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Intra-Exercise Endurance Formula



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PRO:LONG is part of Myproteins Nutrient Timing Programme which is designed to satisfy your body's specific nutritional requirements before during and after exercise or competition.

PRO:LONG is a unique formula which combines carbohydrates, protein and electrolytes to encourage hydration and energy supply during physical activity. Taken during exercise or competition PRO:LONG helps you maintain the physical intensity you demand.

The scientifically driven combination of carbohydrates and electrolytes has been developed to encourage ongoing hydration during exercise. A small drop in hydration or electrolyte balance can have a profound effect on physical performance, so it is crucial that you consume fluid throughout activity. We have also included protein and amino acids to maintain protein synthesis and reduce catabolism as muscle can often be broken down as a source of energy during prolonged exercise.

Product Reviews - 11 reviews

It does what it says

- (30 / Jan / 2014)


I was looking for a pre workout shake when I spotted this and decided to give it a try. It's a brilliant idea and suited me better than having to try and take something half an hour before working out. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it has seen me through to the end of several 60-90 minute workouts. I just take a sip between reps and I feel that I could go on even longer if I needed to. I only gave it 4 stars for mixability because after a while a little bit of powder accumulates in the bottom of the shaker. But a quick shake and it mixes up ok again. The flavour is very refreshing too.

- (27 / Jan / 2014)


I don’t like leaving review`s but this time I thought I would i`ve only been taking this pro long supplement for a few days now and i`ve seen big benefits from it already before I started taking it I used to drink just water & i would get bad shakes during/after training & was sore for a few days but now all that has changed i`ve only given 4stars for mixabillty cause if you leave for a bit it settles on the bottom of the bottle but a quick shake mix it up again so if results keep the same then I will defo order more

Goes Well With:


Different taste

- (10 / Jan / 2014)


I have just received my new bag of Pro Long, made it up for my session at the gym and immediately noticed the difference in the appearance of it. Previously it looked like a very weak solution of orange juice, now it is like a concentrated orange drink. It tastes very strong and acidic. It also now has a powdery feel to it that it didn't have before. I was quite disappointed with it and had to pour half out and water it down. Guess I'll have to mix it with less powder in future to keep the strong taste down. I really enjoyed it before and am disappointed in the change, just hope that with it watered down it is as effective as it was, time will tell.

- (06 / Nov / 2013)


I really liked the great fruity, citrusy taste of the pro:long. I made the consuming of a not always tasty protein drink much easier during work out. And it is really great for these days where your workout last more than an hour, because you keep the engine going with the mixture - thus the rest of the training beyond 1 hour is not awfull anymore. Furthermore the endurance needed when wanting to train more than twice a week this gives a great energy boost.

Goes Well With:


good stuff

- (29 / Sep / 2013)


This PRO:LONG is a great intra-workout, it gives you lots of extra energy keeps you going for longer.

- (25 / Sep / 2013)


I love this product. - No caffeine (many gels and carbohydrate powders contain caffeine for some reason) - Amino Acids to support the muscles and maintain them during long intense cardio sessions. - Good carbohydrate blend to provide fuel, with no stomach problems - Electrolytes to restore what is lost in sweating - Vitamin C (extra vitamin C is always good, though I wouldn't mind if this did not contain any) - Great taste (if not mixed to strongly)

Goes Well With:

A long hard workout

Prolonged performance

- (24 / Sep / 2013)


Since I started using a hydration pack for trail running and events this month I had been looking for a product that could help me go that extra mile that I would possibly miss out on with just water. Being a regular Myprotein customer I knew they would be my first port of call to find a product that could help with my longevity needs for exercise. So far I have used Pro:Long for 10km trail runs with great effectiveness, at the end of the run I felt like I had plenty of gas in the tank despite some difficult hill work - thanks to me drip feeding myself Pro:Long via my hydration pack. When I completed the Spartan Race Super obstacle course the other day I used my hydration pack filled with Pro:Long for the 2 hour plus ordeal, consequently I had the energy to perform well in the event and avoid cramp too in what has to be my longest continuous activity I have ever performed - event wise! This is highly recommended!

Goes Well With:

Water + Spartan Races


- (23 / Sep / 2013)


I started drinking Pro Long about 2 weeks ago during my work outs. I sweat a lot and always had to drink a lot of water to get me through my workout or class. First time I tried it I didn't think it was much good but now I wouldn't do a workout without it. It's very pleasant tasting and certainly gives the energy to push on. I drink a lot less of it than I did water and feel well hydrated when I am finished plus I think I am not sweating just so much. I would have had to refill my bottle with water but now I can manage with the recommended amount of Pro Long and often have some left over which I would finish on the way home. Excellent product and will definitely be buying more, very happy. Mixes very well too.

Gym fuel!

- (09 / Sep / 2013)


Looking for that little bit of an extra boost midweek in the gym and this certainly keeps you alert and pushes you. Noticed I was able to do an extra few reps and my mind was sharper. Good product and equates to cheaper than a sports drink in the gym and better than H20

Goes Well With:

Iced water


- (22 / Jul / 2013)


As with most supplements, I'm always a bit sceptical about trying new products and how effective they might be. However after using PRO:LONG for 2 weeks now, I can not give it any more praise! I've used this product during my gym workouts, intense pre-season training for rugby and during seven-a-side football games for my work side. I can notice the difference compared to water, as Pro:Long leaves me feeling more hydrated and more energised. I feel like the difference is made by the science behind the product, and I am positive it isn't just the placebo effect.

handy in HFT!

- (06 / May / 2013)


I'm actually following a High Frequency Training routine with body-weight, suspension trainer and free-weigths. It's really demanding and I felt a bit out of gas, so I went into this Pro-long. I can notice a true difference between drinking plain water and this product! Maybe it's just a placebo effect, but so far it delivers.

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