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NO2 Extreme



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Our NO2 Extreme is a new generation approach to amino acid based NO promotion. NO2 Extreme combines Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) with Arginine Ethyl-Ester HCL (AEE) along with Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OAKG).

The addition of OAKG augments the NO stimulatory action of AAKG by providing a secondary route to plasma Arginine elevation. OAKG goes beyond AAKG however as it also may raise plasma levels of plasma glutamine, polyamines and growth compounds. These elevations result in a powerful anti-catabolic action which is the reason OAKG is widely used in medicine after traumatic injury to prevent muscle wasting.

NO2 Extreme thus creates an endogenous mass building environment within the body by increasing the efficiency of blood flow, (vascular dilation) which increases oxygen transport and the delivery of vital nutrients to skeletal muscle. It also has the potential added benefit of the reduction in blood pressure. These ingredients are regularly used by advanced bodybuilders and fitness models to bring out size and vascularity before contests and photo shoots.

Product Reviews - 45 reviews

- (27 / Jan / 2014)


You get exactly what you're paying for: a workout ENHANCER!!! Neither will it workout for you nor will get you get stronger sitting at home. Oh and obviously it's not going to turn you into tüthe Hulk. People, the body can only work with you put in: this is a natural enhancer meaning you might become slightly stronger / slightly better at cardio. I for one can say that it's working great: after about 45min after taking the pills I feel a rush and the pump starts after about my second set and I'm able to increase weights about 15%. Some people will be affected more, some less, same with green tea extract, coffee and any other natural product. Do not expect to turn into Superman but if you're realistic about what to expect it will definitely support your workout. No pain, no gain!!

- (11 / Jan / 2014)


Love the stuff would recommend!

- (06 / Jan / 2014)


Bit early to tell but it feels like it is working. I feel more vascular and also feel that I can do cardio for longer. I recommend giving it a try!

- (07 / Dec / 2013)


Quality product, delivers a half decent pump for a short while after taking a capsule. What people seem to forget is that this is a pump enhancer - if you're not at the gym, you're not going to swell up have veins busting out of your skin, but you will get a pump. Also, if you're not already lean and reasonably vascular, you're not going to suddenly become it from taking a pill; they enhance what is already there, and so visible results will be proportional to your BF% and so on. In terms of recovery time reduction, I would say that these are worth getting as they help nutrients get around your body faster. Whether this is a placebo effect or not I'm not sure, but even if you get them just for the middle of the day pump then they're worth it. I took a capsule before bed with 3 Zinc and Magnesium capsules and I woke up feeling refreshed and with barely any DOMS.

Goes Well With:

Black coffee pre-workout, MyProtein Zinc and Magnesium before bed, a rest day

Does not work

- (20 / Nov / 2013)


Does not work. Took the three tablets 30 mins prior to a workout as stated, made me feel lethargic and the gym and resulted in me cutting gym sessions short due to lack of energy. Would not recommend at all.

- (07 / Oct / 2013)


Unbelievable product. Works straight away. Gives you that extra kick in the gym!


- (04 / Oct / 2013)


OK, Does give you increased energy but does not make you charged. This is with three tablets, anything less and it is hardly noticeable.

Goes Well With:

Something stronger.

- (23 / Feb / 2012)


"I have to say i have been using this for a while at the 3 doses of 3 tabs daily, one being just prior to workout as instructed. I cannot say it has given me much effectiveness regarding energy, focus or pump, but then from reading the others reviews, i have never gone over 3 tabls prior to training. I see alot of guys here have the same trouble as me, experiencing very little off the recommended dose so have upped it, so i will give this a try and report back. I am on legs tonight so i will do as one of the guys suggested and dose 20 minutes before and then again right before training, he seems to suggest this keeps the product kicking through out the entire session. I will report back with the results. :) BUT, great price and availabilioty always, keeps me coming back. :)"

- (22 / Aug / 2011)


"Recently ordered my second tub of these after being extremely satisfied with the first tub. They give me a great boost of energy and focus, and give muscles a massive pump making me feel big and tight after a workout. I would recommend these to people of any experience level."

- (03 / Jul / 2011)


Take before gym; no point taking them 3 times in a day so just take 3-6 roughly 30mins-1hr before u start training for a nice energy boost.. i was taking 6 but i always cut my supplements down so my body doesnt become reliant on taking them.. if u struggle with feeling tired then also get some desiccated liver + super vitamin b complex and ul be pumped up and ready

- (15 / Mar / 2011)


"Best supplement ever! pumped in the gym, meant i was able to do more reps in a set and ultimately gain the muscle and strength! felt more awake and energetic aswell would recommend to everyone and anyone!"

- (28 / Jan / 2011)


"Great work MyProtein, just the smell makes you understand that it is a pure pharmaceutical grade product that being works excellent. Thank you MP for quality and prices!!!"

- (23 / Nov / 2010)


"AWESOME, i take 6-8 per sesh (3 a week) 4, 15mins before i leave for gym and 2-4 just before a work out, this gives you a great buzz from the first lot as u start and the 2nd lot kick in just as u start to get knackered and give u that extra boost!!! they make u very veiny aswell!"

- (25 / Oct / 2010)


Great product! Get you pumped which is great on a physiological level and boost your training due to psychological effects as you looked ripped!

- (17 / Oct / 2010)


"This Product I am afraid to say is not very good. Its just one of those hyped UP products! All it actually does is make you feel bloated and if your stressed you'll feel massive constantly and want to start a fight, it makes your lean tissue bigger looking and makes you feel massive but to tell the truth all it is just GAS filling your stomach with GAS! I don't recommend it for strength or anything like that! You won't be adding loads of reps to your bench with this either! BELIEVE ME I DO POWERLIFTING! and this does notbhing to strength! But well done My protein for supplying it cheaper then other places ;) thats exactly why we buy from you! Keep up the good service!"

- (08 / Sep / 2010)


This is the nuts when mixed with the above supplements added 20kg instantly to my squat and bench ace product.

- (05 / Aug / 2010)


"i have never reviewed a product on any website. however being a myprotein regular i thought i should congratulate them on a f*****g amazing product. you dont need an explanation, just buy it... you wont regret it. mad pumps in the gym literally mad"

- (04 / Jul / 2010)


Excellent product. But anybody using this should supplement NAC to counter nitrosative stress which can harm the immune system after a certain time! This really is important!

- (13 / Jun / 2010)


i was going to write a stinking review on how this doesnt work but upped the dosage to 'advanced' user dosage and i must admit i got an extremely good pump and stayed swolen and tight all day.good stuff.thanks mp

- (19 / Apr / 2010)


"AWESOME is all i can say i was pumping well, i was going very red but felt great and such a increased pump this is by far the best product i have ever used AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME"

- (30 / Mar / 2010)


didnt do much for me - cant win them all

- (21 / Jan / 2010)


awesome combined with bsn no explode fires up my volume training 2hr workout in 1hr!!!!\nboosts confidence and an amazing pump makes my biceps bulge out when working on the door

- (06 / Jan / 2010)


"Works well, enjoyed the pump effects, taken with CEE and i found i could work harder and would need less time to rest between sets."

- (24 / Dec / 2009)


This is an excellent product which i will be using from now on. Gave superb pumps and energy.

- (12 / Jul / 2009)


"so far it hasnt done anything, ill report back if it does."

- (07 / Jun / 2009)


"for some reason i didnt feel anything when i started this product but i stuck with it, i take b4 and after training, some people feel a rush during training but myself my effects are after training, seem fuller, more pumped, actual visible effects"

- (10 / May / 2009)


"Im amazed at the price of this! I been lookin everywhere it an it is expensive else where, So i give t a 5 star jus for the price alone! i will give a product review once i recieved my order.. \n"

- (09 / Mar / 2009)


"Not too impressed with this product, i took 8 today before my morkout on an empty stomach and didnt get much from it. Maybe i'm just quite tolerant to NO products. Bought a sample of Pulse and i'd recomend that over this"

- (03 / Nov / 2008)


"i thougt the pump i got was considerable but not amazing, however, i have terrible circulation but when i took this, i noticed that my hands were no longer purple, definatley affects circulation in a god way :P"

- (02 / Nov / 2008)


"Great pumps with 4 caps half an hour before a workout, you must take this before food tho as it takes too long to work if you have to digest a meal (take with a protein shake).\nI had a great arm workout on this, huge pumps for the next hour after the workout, my triceps looked swolen and tight, use this with CEE and your well away!!"

- (10 / Oct / 2008)


"Ive only just started taking this today,i took two this morning and two before the gym...This week ive been really acheing,but,having this stuff accompanied by CEE i felt the effects instantly, it gave me the extra power i needed.I have taken similar products in the past and would say that Myprotien has done good with this one,not only a good price but a good quality product."

- (09 / Sep / 2008)



- (11 / Aug / 2008)


"Personally, I found I had to take the maximum recommended 3 caps 3 times a day to even begin to notice (mediocre) pumps. But as we can see from scanning the array of reviews, the majority seem to have received good results from using this supplement. So, one might deduct that it's effectiveness is based on individual response, rather than a simple case of it either working well or not working. My advice would be to go ahead and try it if the intended purpose (Pumps etc.) appeals to you, and simply asses your individual response."

- (22 / Jul / 2008)


Just coming to the end of first 180 and have experienced a good pump expecially doing chest and arms with this gear.

- (09 / Jul / 2008)


"I've been taking for about a month now and always take on an empty stomach but haven't noticed much difference with pump. Even increased the dosage to 4 pills three times a day and not much better, though did feel the pump a little. Not the most effective supp out there!"

- (28 / May / 2008)


Works well with CEE. \n

- (18 / May / 2008)


"Didn't notice too much difference until the other day when before an arms workout I took 4 pills...the pump I got after that was better than anything else I've tried, and it's about half the price of most US products and much less that morph. I think I'm quite resistant to this in general though so the regular dose might work fine for some people. But does this stuff do more than just pump you up for a few hours? That's what I'd like to know."

- (17 / Apr / 2008)


This stuff is more potent than those other brands shown on other websites. No americanisation free of crap!\n\n

- (24 / Feb / 2008)


"I have been using these for about 2 weeks now and I can definately see the difference in the size of the pumps. When doing a big body part such as back or legs the pump is off the chart!! I do have to take 8tabs a day though as I didnt see the notice any changes when taking 6 a day, but now I see the difference its great!! Definatly be re-ordering!!"

- (12 / Feb / 2008)


"....the pumps are just crazy on this product!! I take it alongside CEE and it's fantastic. Get a pump whether I'm doing arms, legs or any other bodypart. Definitely gives you a feel good factor in the gym."

- (23 / Nov / 2007)


got to give it 4.5 because of the silly size pumps i got on my arms.. had to run to the bank after biceps and had a nice boy asking me where i grew my lovely apples... felt v uncomferrtable.. the pump i found interfeared with flexion.. but my mate it didnt so different for every 1..\ngreat product...

- (18 / Jul / 2007)


first couple of days on this stuff good pumps in the gym and more energy. good stuff

- (06 / Jun / 2007)


Bought these after having a discussion in the forums ( with A wynne who reviews the product below) \r\nI have found a marked increase in pump and hence motivation . If your main reason for buying these is vanity then you will not be disappointed . If your aim is growth/strength increases then I would suggest buying something else .\r\nIt does do exactly what its says it willso if you are after a good product then I would recommend this .

- (16 / May / 2007)


"Wanted to try a 'pump' product though was put off by price. MP's would seem like an excellent deal and the results have been quite visible with extra pump during the training session and elongated pump for some considerable time after. A great motivator if you train by yourself/at home and it would seem it also makes a positive contribution to getting increased amounts of nutrients to the lean tissue. 10 out 10, and as important on my list of essential supplements as creatine."

- (08 / May / 2007)


"I have been using this stuff now for two weeks. I have used other variants and versions of it by some other 'larger' companies. MP's version has by far been the best I have used. I have certainly noticed volumization during/ after my workouts. By no means I am saying that this product (for the mislead) will make you 'bigger', but the 'pumped' feeling expirienced whilst using this product is noticeably different and as mentioned already, a 'temporary' increase in volumization. I take this as a dietary supplement both on training on non training days - simply because of the great results and lack of feeling guilty taking this amount due to the VERY reasonable price! Recommended! \r\n"

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