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Hydrolysate Casein

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PeptoPro® is a pre-digested protein that is completely water soluble and contains > 60% unique hypo-allergenic di- and tri peptides. These peptides are absorbed much faster than any in-tact protein or even single amino acids. The instant delivery of these "building blocks" to the tissues kick starts the building phase, resulting in very fast recovery and increased growth.

A multitude of testimonials from satisfied consumers demonstrates the clear & noticeable effects of PeptoPro®: Reduced soreness and fatigue, faster recovery, increased endurance and also a bigger pump during and after work-outs.

The benefits of PeptoPro® have not gone unnoticed by the sporting elite; it is used by many top sports teams, professional athletes and regular gym enthusiasts and is widely regarded as the cutting edge protein.

PeptoPro® is supported by multiple scientific and human studies. It has been proven to increase endurance, accelerate recovery and boost protein synthesis during and after exercise.

PeptoPro® has a degree of hydrolysation of 28%.

Instant Amino Acid Delivery to Kick-Start the Building Phase
After exercise you have a short window of opportunity where the muscle cells remain open to let nutrients in. PeptoPro® delivers amino acids quicker than any other protein source, which kick-starts the building phase so you can reap the maximum benefit from every workout.

Because PeptoPro® is made from casein, it contains all the amino acids in an optimum ratio for human health and performance. Casein is also one of the purest protein sources available, which is why PeptoPro® is practically fat and lactose free.

Boosts Blood Sugar Levels:
PeptoPro® significantly increases glycogen levels, resulting in a better utilization of glucose and amino acids by the cells. In fact, the simultaneous delivery of amino acids provides the perfect foundation for post exercise recovery and lean growth.

You can read more at the official website:

Product Reviews - 49 reviews

- (04 / Feb / 2014)


It's early days so I will give a long term review again later,but for now I must say first time I used it,there was a huge improvement in recovery,I have been stepping up my training(swimming) and have not supplemented for quite a while now but over the past 6months I have been pushing hard in training,and always ache the next day,I took peptopro straight after swimming with tri carbs for the first time,and the next day was ready to go again!! Don't forget I know my body well and have come to accept the tenderness over the past 6 months,now I am training every other day, instead of before I would give it two days rest,just to let the tenderness subside,I don't want to comment on taste as there are a million and one things to mask it,but for me mix-ability and results are more important,oh and don't forget this products trump card,no bloated feeling no stomach cramps and no wind,which was what put me off other basic inferior whey.(will later try intro with this product and see if there is any improvements)

Goes Well With:

Tri carbs

- (16 / Jan / 2014)


Great stuff, one of the most bio available amino's around! Tastes good and helps you push that little bit longer. Half a scoop with 500ml water 30-45mis pre wo. Same amount with wo

GReat Staff

- (16 / Jan / 2014)


Leaving theHorrible taste asside....! It really is an amazing product. Great kick off if you drink it before workout and really affective for post exersice... Try mixing it with some fruit juice.... makes it easier to drink.

- (06 / Dec / 2013)


PeptoPro is the king when it comes to recovery! I ordered the unflavoured version and i must say it taste like puke if you dont mix it with a carbohydrate supplement like glycofuse but my recovery has shoot through the roof once i started with it!

Goes Well With:

Gaspari Glycofuse strawberry/kiwi

Best Protein i've tried

- (28 / Oct / 2013)


This is great for post workout along with Re:charge, it already contains Peptopro but if you looking for fast intake of protein post workout without feeling bloated, this is a great combo, add creatine and beta alanine and you will not want to go back to usual whey protein again.

Goes Well With:

RE:Charge, Creatine, Beta alanine


- (22 / Oct / 2013)


I find this to be very effective and am definitely noticing a big change in not getting muscle soreness/tightness etc since using. However I don't like the flavoured taste and end up downing it as I don't like adding things to it. Mixes ok.

Goes Well With:

I use with water only and use as a post workout supplement


- (15 / Oct / 2013)


PeptoPro is indeed an excellent product with great recovery effects.To say the least the taste is poor, yet if you mix it with fruit juice it is rather acceptable. As the name suggests it takes literally no time to digest. Drink it 30 minutes before your workout and you may start your abs routine!

- (23 / Sep / 2013)


I'm very happy with this product, easy on the stomach and immediate results!

Pepto pro

- (28 / Aug / 2013)


Since starting the PeptoPro over a week ago the DOMS from training has reduced dramatically. I'm usually very sceptical when trying new products that have been hyped up, but this actually works. I'm not going to lie the taste is vile but the results are worth the taste.


- (20 / Aug / 2013)


PeptoPro is a great product. At first the taste does make you wince due to the slight bitter taste. I mix with a little squash and have grown to really like it. It's a must have for gym users of all abilities, from pro to novice. It's a great product.

Pepto Pro

- (19 / Aug / 2013)


This PeptoPro is an excellent product, it gets into system well and gives more energy whilst training.

- (03 / Jul / 2013)


Keeps me going throughout a workout. Good to know my muscles are getting a constant supply of BCAA's

Goes Well With:


Immediate Strength Gains

- (24 / Jun / 2013)


PeptoPro is a great product, when used properly I have noticed great gains in terms of strength and volume. Unflavoured product means taste isn't the best but it's not meant to taste nice, when mixed with cordial it tastes fine. Mixes really well and will be buying again for sure.

Goes Well With:

L Leuicine


- (14 / Jun / 2013)


PeptoPro works without a doubt, I've only been using it 2-3 weeks, once during my workout and once afterwards, as I'm pretty much working out everyday. Peptopro helps with recovery and I can get so much more work done on my muscles, meaning they're getting bigger and at a faster rate. I've got the unflavoured, and add flav drops to it, which makes it so much easier to get down and you get used to the taste pretty quickly, it's not a problem at all. Hardly even have to mix it, no need for a shaker, you can simply stir it with a spoon and it dissolves in the water that easily!


- (10 / Jun / 2013)


PeptoPro does not simply taste bad, it is inedible, unless mixed with an awful lot of flavouring/squash. Still, it seems to work extremely well for recovery and strength building, and overall it's worthwhile. I add 200ml of sugar free squash and 300ml water to 20g of this with 40g of vitargo and 5g creatine, plus 3g each of citrulline malate, beta alanine and arginine, having one of these shakes 15min before training and another during. It's actually palatable like this!

Goes Well With:

Vitargo etc. see above

Great product buy unflavoured

- (07 / Jun / 2013)


PeptoPro works far better than any other pre/during/post-workout protein. Add vitargo or waxy maize, some creapure and L leucine, and you have the perfect recovery drink that doesn't sit heavy on the stomach. Don't buy the flavoured version as you got a lot less of the product. 1 large scoop of unflavoured weighs 26g of just peptopro. The flavoured version weighs 46g per large scoop which means less peptopro, just more flavouring. A lot less serving. I find a normal amount of squash is ideal.

Goes Well With:

Vitargo, Waxy maize, Creapure L Lucine


- (21 / May / 2013)


PeptoPro literally tastes like blackberry fruit squash, with no weird aftertaste, no dryness, nothing. It's hard to believe this stuff even contains protein! I will say that it does froth a lot when first mixing, probably due to being a casein derivative. Shaking vigorously and leaving for a few minutes does the trick though, as nearly all the froth disappears. I'm very impressed. It's an expensive product but it's worth every penny.

Best protein on the market

- (30 / Jan / 2013)


Have been using this product on and off for about 12 months now. It mixes brilliantly - best to shake or stir into water and leave for a couple of minutes - it fully mixes to leave a clear liquid. I've previously had stomach issues taking other protein sources such as whey, but this doesn't have any negative side effects on your digestion. The results are outstanding. I use as a pre and post workout shake (taken with carb at the same time). I've had a very noticeable decrease in recovery time and good observable growth. The recovery time has been so good that I often feel very sore after the gym, by the next morning I'm ready to go again without muscle soreness. This alone is worth the hefty price tag and the fairly revolting taste (which you do get used to). I'm going to try this with creatine next.

- (01 / Oct / 2012)


"I have persevered with this and here is my improved review. Initially i thought the berry taste was foul. For me the secret is to mix in a shaker and drink from the spout - reduces smell which was the main issue. Mix with vitargo it actually moderates the bitter taste and is even, dare i say, quite pleasant. Digests ext well this way too. "

- (08 / Aug / 2012)


"Just had my first dose of the berry flavour and it tastes fine, don't really know why some people are complaining. Shame it doesn't come in a bigger size than 500g for the flavoured variety"

- (29 / Jul / 2012)


"I've used this for 2 weeks now, and all I can say is WOW. I never write reviews, but I thought this product warranted some praise. I have been doing a 5x5 workout to boost strength, and I was REALLY SORE most of the time... Once I started taking this my recovery time went right down, and soreness didn't last nearly as long. Growth is slow and steady, but the amino acid uptake is obviously noticable. Buy the Berry one, its like kool aid :)"

- (29 / Jun / 2012)


Bought 1kg today Ohhh this stuff is really bad tasting. Nearly gagged. Reminds me of the 80s when I would drink liquid liver oh I think cherry blast flavour... Would be welcome. Has long has I get results then it's worth it. Can't really rate this has yet.

- (09 / Jun / 2012)


"Very good product!! I am taking PeptoPro immediately after a workout and straight away noticed a big difference in recovery time. This stuff really reduces the the next day soreness you associate with a hard lifting session. I am supplementing this with a couple of shakes of Total Protein and although it has only been a three weeks (and i do a lot of cardio), i have easily gained 3 lbs of lean muscle. Anyone looking to put on effective lean muscle and not the extra fat associated with higher fat content shakes should consider using PeptoPro. Tastes pretty good and although it is a bit sweet it does mix well!!"

- (07 / Jun / 2012)


"this is the best protein/amino shake i have ever had! tastes like jelly you had when you were a kid. i have been using it now for 2 weeks, dont feel anywhere near as sore as before i really could not believe it. would recommend to anyone(except the price is unreal, i got mine when it was on offer)"

- (12 / Apr / 2012)


"I am reviewing the Unflavoured version, which I ordered by mistake as the flavoured one only comes in 0.5KG packs. 1. Taste: Foul! Bitter taste that lingers in your mouth for up to 60min. Even if you mix one scoop of this with two scoops of Whey Strawberry Cream (which I love) the taste is foul and overrides any strawberry taste. 2. Texture: The powder is extremely fine grained and seems to stick to anything leaving fingers sticky and tables needed to be wiped off. However the mixability of this is very good. 3. Effectiveness: Seems to be the real deal. It is obviously pre-digested protein that is already in the form that your stomach would break it in it gets delivered faster to your muscles and absorption is much better than for instance whey concentrate crap. But because it is in this pre-digested form it tastes like absolute crap. To my knowledge its the highest quality, fastest digesting protein i've come across - hydrolysed predigested whey isolate. My recovery time is getting better after I started taking this in. Immediately after my excersise or training practice I take in a carb drink to refuel my glycogen levels. After training your glycogen levels are severely depleted and before your body even considers repairing muscles its wants to restore glycogen levels, you will not absorb as much protein into the muscles and recover/grow to the maximum unless you restore your glycogen levels immediately, then about 10 minutes after I neck down this disgusting grub. But it works!"

- (27 / Feb / 2012)


"Reviews here should state whether the user is using unflavoured or berryblast. I bought berryblast, i'd describe it more like sour berry. For me it's one of the best tasting supplement of any kind, it doesn't make you feel full like other protein shakes either. Doms improved significantly. This is now a staple for me. Although it's very expensive, it's still cheaper than other sources."

- (08 / Feb / 2012)


"awesome product! I even like the taste of the berry blast....have only used it 5 times or so, but have increased my bench press by a few kg already.....might be all in the mind BUT who cares!! :) "

- (02 / Dec / 2011)


Im on first week of this and the taste is really tasty. Ive had a few different post protein shake and I can say this is best on tast and mixability. Only downside I would say is that there is no scoop in the sachet so u have to use measurement on guessing.

- (10 / Sep / 2011)


"Been using peptopro for about 2 weeks. It mixes great in water, even when adding creatine.Taste is ok if a little bitter, usually drink it straight down after training so it don't really bother me. It is expensive but you can notice the decreased recovery time/ muscle soreness over other protein powders. The only negative that I can see about this product is that your hands and worktop will get sticky as hell when mixing it."

- (24 / Feb / 2011)


"Bought this ages ago when it was on sale, but was hesitant to try it due to people claiming it tastes like bile! Liars! Standard hydrolyzed whey tastes like bile, this stuff (berry blast flavoured) tastes like a standard artificial juice drink, kind of refreshing, mixes better than anything I've ever come across and goes down very easy because it's so thin - like water. Recovery has improved slightly, only used twice so far though. Expecting great things from this stuff. Get some!"

- (24 / Jan / 2011)


"Have Peptopro a week now. Firstly it mixes perfectly, you can check it out on youtube if you search. Taste? Not the greatest but downed in a couple of seconds. It is pricey but you're taking it like whey, just pre/post workouts. Have noticed great recovery and practically no doms. I been using about 20g pre and 20g post so it is a bit costly but imo well worth! No need to use it at any other time, just take whey or casein for bedtime."

- (24 / Oct / 2010)


"I bought the Berry Blast flavour and it tastes great! I use it pre, during and after workouts with great results. I tried the Pulse Fast with MP PeptoPro + MP Leucine and it worked very very good, was very surprised by the results. This is definetly going to become a staple for me."

- (23 / Oct / 2010)


"Just received a 500g puch of Berry Blast, literally bought it cos it's on sale, and heard very good reviews about this sort of protein. With regards to the taste, I'm unable to judge on unflavoured, but the berry blast just tastes like pulse... Obv same flavouring. Alot more refreshing than a milkshake though, I can see this going down alot-lot quicker after a workout than a creamy thick shake..."

- (08 / Oct / 2010)


"I've tried a lot of different proteins and this is by far the best I've ever found. The taste is a little unique, but I like it. I'm a long distance runner and have found this to be brilliant for repair and recovery after my training of races. I'd highly reccomend this to anyone and it's fantastic value for money too."

- (08 / Jul / 2010)


"Funny looking stuff, looks like sand. Wish it tasted like it as well as it might be easier to swallow. Make no mistake this stuff tastes nasty. It is vile. So much so it made me ponder if I have some form of eating disorder. I mean theres something wrong if Im voluntarily putting this in my mouth. I'm only going to use it during my workout and immediately after (as instructed) and only if I find something to mix it with that won't affect the profile. Ugh. Lets see..."

- (21 / Jun / 2010)


"This stuff tastes nasty, one word sums up the taste - bile. On the other hand I've noticed a lot faster recovery rates. I mix 4 to 6 small scoops with 7 small scoops of pulse, and it just about masks the taste. Post swim I mix 1 large scoop with 1 large scoop of vitargo and a load of robinsons. It froths up a lot but it settles down after a minute. Tastes best if ice cold."

- (20 / May / 2010)


"Peptopro works. A lot of water, 45-60g peptopro and some amino acids. Drink before, during and after your workout. Power levels will rise very quickly. You can add iron to each workout."

- (26 / Mar / 2010)


"If anyone has tried a supplement called Pyruvate Acid then this is a very similar taste. Or if anyone has swallowed sea water whilst swimming. The taste is unpleasant sure enough but remember back when you were a kid and having medicine that tasted sh**e but it was good for you all the same. If someone told me eating excrement increased lean gains then i'd eat that too to be honest. If this stuff works then who cares. I will update in one month. Fast and efficient delivery, excellent tracking information, gave me the delivery time and product arrived within 15 minutes of it. Nice one MP"

- (07 / Feb / 2010)


Finally I've found something that really makes a difference. Yep it can taste like rat droppings (not that I've tried any). Mix 20g with a 250ml mix of Cranberry and Pure OJ and its fine (although the smell is awful)! I drink this pre and whilst working out and also take Carnatine and Beta Alanine and I have notived significant increase in stamina and increased weight lifting. Superb stuff

- (29 / Jan / 2010)


I started using pepto pro a couple of months ago. I'd platau'd on the bench so I thought I'd try it. I almost threw up the first time - the taste is so bad. I stuck with it anyway and I've had excellent results. Been incresing weight steadily each week again on the bench. If you can man the taste its definately worth a look.

- (18 / Dec / 2009)


"have worked through 1.5 kgs of pepto pro in the last 2 months. taking 20g alongside leucine,citrilline mallate and beta alanine during workout and 20g immediately prior workout i have noticed significant improvements in recovery and workout capacity compared to just having protein/carb mix pre peri and post workout."

- (14 / Oct / 2009)


"This product is great, use it during and post workout.\n\nDoms non exsistent the day after a heavy compound session.\n\nIf your that bothered about the taste the mix in some sugar free cordial and it completely masks the taste of it."

- (04 / Oct / 2009)


"I am getting to the end of my first 500g bag. I have experimented with various ways of drinking it, some better than others. On its own it is vile, no getting away from it, but the answer is MP's Cranberry Flavouring system. In fact after years of using various flavoured wheys and post workout blends, I honestly think my current shake is the tastiest. I mix a scoop of Peptopro with leucine, dextrose and a level teaspoon of cranberry flavouring with 500mls water, and it blends to a lovely sharp, refreshing drink that I actually look forward to. \nI have experimented with taking this at different times of the day. I am not convinced by "pulsing"throughout the day, but in terms of post workout recovery it is peerless."

- (29 / Sep / 2009)


just tried the taste is unbelievable...i have no words to describe...i will update for the results.

- (17 / Sep / 2009)


"I really couldnt taste this product at all, it mixes well with fruit juice for a casein product and the independent research is extremely positive regarding growth effects. The taste should not put anyone off buying this product if they are serious about applying top sports supplementation. If taste is a problem- go eat some sweets..."

- (29 / Aug / 2009)


"I have been using PeptoPro 3 weeks for post-workout drink, with bcaa, cee and dextrose. For me taste is ok, but recovery and strength is excellent."

- (27 / Aug / 2009)


"Normally I don't mind the taste of products I'm fine with BCAA's, CEE, unflavoured whey etc but this is non-drinkable!\nA complete waste of my money, I have tried giving it away but no-one will even take it because of the taste.\nI think it's heading for the bin!"

- (14 / Aug / 2009)


(This is only a taste review not a performance review)\n\nWOW... this stuff taste BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- (14 / Aug / 2009)


"I have been using PeptoPro 3 months now (I was importing overseas) for intraworkout drink, with the addition a known flavored bcaa product and beta alanine. \n\nDOMS is nonexistent, recovery is better and strength is up.\n\nAn excellent product. And taste is VERY mild compared to other hydrolysate proteins\n\n"

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