until the taste has been resolved.


- (21 / May / 2013)


Overall RE:CHARGE is good and offers good assistance with recovery, however, for me, the taste is not to my liking. All-in-all not bad, just need to sort the taste out.

Takes some getting used to, but very effective

- (16 / May / 2013)


This product in combination with the Pre:pare and Pro:Long have had a significant impact on my mass gaining compared to my previous combination of instant oats and total protein pre-workout and maltodextrin and whey isolate post-workout. After starting to use the Pre:pare/Pro:Long and Re:Charge combination I have gained mass every workout where as I've always struggled before. I also get less aching in the days following the workout. The taste of the Re:Charge was a real issue for me to start with, but I now drink it mixed with 400ml of water and lots of ice and I can drink it just fine now. I wouldn't drink it for the taste, but it's perfectably bearable. I think the ice helps a lot. Highly recommended if you can cope with the taste.

Goes Well With:


Awful Taste

- (04 / May / 2013)


The content and ratios should make RE:CHARGE the perfect product for post workout for endurance athletes. However, the content is only good if you can get it inside you, and the taste is so awful it is a real struggle to drink this. Most endurance athletes have to consume bottles of sticky, sweet energy drinks and gels so the last thing we want when we finish is another sickly, sweet, syrupy post workout drink, which this unfortunately is. Added to that, the after taste is horrendous. I think I will go back to Recovery XS, which is not the right ratios for what I need, but at least I can drink it.


- (24 / Apr / 2013)


RE:CHARGE has a horrible orange taste, a shame as it's a good product.

Shame about the taste...

- (12 / Apr / 2013)


On the face of it, RE:CHARGE should be a pretty good product. It's got just about everything I'm looking for in a post workout shake with the added bonus of including creatine so you don't have to mess around with measuring out creatine and getting the resulting "gritty" protein shake. However, the biggest and most fundamental flaw with this product is the taste. It is awful. On first trying I was very briefly reminded of the flavour from dissolvable vitamin C tablets until the disgusting after taste kicked in. It took over half an hour to get the shake inside me as I kept gagging every time I tried to drink it. I personally wouldn't recommend buying this unless different flavours are brought out.

Goes Well With:


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