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Pre-Workout Gel



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What are Pulse:Gels?

Pulse:Gels are a unique pre-workout gel which can be conveniently consumed straight from the sachet without the need of mixing it with water. It is Myprotein's most convenient pre-workout and comes in two great tasting flavours; Berry Blast and Tropical Storm.

Pulse:Gel Benefits

Pulse:Gels contain 1500mg of Citrulline Malate, 1000mg of Taurine, 1500mg of Beta Alanine, 200mg of Caffeine and 750mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine per sachet.

Who is Pulse:Gel Suitable for?

Pulse:Gels are ideal for anyone wanting a convenient pre-workout supplement. It is recommended to consume 1 Pulse:Gel 15 minutes before exercise for optimal results.

Product Reviews - 13 reviews

Not great.....

- (03 / Jul / 2014)


Tried a sample of this earlier in the week and apart from the taste not being to bad I didn't really get much off this product. I didn't feel anymore energised than normal or feel that the session was anymore intense than usual. I did feel I like I got more of a pump than normal but nothing to really shout about. Overall a bit disappointed.

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- (24 / Jun / 2014)


This product really does do "what it says on the box!" Taken half am hour before high intensity exercise it gives you a boost of energy and allows you to reach cardio goals. When on a low carb diet these are ideal because they fuel you with the much needed energy you are not acquiring from carbs. A product that I will continue to use.

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What a kick

- (06 / Jun / 2014)


What can I say, this certainly gives you the motivation to push hard, the initial taste is very strong and sweet but not too unpleasant, I use this when I'm going for a new PB

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- (04 / Jun / 2014)


These gels were brilliant before my mud race earlier this year. Surprisingly sour but a good kick start to a long workout. Would suggest having one half way through a long run for a bit of an energy boost.

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It does what it's suppose to do

- (21 / Apr / 2014)


Great product. I cycle allot. It gives me that extra boost when i need it. I usually take it before i go cycling so that i have enough energy to overcome any obstacle. I highly recommend it.

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- (12 / Apr / 2014)


Great product once you get used to it. Not for the faint hearted or those that have any intolerance to caffeine. Can end up feeling like you have finished a 10K run by the end of your workout, without doing any cardio!

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Pulse gels

- (30 / Jan / 2014)


Amazing pre workout!, took at 5.45 still feeling the energy 10 hours later, did have a slight reaction with my body feeling inchy like a hot flush for 30 mins but soon disappeared

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- (08 / Dec / 2013)


Excellent product, taste wasn't the best, the flavour doesn't quite hide the taste of the ingredients but it only takes 20seconds to squeeze the gel out, so not an issue really.

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- (13 / Nov / 2013)


My trainer has got me eating a low carb diet to try and shift body fat and as a result I've struggled a bit with energy levels during my workouts so gave these Pulse:Gel a go and they've definitely given me more of the 'kick' I needed. I bought both flavours (both pretty good) - they both have a bit of a 'sour' flavour to them but it's not unpleasant.

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- (11 / Nov / 2013)


This product works quite well. Brings on a great amount of focus during the workout and certainly provides you with a lasting energy. However I think its a bit on the pricy side seeing as though you only get 12 sachets in one packet. the taste is awful but it can be mixed into a small amount of water to make it less concentrated. I would recommend Pulse v4 before this product though.

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- (30 / Oct / 2013)


Tried my first sachet earlier today. I am still wired! The first thing I noticed was the taste, not very pleasant but bearable. Took 15 minutes prior to my workout as it said, at first I didn't notice anything but then only 5 minutes in I was pumped! My muscles were bursting out and my arms and chest was bright red, I had to open the window so I could continue! I could do much more reps so bumped the weight up! I was more focused and still have the energy to do a lot more. Will definitely use this on a regular basis.

Goes Well With:

Haven't tried mixing with anything, just water to wash away the taste afterwards.

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- (15 / Oct / 2013)


Pulse:Gel gave me a massive boost during my workout, the taste was slightly bitter but nothing drastic. I will definitely be buying these again on my next order.

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Great power

- (09 / Oct / 2013)


I tried the berry flavour Pulse:Gel before a morning. It tasted a bit like sour sweets but the overall boost to my workout was immense. I am really impressed.

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