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MP MAX® Protein Meals

Vegetable Tikka



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MP MAX® Protein Meals are a revolutionary concept combining cutting edge food production with the dietary needs of the physically active individual.

With tomatoes, sweet corn, onion, bell pepper, green beans and peas, all seasoned with a range of herbs and spices, our Vegetable Tikka is packed with nutritious vegetables and rice in a traditional creamy Tikka sauce. This warming and hearty meal is a great source of protein and contains 3 of your 5 a day portions of vegetables.

These nutritionally balanced meals have been designed specifically for those who lead an energetic lifestyle and need great tasting food, high in nutrients which require little fuss or preparation. Cutting-edge freeze drying techniques ensure the hand cooked meals maintain their flavour, nutrient content, colour, texture and aroma whilst being easy to prepare and a pleasure to consume.

These meals are real food! They are not over processed ready meals where nutritional content is neglected, nor are they dehydrated or void of flavour. Freshly cooked, each meal is flash frozen and then dried by removing up to 98% of the foods moisture through the evaporation of the ice content. Sealed in moisture and oxygen proof packaging, the meals simply need re-hydrating to return them to their freshly cooked and delicious origin.

MP MAX® Protein Meals bring you convenient meals that will help satisfy your daily nutrient requirements without compromising on quality ingredients. Ready to eat in just 8 minutes, they are ideal for use straight after exercise or as an easy to prepare meal at work or on the road.

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Product Reviews - 16 reviews

- (15 / May / 2013)


MP MAX® Protein Meals are quick to make, and it tasted surprisingly pretty good. Not exactly low in carbs with 50g per pouch, but I knew that before I bought it thanks to the detailed info on the website.

Goes Well With:

On its own

- (06 / Jan / 2013)


"I like most of the new Protein Meal products and think its a fantastic idea. I have a new job that makes it very difficult to get much of a lunch break, and these meals really help to get a nutritious, hot, tasty meal down your neck with very little prep. I the chicken tikka is the best tasting of all IMO and the ingredients list is very simple and wholesome. Apart from a little rapeseed oil (which i personally would like to see replaced with palm oil or olive oil) the ingredients seem all-natural. My only gripes are a) the price is pretty high, and a similar priced meal could be gotten from my canteen (if i had the time to go there) , and b) the protein content is pretty low compared to, say, the Chicken Casserole. Would be great if it could be boosted."

- (17 / Apr / 2012)


"Bought this as it was at a reduced price and have to say im gutted i didnt order more!! I got 1 packet of Vegetable Tikka and it was amazing!! Mixability is almost perfect, however it is quite hard to get all the powder at the bottom of the packet. Tastes yummy, and is perfect for lunch/after a workout/ when your on the go. Definately filled me up, and the added protein and 3 of your 5 a day is an added bonus. I agree with previous review- need to get multi-packs sorted!"

- (16 / Apr / 2012)


Quick and easy to prepare and very tasty meals. Purchased at £1.99 great value! although they seem a little too pricey at £3.99 Be great if they could bought in multi packs.

- (11 / Apr / 2012)


"Tried the Veg Tikka first at the reduced price very nice & mixed well I highly recommend this I also like the Chicken Pasta but the price would put me off buying more. I have ordered another batch of Tikka, get them while you can!!!!!"

- (19 / Mar / 2012)


"Mix with water, is as simple as 1, 2, 3 ! Left it for 8 minutes and all i had to do was add a pinch of salt and pepper. Would tell everyone that needs quick food with out a microwave to buy them. I got them in the sale for 2 pound's a go, well worth that value not sure i would pay original price. I agree with Previous review, Please bring these out in multi packs would like to buy in bulk for after gym at work."

- (15 / Mar / 2012)


"I saw these on the half price offer so thought I would give them a try and I am really glad I did. I was really suprised at how good both flavours tasted. They are really easy to make and convenient as I can leave them in my locker at work. I have now placed another large order while on offer as for £2 I think they are great value. Good protien content, 2/3 of your 5 a day, tastes good, easy to make and convenient. Only down side is when they go back to £4 a time then I wont be able to afford to eat these on a regular basis."

- (25 / Feb / 2012)


"Tricky to mix; really, give it a THOROUGH mix before leaving it to stand. I love not needing a microwave for these, they still get piping hot. I had the chicken and veg. Surprisingly there was a lot of good flavour in it, not your typical chicken and veg. I had to add a little salt though. I genuinely felt good after eating these too. Good stuff. PLEASE bring these out in packs of 10 or so :)"

- (31 / Jan / 2012)


"I bought these as part of the double points day and I must say I am very happy with this. I bought the Chicken & Veg Pasta and, like a tin of chicken curry, the chicken is shredded. Once mixed it is effectively a broth-type meal which was really nice on a cold January. It was tasty, filling and more than enough as a lunch-time meal ahead of an evening gym session."

- (20 / Dec / 2011)


"Okay, lets face it, it is much cheaper to cook your own and bring it with you (cold) to work etc - however, this is all about convenience. I normally spend Sunday mornings cooking for the following week which is a tad tedious. So I took the plunge and bought 5 Chicken. Just finished my first one.Tastes great - very spicy which I like. Seems to have filled me up. If the nutritional information is correct then it is a great way of getting a 'controlled' hot meal down you as all the numbers are done for you. I will definitely be getting more and having a week on week off type affair with my normal lunches at work. If you are concerned about where the chicken has come from i.e. free range, organic etc then steer clear as there is no mention on the packet except that it is made in the UK - which is enough for me !"

- (08 / Dec / 2011)


I decided to give these a bash so that I have a good meal prior to a personal training. Not bad in the flavour department but quite tricky to mix and I did have some powder at the bottom once I finished. Would be REALLY helpful to have a 'fill' line on the side as I couldn't measure out the water easily at work.

- (07 / Dec / 2011)


"The Vegetable Tikka is the best one, it tastes really nice with no need really to add to it. The only thing I would say its not easy to mix the bottom of the pack aswell as the top of the bag. This is definitely worth having in your cupboard."

- (06 / Dec / 2011)


"Was a bit skeptical with this as it seemed like a glorified pot noodle. Very well balanced and tastes really great. Only had the Chicken and veg so far but definite thumbs up. Easy to prepare, tastes great. (You do need to add your own salt and pepper, or in my case just pepper). Its great not to have to faff around working out what amounts of what to put in a meal. We need more flavours though as I can see only having 2 getting a little repetitive. Thumbs up all round"

- (06 / Dec / 2011)


"I have given this product a 4 out of 5, mainly because of the price. I got the trial price and I still think it's on the expensive side for what it is and I would have been disappointed if I'd have paid £3.99. I'd consider buying it on a regular basis if it was a bit cheaper as it's very convenient. I got the Chicken & Veg flavour and it tastes great for something that you ""just add water"" to. I wouldn't say it's a meal though, it's more of a heavy snack. It's basically a glorified pot noodle, made with pasta and extra chicken. A great product overall. Would be useful to take to work or if you were going out for the day if you wanted to avoid fast food. It's not something I would buy regularly though at that price. I'd sooner prepare my own meals for a lot cheaper and they would fill me up more."

- (02 / Dec / 2011)


"Today after my workout, I've tucked into the Chicken and Pasta meal. Firstly, Sadly, these are not going to be an option for the gluten free dieters or the super strict, but for someone like myself, into strength sports or the average active gym junkie with a horrid work day; brilliant; Green Beans, Peppers, Cauliflower, Tumeric, Onion and rice, to name a few of the ingredients in the Veg option, tomato, pasta, big chunks of chicken in the non-veg option. Also, when water is added, its actually a pretty decent meal-size, I don't feel hungry, after a deadlifting session... which is rare, you get around 400g of food from either, I would add more water than advised on the packet though, and make sure its HOT! Not Bad, I say! Tasted pretymuch like a.... ""cleaner"" pot-noodle, looked not too dissimilar. My only gripe would be, you really do need HOT water, not just boiled Kettle water... its gotta be hot! and Stir! Make sure you stirr well, I had not mixed mine up quite so well... had some still dry bits at the bottom in the corners. I would use these at work, where I am traveling from hotel to hotel and cannot always pack myself some days worth of food. The size/shape also means they would pack very well. Definitely worth keeping a few as emergency stock if working/travelling or similar. Would use again!"

- (25 / Nov / 2011)


"Just received the Chicken & Vegetable Pasta sports meal, so I thought I would give it a try for my evening meal. The instructions are very simple just add boiling water and leave for 8 minutes. There was enough quantity to make it filling and plenty of chicken. The contents of the meal mixed surprisingly well with the water and I did not notice any lumps of powder. The meal was reasonably tasty for a quick snack although some may consider it slightly bland. These meals are perfect for when you are on the go and I would even consider taking them on holiday. From the nutritional values it can be seen that the meal is very nutritionally balanced. I do not think I would use these products frequently, although the trial price is reasonable, the full price may be a little too expensive."

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