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Mega Cissus

50% Ketosterone



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Mega Cissus is a high potency source of the increasingly popular Cissus Quadrangularis. Standardised to 50% Ketosterone, this is the ideal supplement for anyone looking to improve the health and strength of joints, cartilage and tendons.

Cissus Quadrangularis is a traditional Indian medicine that has been used for centuries to help promote the fracture healing process of bones. Research has shown that the unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and plant sterol compounds can strengthen tissue and bone whilst promoting the overall health of all connective tissue.

The active ingredient of Cissus Quadrangularis is Ketosterone and this product is standardised to 50% making it many times stronger than most other Cissus products on the market. Cissus is often regarded as a key supplement for anyone who participates in intense and regular physical activity due to the number of benefits; including both mass building and joint protection.

Cissus has also been shown to promote the healing of tendon related injuries by influencing early regeneration of connective tissue through the mobilization of fibroblasts and chondroblasts whilst also delivering nutrients to the injured tissue. Unlike pain relief products, Cissus not only soothes the pain of connective tissue injury but it also works to repair it.

Product Reviews - 34 reviews

Worked for me

- (13 / Feb / 2014)


After years of a lingering, intensely painful injury with my Achilles tendon a week of these has ridded me of it. Now and then (12+ months) I MAY have a relapse after a heavy training week then a few days of these bad boys and all is good again. For the record it was a enthesis of the Achilles tendon insertion.

Goes Well With:

Anything - it's a pill

Just Perfect

- (03 / Feb / 2014)


Dear customers if you have any problems with your tendons or you have had bone injury, this is the best product for you. We train arm wrestling more than 5 times a week and our tendons are very surcharge. Especially over the competitions. With this product the tendons are more resistant and hold more training pressure. We use 2 caps per day and we feel the results and changes. Hope you will have the same exp with Mega Cissus. We give 5 stars at all.

Goes Well With:

Glucosamine, nutri-greens, fish oil

Very Good!

- (16 / Dec / 2013)


Very product, maybe a bit expensive compare to e.g. Animal Flex... Helps a lot to maintain joints in a "good working order". strongly recommend to anybody looking to heal joints and having enough money...

- (06 / Dec / 2013)


Absolutely awesome product, Ive been using it for 2 years now and it helps with almost all my problems I.e. tennis elbow, golfer s elbow and general wear and tare. I must say it doesn't mix well and I always take it with a glass of milk. Sugary drinks seem to prevent it working properly so if you're looking for fast results lay off the sugary stuff.

Goes Well With:

Alpha men, cod liver oil

Decent :-)

- (08 / Nov / 2013)


I've been using this Mega Cissus around 3 weeks at the moment. It seems to be doing its job. However, like most joint supplements U do need continue to use them for better results. I've used cissus in numerous occasions and it has helped. Last time I damaged tendons in my ankle and cissus most certainly helps with my recovery.

Goes Well With:

Glucosamine, chondroitin, mega omega


- (17 / Oct / 2013)


Works well for joint pain.

Good product

- (26 / Aug / 2013)


Mega Cissus seems to have improved my recovery time and DOMS are less severe. Overall I have noticed a difference with this product.

Mega Cissus

- (17 / Jun / 2013)


I have been having physio for the last three months and making slow progress, however Mega Cissus has really helped. Placebo or not, I am happy with the results.

- (05 / Jun / 2013)


My son got these Mega Cissus from you to help with a bad shoulder, they were so good he got them for me to help with my arthritis in both my thumbs and, even though they took about 3 weeks to kick in, it has improved my problems by over 50%!

Mega Cissus

- (30 / Apr / 2013)


Mega Cissus is probably the most effective supplement for dealing with joint and muscle injuries and pain. I started taking it for my achilles tendons which were so shockingly tight after running I had to give up, and it even pained me to climb stairs and slopes, also taking me over half an hour from waking in the morning to walk around normally. When you are a firefighter with the constant prospects of waking at anytime through the early morning hours on shift at shockingly abrupt instance to run to emergency calls suddenly became a frightening thought. It healed my ailment after a few months and remains so to this day even after ceasing, but the best part was that within that time it actually healed all the other niggling pains which I hadn't expected. It made me feel better and lighter because my joints felt stronger and pain free. I now take it when I have a build up of strains and pains to get my body back to normal again.

Goes Well With:

Creatine ethyl esther

mega cissus

- (15 / Apr / 2013)


I've had this Mega Cissus a few times and every time I leave it for a while I finally decide that I can't be without it..... my elbows hurt too much!. This is great stuff and definitely works for me.

- (30 / May / 2012)


"Have been taking for 3 weeks now and still unsure whether helping with a shoulder injury I've had for just under a year. Will continue for a few more weeks and then decide if helping. Have noticed one side effect which is that it gives me an extremely dry mouth at night when sleeping, so much so that I've had to stop taking the one tab before bed as suggested on the directions."

- (31 / Mar / 2012)


"i've taken one pill night and morning for about three wrist injury has improved,although i cannot say wether this would have healed anyway even if i hadn't taken them,also my overall strength has improved but again i cannot say this is because of the mega cissus,it could be a coincedence.i'm inclined to believe it has"

- (29 / Mar / 2012)


"Just a quick review to say this product has worked well for me and i will be buying a 2nd bottle. I have a recurring shoulder injury with almost constant pain which has plagued me for over a year however since taking this (which was recommended by a friend) i have noticed a huge reduction in pain, I dont know the science of what it actually does but it worked for me and i would recommend to anybody suffering from joint pain"

- (01 / Mar / 2012)



- (22 / Aug / 2011)


"i train muay thai, wrestling and bjj most days of the week and started suffering from bad tendonitis in both arms and i mean it was bad, it stoped me from doing everything i enjoyed, the doctors told me to rest which i did for nearly 6 weeks and it still didn't go, i was getting real depressed and was desperate for something to help. I read loads of stuff regarding cissus on the net and loads off reputable people on decent bodybuilding sites said it would not help my tendonitis. I was gutted. So i decided my next option was to get some deca and give that a go, as i read that this can help tendons. Before spending all that money though i decided to order just one tub of Cissus and give it a go. What did i have to loose? Now i never write reveiws on anything but to me the cissus was so effective that i feel i had to. Within 1 week i had no pain at all this cannot be a placebo effect because the pain before was just ridiculous. I can now grapple with no pain at all (before i had to go to a&e after a grappling session the pain was that bad). Last week i finished my Cissus, carried on with my training and guess what.....the pain is back! Again this is not placebo because i wouldn't wish this pain on me. I can only say that in my opinion the cissus must have done something because the pain started within a couple of days of stopping the supplement, When i order another pot this week if the pain goes again i will be 100% convinced the cissus is worth it's weight in gold. It may not work for everyone but to me it is the best £20 i have ever spent. Also i never had any nasty side effects from it as other people have."

- (22 / Jun / 2011)


I had pain in my shoulder for months and it was really bad... Went to get an X-ray it was fine they said... she said jsut give it rest i did for like 3 months ! so i bought some of this... and now all the pain is gone i can start lifting big weights again. Am only 20 years old but without this suplement i would be no where. Thanks

- (18 / Mar / 2011)


"AAARGH!! Didn't agree with me at all! 2 tabs, morning & night: next day, random sore muscles, sore head, blood pressure up, had to stop after 2 days. Repeated this three times to make sure I was not just getting flu or something else causing it. Never got as far as fixing tendons - too bad."

- (29 / Apr / 2010)


I was suffering for over a year with nerve/tendon pain in my left elbow which didn't subside even after weeks of rest. Wasn't helped by my training (4 times per week). I was told about cissus by a mate and thought I had nothing to lose. After 3 weeks of taking it (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening) my elbow is clear of pain even though I'm still training. Great stuff. It's also chilled me out as a secondary benefit. If in doubt give it a try!

- (20 / Dec / 2009)


"I have had a shoulder injury for the last 5 months which was severly effecting my gym progress, I couldnt even sleep on it at night. I tried laying off for a few weeks and reducing intensity but it made no difference, neither did Glucosimine & Chrondroitin.\nIm always up for trying new products and the reviews on mega Cissus seemed good so I went for it.\nThe differnce is ablsolutly staggering, Over just one night there was a massive difference, my shoulder was at least 50% impoved, now a month on I am nearly back to normal, there is still a slight twinge If I go mega heavy, but thats it.\nOut of every single supplement that I have tried, and there has beeen a few this is without doubt the best.This stuff really works."

- (25 / Oct / 2009)


On me doesn't work...Good luck

- (17 / Oct / 2009)


"It's very good product for bones, but i can't say if it made me more lean..."

- (14 / Oct / 2009)


good product took 2 in the mornin 3 b4 bed for its anticatobolic\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n made me look more vascular strength came really good on this supplement quality supplement

- (10 / Oct / 2009)


This product does wonders for anyone struggling with tendon issues. Symptoms disappear within days!

- (07 / Sep / 2009)


"I have had shoulder problems for about 7 years that were so bad at one point surgery was recommended (my ligaments are too relaxed and i was getting partial dislocations on a regular basis, leading to mobility problems). Any pushing movement was killing them and even tricep work hurt. Been taking this for nearly a month now and after 2 weeks i realised i was pain free. Truly the best supplement i have ever taken and as long as i can i will keep taking it."

- (14 / Aug / 2009)


suffered from shoulder pains but once I started to take these it was gone. joints felt sooo smooth! would deffo recommend to anyone suffereing from joint pains :-)

- (09 / Aug / 2009)


"Wow what can i say about these,\n Have been struggling with shoulder problems, while doing Bench say , i was having all i can describe as a sharp pain deep within the shoulders which would force me to stop as too painfull, would also cause me to wake in the night in pain if i was laying on my side.\n Have been taking the joint care pills and fish oils , but none of these seemed to help, but then saw a review on Cissus and brought some.\n\n Now i would say within days ,and i mean days all the aching seems to have subsided, i can still feel on bench say that if i went mad on the kg it would hurt still but this is only days into taken them, so after the 90 pills have gone im hoping NO more pains, shoulders also feel looser if that makes sense, not stiff.\n Great stuff\nMany thanks Dan......."

- (06 / Jul / 2009)


"The pain relief was immediate, I'm talking overnight here. I used to wake up with creaking & sore knees, now I feel no discomfort. What a relief that is. As far as training goes, it's too early for me to comment on the positive effects it may have. I'm quite happy with the healing effects of Mega Cissus, but if I get a boost in the gym too, happy days.. Stronger, faster & pain free!\nI would definately recommend it to anyone."

- (08 / Jun / 2009)


"For years I have suffered with golfers/tennis whatever you want to call it elbow. \n\nI wore all sorts of straps and braces on my forearms and gave up on grip training as it was too painful, picking up a 2kg tub of protein hurt depending on the angle.\n\n4 weeks after using MP cissus I have seen a huge change, 20KG plates don’t bother me, no straps, braces etc. It’s been a huge change for me, this stuff is f’ing awesome.\n\nI have no idea if other manufacturer’s products have the same effect, I have emptied 3 bottles of Cissus Drol in the past with zero effect on my elbow but to be fair it was not being taken for that reason.\n\nThe only result on my elbow that I have had that was similar to mega cissus was deca, but that was less effective on the elbow but more effective on other areas.\n\nThis is one of the few over the counter supps that I have seen such a huge difference from."

- (08 / Feb / 2009)


Guys this stuff works like friking majic for ME! 3 weeks in 6 training sessions a week mix of high intensity cardio weights and mixed martial arts plus all the acheing tendons and joints from countless arm and leg bars and submission holds and im cool not an ache in sight takes time but stick with it i would take an 8 week course and then 4 weeks of sweet!!!!!

- (28 / Oct / 2008)


I think this stuff might really work. Various training related joint and tendon problems have got a lot better shortly after taking this stuff. Upshot is I can train like I should.

- (11 / Oct / 2008)


i have tried a few difference cissus products and this is very high quality at a good price. jj

- (04 / Oct / 2008)


"Combine this with Alpha men, and protodocin as well as a stable diet and training program...and the gains were unbelivable!!! Also a few niggling injures i've had for ages, which wouldnt go away are healing up nicely! use with EFA's and Glucosamine, you cant go wrong! A*"

- (08 / Sep / 2008)


"Had a bad shoulder, this stuff has sorted it out in no time, nealry back to full strength. Great stuff, i tried the lower power stuff with little effect but this stuff is the nuts!"

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