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Raspberry Ketones Powder

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan


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What is Raspberry Ketone Powder?

Raspberry Ketone Powder is a naturally made supplement that consist of 100% raspberry ketones, derived in nature from a variety of healthy fruits, especially berries such as raspberries, cranberries and blackberries.

What are the Benefits of Raspberry Ketone Powder?

Despite consisting of 100% pure raspberry ketones, the Raspberry Ketone Powder supplement also has an excellent mixabilitiy, mixing extremely well with various other supplements. This means it can be combined with several other powdered products or alternatively can be consumed on its own with plain water.

Who is Raspberry Ketone Powder Suitable for?

Raspberry Ketones Powder is suitable for all individuals who are aiming to live a healthy lifestyle, including those who live vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. Raspberry ketones can be consumed by anyone looking to achieve a balanced diet and improve overall wellbeing.

How to take Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketone powder can be taken at any point throughout the day, whereby best results are seen when adding the powder to your favourite fruit juice or within protein shakes.

Product Reviews - 8 reviews

Not for the weak-stomached

- (04 / Aug / 2014)


I couldn't get on board with raspberry ketones, which is a real shame. Their "heating" effect and potency made my stomach very sore. I hated the texture and taste and since buying this item have left it in the cupboard. Genuine shame but not as a result of any quality problem, just my own body and medical reasons I don't think this one agrees with me!

Goes Well With:

the bin

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- (03 / Jun / 2014)


Sharp chemical taste that makes my stomach burn. Really disturbing at first but soon get used to it, Best consumed with a strong flavour fruit juice. Make it a very small drink and slam it down fast. Have your favourite drink ready as a chaser. Looks like shards of fibre glass. Weird. No idea yet really if it is effective

Goes Well With:


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- (06 / Nov / 2013)


Does not mix at all...mix with juice and swallow. I can feel it in the back of my throat after. It is a bit of a energy boost no seeing any real changes yet only two weeks though.

Goes Well With:

......... not much

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Raspberry Ketones Powder

- (24 / Apr / 2013)


It's a bit early to be seeing any results from this Raspberry Ketones Powder yet, but I'm hoping it does some good in combination with my training regime and other supplements, having read the research. The only criticism I'd have is maybe it would be better as a tablet? The taste isn't unpleasant per se but is a bit strange, and it doesn't dissolve that well. However, nothing that can't be coped with!

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- (20 / Jul / 2010)


Is it possible to mix this 'powder' with something to make a transdermal gel for topical application?

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- (07 / Apr / 2010)


"But I'm reticent to go all-out and say its helped lower my BF%. At the risk of having my comments removed, MP aren't telling the whole truth about these so-called 'scientific studies' to date there have been no research undertaken on human subjects, all test subjects have been of the rodent variety, and I'm pretty certain I'm neither a rat nor a mouse! The other problem is the dosage when it was fed to mice on a high fat diet, it only started to show a reduction in the effects of said diet when given in extremely high dosages (up to 2% of total daily food intake). Now, as RKs have no nutritional value, you do it by weight I reckon that I consume around 750g of stuff per day so, if you scale it up, that would mean instead of the 100mg twice daily MP recommends, I would need to be consuming 7.5g twice daily. \n\nI will continue to purchase it for its energy-inducing properties, but I do NOT expect it to lower my BF% significantly, if at all. 7-keto is the best fat loss supp I've tried to date. \n\nMP why do you continue to make claims about, and stock products, which have never been tested on sapient subjects...? The fact that positive results have been shone in rattus rattus and musca domestica is completely irrelevant (unless, of course, you're selling to Samuel Whiskers!) Either don't stock the product at all, or at least be honest in your descriptions (mind you, if you were, you'd not shift much!) Supplements and drugs, intended for human use should NOT be released to market unless - and until - they have been tested on humans! The fact it worked in mice doesn't translate into the same results being seen in humans! I've rated it 2.5 for the buzz it gives me, I do not believe it has helped me shed even 1/100th of a % of body fat. Okay, rant over!"

7 out of 7 customers found this review helpful
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- (16 / Oct / 2009)


The scoop I ordered with this (the smallest one) was way too big for the 100mg dose. I weighed some in the lab and 100mg is about enough to fill a contact lens. Not aware of much effect on my fat levels.

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- (23 / Apr / 2009)


I ordered the powder yesterday...took a bit with my protein shake...not a good idea...the burning sensation is still there so i suggest taking separate from any food...anyway...immediately after taking it i had a strange sensation of being very alert and tense...after reading the description i assigned those symptoms to the release of norepinephrine...but man was that strange...I find that powder to be very powerful...not sure yet if there will be any fat loss effect...we shall only concern is if the manipulation with the stress responses is a safe approach? Can anyone relate and possibly advise???

1 out of 1 customer found this review helpful
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