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MP MAX Elle Thermopure



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MP MAX Elle Thermopure is a fusion of natural herbs and nutrients designed to aid your body's conversion of stored calories into usable energy. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine this blend of powerful ingredients can help drive your metabolism, providing a boost in vitality as your body turns stored calories in to usable energy.

One of the key ingredients in Thermopure is Green Tea Extract (GTE), which has been proven to reduce the amount of fat you digest and store whilst increasing the rate at which body fat is burned for energy. Thermopure also contains the unique Thermo Blend (Caffeine, Raspberry Ketones and Cayenne) which can help raise your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories during exercise.

To help increase energy production and fuel your exercise for longer, we have added B Vitamins which have been shown to increase the release of energy to your working muscles through an increased flow of nutrients in the blood.

Thermopure is one of the only products on the market to combine so many proven weight loss ingredients in one convenient formula, making this our most successful weight management product to date.

Servings size: 3 Capsules

Servings per container: 30

Disclaimers: May not be suitable for anyone who may be pregnant or breastfeeding. Always consult a doctor before using any supplement.

Product Reviews - 24 reviews


- (12 / Feb / 2014)


I have only been using for about a week now but I have noticed a difference with these tablets. They are not going to make you lose weight just by taking them without exercising. However when exercising I have noticed I can do more and sweat a lot more when working out too.

Goes Well With:

Max Elle double choc diet whey

First Timer

- (30 / Jan / 2014)


Not used anything like this before but have just ordered my second pack. The tablets are quite large but so far have found them easy to swallow and they don't taste of very much but do have a hint of raspberry. I haven't found them to stick in my throat but they do make me burp, but it's ok as that tastes of raspberry too! I find it better to take them 15/20 minutes before I workout, they give you a nice warm glow and they do give me a great burst of energy. Whilst working out I am definitely sweating more, the only downside is that they do make me a bit windy which isn't very ladylike but thankfully I workout at home! I have only been using it for nearly 2 weeks so haven't given it much time yet, but prior to this my weight has stuck for 3 weeks despite working out daily and healthy eating. Since using this along with the other products in the women's bundle I have dropped 2lbs and 6% body fat which is fab in such a short space of time, so looking forward to seeing what impact it has the longer I use it.

Goes Well With:

A good swig of water


- (14 / Oct / 2013)


I'm so impressed with MP MAX Elle Thermopure, it worked straight away. I had more energy in the gym and felt I could give a lot more in my workouts. I also found myself feeling fuller when taking one capsule on an empty stomach which helped me to not snack between meals. The only downside for me was the peppery after taste, but this doesn't last long.

Goes Well With:

Carb control


- (02 / Sep / 2013)


I used this MP MAX Elle Thermopure last year for the first time and looking back at pictures, I do seem to be a bit more trim whilst I was using this product. I take two before a workout I have been able to withstand more than an hours worth of weigh training and it also seems to make me do that little bit extra cardio (which I hate!) so anything that will give me a bit more of a boost is brilliant! I am currently taking them with the carb blockers also purchased from this site and haven't had any side effects or reactions to mixing the two! All in all, a good product but this is the first time I have used it everyday properly since last year so we will see if it truly makes any difference to my body now I'm giving it a really good go at getting I'm shape!

Goes Well With:

Carb Blockers

Small difference

- (10 / Jul / 2013)


I've noticed a slight increase in energy since using these ! Worth a go, easy to take !

2 weeks in!!

- (02 / Jul / 2013)


The product was delivered earlier than I expected. I am unable to say if the product is working for me yet as I am only on my 2nd week. However, I feel that I am sweating more at the gym (and general housework jobs at home!) so fingers crossed it is doing some good. I have been taking one tablet every morning and a 2nd or 3rd as the day goes on and depending on my work and gym routine. The product is easy to swallow with water and I do not feel that it leaves and after taste in my mouth.

So far so good!

- (29 / May / 2013)


I'm only onto day 5 using these but so far I am impressed with the results. I have seen an increase in energy levels when training and not expereinced any issues with not sleeping etc due to the natural stimulants in the product; I dont normally even drink coffee so when I have used similar products in the past this has been an issue. I've already started to recommend them to friends!

- (17 / May / 2013)


MP MAX Elle Thermopure gives you a good energy boost for a gym session.

Great product

- (30 / Apr / 2013)


I am sweating a lot more since taking these MP MAX Elle Thermopure tablets, and I am also getting much stronger at keeping up with my circuit workout. I take 3 tablets before exercising.

hot stuff

- (01 / Apr / 2013)


After taking these before exercise a few times a week, I can say that they have appeared to make the gym easier on days when you're just not feeling it. I definitely sweat more when I have taken them. But as yet I have lost no weight.

Love this product

- (22 / Mar / 2013)


MP MAX Elle Thermopure gives me so much energy I hardly can stop training each day. Would recommend to everyone!

Goes Well With:

Myprotein MP MAX Elle Active Woman Myprotein MP MAX Elle True Diet

- (11 / Mar / 2013)


Bought these for my girlfriend as she was looking for something to give an extra edge to help burn off the stubborn belly fat! She's only used them for a week, but they do make her sweat a lot more, so assume the calories are being burnt more and for longer!

- (20 / Jan / 2013)


"Thermopure have really helped me with my workouts. If I don't take them before then i feel like i'm not as pumped during my workout. When i do take them (3 before every workout) i feel really pumped and have the energy to go for 2 hours straight. They do make me feel like i cant stop still sometimes, but at the gym thats a plus for me, so i would definately recommend them to anyone that wants to work harder in the gym and sweat alot! The only down side would be that if you leave them in your mouth for too long (because you are trying to swallow them) they have a nasty taste, so just swallow them straight away if you can!!!"

- (20 / Sep / 2012)


Well this is the first day for these..and im not sure whether im supposed to be feeling drowsy....i have a headache..i dont know whether this is supposed to happen..I do however feel the more energetic..feel less hungry..i feel i have been able to walk more and run more with the help of these than i have before..i bought these by the reviews that were on this site..i will carry on taking these as they may help me to loose weight...i will keep you all updated..

- (15 / May / 2012)


I received my Thermopure yesterday and took 2 prior to working out and had the best workout in ages. I think maybe 2 was too much for me as I did feel extremely wired but they certainly did give me a boost. I will try taking 1 tonight before body pump class and see how that goes. I wouldn't recommend taking these anywhere near bedtime if you are sensitive to caffeine though. Great product and would definitely buy again.

- (04 / May / 2012)


"I love myprotein products and us the dietwhey shakes and they taste good and when i had the motivation to loose weight they were working, i then bought these after the review and for me it was a waste as they are huge and theres no chance i can swallow them, they also cant be made smaller, i emptied them out of the plastic coating and put in water and was nearly sick :( this isnt the fault of the company but i was disappointed that it wasnt put anywhere how big these were. "

- (09 / Apr / 2012)


"Thermopure is very effective while doing exercise. Maybe too effective, haha. I'm quite sensitive to too much sugar and coffee (can't have caffeine after 4pm or I won't sleep), and this tends to keep me awake well past 10/11pm even if I have it first thing in the morning. I've also had to cut down to just 1 tablet a day. The first time I had 2 tablets (along with the True Diet protein shake) at about 6am, I felt a bit high for most of the day, and I was so hyper everyone noticed. I tried having 2 before exercising, but was so distracted with how my body was feeling - hyper, alert, hot like I had a fever, and a little bit high - that just running on the treadmill was a mission. Next I tried having just 1 tablet 2h before working out and OMG, I did about 3 times as much exercise as I usually do. I could just go and go and go. In fact I overdid it so much I couldn't be bothered to go again for a few days. So I guess I'm still experimenting with when to take my single tablet a day. Too late, and I can't fall asleep before midnight. Within 2h of exercise, and I overdo it. I also felt noticably hotter. While everyone would be wearing a jacket in the office, I'd be complaining about how hot it is. Quite useful standing at the bus stop at 6am in winter, but otherwise a bit distracting. So if you are quite sensitive like I am, you'll have trouble finding the right dosage and time to take it, but from a purely athletic point of view, it is amazing, and I have been recommending it to all my friends. "

- (30 / Jan / 2012)


ive tried many different brands and found these to be the only ones that i can feel truly work... after doing 10hr working days i was finding it hard to have the energy for a gym session or class. ive found these tablets have really helped me power through and keep me going. defiantly worth trying. im very impressed and will be buying more!

- (03 / Oct / 2011)


"I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Its a massive part of my life and will not work out without it! Also for a hunger suppressant works extremely well. I sweat and work harder because of it! Does give you a bit of a caffeine edge, but you do get used to it, and i have no other side effects at all. Will continue to purchase!"

- (18 / Jan / 2011)


"I do like this product as it does increase your energy. However, it's insulting that they brand an existing product as ""Max Elle"" and charge more for it. If you search for the original thermopure (which is 100% identical) it's cheaper than the ""female"" version!"

- (18 / Jul / 2010)


"I bought this a couple of weeks ago, looking forward to trying it with all the great reviews. However every time I have taken it, my workout has been cut short due to feeling very ill and even being sick for the rest of the day. At first I thought it was just a stomach bug, but as it has happened every time (usually 30mins - an hour after taking the capsules) I have come to realise its definitely the Themopure. Having tried many dietry supplements in the past, I am surprised that Themopure is the only one that has ever affected me like this. Might just be that it doesnt agree with my system, either way dont think I could recommend it."

- (12 / Jul / 2010)


"I have been trying to lose weight for quite a while and started taking Thermopure last week with a beach holiday coming up - I am really impressed already! I usually burn 500 calories working out on the bike. Since taking Thermopure before each workout, I can now push it to 650! I was losing a steady 1-2 lbs per week - but last week I lost 4lbs! Would highly recommend this product for boosting energy to make the most out of your workout."

- (19 / Jun / 2010)


"Love this stuff!! Been using it for a week in conjuction with diet and training. Noticed a big difference - feel warmer, high rate stays higher, sweat more over night. Best of all lost 5lbs and an inch each thigh and waist. No problem with capsule size - you can taste the raspberry in it which is quite pleasant. This is the first fat burner product I've tried and it definitely gives an extra edge when you're diet and training is spot on. I won't diet without it again!"

- (04 / Apr / 2010)


"If like me you have been going to the gym for years and years and just want that extra kick up the behind, this product is great! It gives me masses of energy normally I am the world's most sluggish person in the morning but this is great... \n\nI did lose 2% Body Fat in the first week, was doing a bit more cardio, admittedly, due to the extra energy! Also lost 2 pounds- So I think it is a good product for those who workout!! \n\nMy only gripe is that, for a Ladies' product I wish the capsules were smaller as they can be hard to swallow, especially 3.. Which is the stated dose.. hence 4 stars!\n\nBut yeah great product! Thanks!!"

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