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Omega Balance



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Omega Balance is a high strength fish oil providing a minimum of 710mg Omega 3 for every 1000mg softgel making it one of the highest concentrations on the market. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid (EFA) which has been widely associated with the maintenance of a healthy heart, healthy joints and circulation. This super strength softgel provides an easy way of boosting your Omega 3 intake, helping to avoid Omega 3 deficiency.

Omega Balance contains a minimum of 360mg EPA and 240mg DHA, included at the optimal ratio of 3:2 providing the ultimate support for your health and wellbeing. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are both long chain fatty acids that have been shown to provide a number of health benefits including the maintenance of normal brain, eye and cardiac function.

From an athletic perspective, a number of studies suggest that the use of EPA and DHA can benefit both sporting performance and body conditioning. Some research also suggests essential fatty acids appear to help conserve glucose energy stores whilst promoting the use of fat for energy production.

Omega Balance is manufactured under the PureMax™ proprietary process which guarantees high quality, pure and potent fish oils that have been responsibly sourced. PureMax™ is a unique Omega 3 purification and concentration technology developed through years of research, development and manufacturing experience. The PureMax™ process guarantees the highest quality fish oils by removing environmental pollutants (such as heavy metals, dioxins, pesticides and PCBs, which tend to accumulate in fish high up the food chain) so they are at or below the safe levels set out by authorities such as the European Commission and the Global Organization for EPA and DHA.

Product Reviews - 17 reviews

Omega Balance

- (11 / Feb / 2014)


Omega balance has a high omega 3, EPA and DHA value making it one of the best joint care supplements in the market, as well as on price. Helps to manage inflammation and general joint wellbeing. I would buy Omega Balance again.

Goes Well With:

IBCAA, Whey protein, Creatine monohydrate.

Big pills but great

- (02 / Jan / 2014)


I'm not a major fan of swallowing pills let alone big pills. These pills are pretty dam big, however I have overcome the problem by swallowing them with food no problem. I have had a problem with my Kness, clicking and causing me pain while working out. Taking these has deffo helped and improved my joints!! Would highly recommend people try this!

Goes Well With:


perfect balance

- (01 / Nov / 2013)


Perfectly balanced and high strength omega pill.

Goes Well With:


Good oils

- (07 / Oct / 2013)


Great EPA and DHA content, which was what I was looking for.

great stuff

- (09 / Sep / 2013)


I like it as it has a good DHA to EPA ratio. it's great value for money and works magic on my immunity, joints, concentration and overall good feeling! So when unwell, I take double the dose of two a day. When pregnant & breastfeeding took six a day. My son a very healthy boy, came out naturally during waterbirth in less than 2 hours labour, as a first child. He also has amazing attention spam for his age since very little, content & confident. I owe some of that to Omega 3, I am sure! Very happy with it so far!

Goes Well With:

My other multi vit mineral supplements and there is no risk of overdosing.

Good product

- (19 / Aug / 2013)


I have been looking for a high concentration fish oil for quite a while, especially the one that won't break the bank. Omega Balance fits. It's good quality from what I can tell so far. Doesn't have much of a fishy aftertaste, which is a big plus for me. I previously used Boot's Fish Oil and this appears to be of a better quality and price, but only time will tell.

Goes Well With:

CLA, green tea

balanced omegas

- (12 / Aug / 2013)


First of all, Omega Balance is a decent price. I like how it balances the types of omega 3, that's why I chose this one over the super omega.

Goes Well With:

Alpha Men, and extra B vits

Fish Oil

- (27 / Jun / 2013)


Great to help recovery and wellbeing. "If you don't solve it by squating and taking O3, you'll probably be in serious problems."

Goes Well With:


Omega Balance

- (17 / Jun / 2013)


This Omega Balancei s the perfect choice if you want to get an Omega3 supplement with a good ratio of EPA and DHA.

Goes Well With:


Omega Balance

- (18 / May / 2013)


Omega Balance contains a lot of capsules for a reasonable price. This seems like a very nice quality product, I'm very happy with it.

Very Effective

- (13 / May / 2013)


I used to get pain in my elbow joints when doing weighted pull-ups and chin-ups, and occasionally when benching. After taking 2-3 of these Omega Balance tablets a day (with meals), the pain is completely gone. I'd definitely recommend buying some if you're concerned about your joints.

Omega Balance

- (11 / Apr / 2013)


Omega Balance is easy to swallow, with great Omega 3 content at 710mg per 1000mg softgel.

Goes Well With:

Alpha Men

- (05 / Apr / 2013)


Gives high doses of the good stuff required at good cost

- (14 / Mar / 2013)


I can certainly feel the benefits from this Omega Balance. I have no more clicking and it's reduced joint pain.

- (11 / Mar / 2013)


Take four of these every night, feel they are vital to keeping my joints healthy. Can't do without them. Also don't have to take as many as the concentration of DHA and EPA is higher which is a plus.

- (20 / Jul / 2012)


This is the fish oil you want. It contains the right balance of EPA and DHA in very high concentrations to get your 1.8g-3.0g of EPA/DHA combined with as few tablets as possible (remember a gram of fish oil is a gram of fat = 9kcal). Another high street brand I was using until recenlty would have required me to cosume between 13-17 tablets to reach the recommended EPA/DHA amount. This product only requires 3-5 depending on what daily dosage you want. Thats far fewer tablets which makes it easier to hit your maco targets for the day; not to mention its far more practical consuming 3-5 tablets than 17!!! I would recommend this product highly over the other fish oils - it is the best I've found in terms of price and EPA/DHA concentration.

- (02 / Jun / 2012)


"One of the best omega 3 supplements on the market and certainly has the edge over other myprotein omega 3 supps - a great ratio of EPA and DHA as well one of the best purification processes to extract the fish oils. And in comparision to other highly purified fish oils, its incredibly well priced. A must have!"

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