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L Tyrosine

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L Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid, which plays an important role in the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. Tyrosine is also a precursor to thyroxine and triiodothyronine and the pigment melanin.

A hard training athlete/bodybuilder may benefit from supplementing with L Tyrosine, directly affecting Dopamine levels, which could help to counter fatigue and the stresses associated with intense and heavy workouts. There is also some research to suggest that L Tyrosine could also be useful in weight loss.

Product Reviews - 16 reviews

Excellent product

- (08 / Jul / 2013)


L Tyrosine arrived in less than one day after ordering. I am taking heavy duty exams right now and getting back in shape after months of studying, and it seems to be helping both. I will be buying further supplies from MyProtein of this and other products as I have found a company in which I can place my trust.

Its not doing it for me...

- (08 / May / 2013)


Have taken this supplement as directed and can feel no discernible effects on performance etc... it mixes well and is practically tasteless, but didn't do the job for me I'm afraid.

great for mood

- (05 / May / 2013)


I take 1/4 tsp of L Tyrosine upon waking and another 1/4 tsp an hour later. It really does help improve low mood. Tyrosine is a precursor to noradrenaline, and low noradrenaline causes symptoms of low mood in some people. I've been on this dose for nearly a year. I use a 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon, for accuracy. I know that this is a high dose, but for me it works well. It has no taste, so I just mix it with water.


- (20 / Mar / 2013)


Myprotein is great to deal with. The site is informative and easy to navigate. My L-Tyrosine arrived quickly after ordering and was well packaged. It mixes well and doesn't have any real taste, so it's easy to use. I feel it kick in after about half an hour. I would recommend getting the measuring scoop though for accuracy. Pricing is very competitive. I'm getting back into shape after a bad year and I'm recovering from two major operations from injuries. This has helped as I'm building up my endurance and strength. I am really on track thanks to the help of your products, and my goal is in sight again now. I'd recommend the company and products to any one (and have done).


- (02 / Feb / 2013)


Be careful not to overdo it - as I had no mini scoop provided I had no idea how big the portion of 1g should be (as a concentrate of active ingredient could be lower in that "white powder"). After taking 2-3 teaspoon each morning with my shake I had a couple of sleepless nights and by Friday I felt really ill. I almost collapsed in an office and I still didn't link it to tyrosine overdose! Only after I ordered separately a mini scoop I have realised in horror how much I was taking!

- (27 / Aug / 2012)


"Found its a bit of a pain to get it to dissolve, I ended up using hot water. Makes you hyper so you'll be hopping around unless you go and do the exercise haha. Also boosts your mood which is nice."

- (24 / May / 2012)


very good product. Cheapest price. best effect. *****

- (12 / Feb / 2012)


"Great product, great price, great company..."

- (01 / Jul / 2011)


"I take this mainly for concentration and stress releif, works almost immedietly, best on empty stomach mid morning. I also phase it as my main exercise (20 mile day) and since taking this I have lost 10kg which is great sinse was overweight, makes you feel like you can take on anything, so as a motivator before exercise can't beat. Just a warning take no more than 1g important as can give you a weird headache, this is common with tyrosine apparently."

- (04 / Jul / 2010)


Excellent product. But anybody using this should supplement NAC to counter nitrosative stress which can harm the immune system after a certain time! This really is important!

- (19 / May / 2010)


"Been using this with AAKG, BCAA, Glycine and creatine normally but at min im cycling it............. superb results, just a gram gives you some serious get up and go without the added nasties in stimulant products. you gotta try this as 100grams last an age!!!!!!!!"

- (18 / May / 2010)


"This stuff is a fantastic energy booster and weight loss supplement. Tastes horrible, but you won't notice it if you just put in a tiny bit of water and knock it back like a shot. Have had incredible weight loss results by combining this with ALCAR. I would pay attention to the warning not to take more than two servings a day; and time I've exceeded this I've gotten a crazy headache."

- (09 / Apr / 2010)


"Good supplement for pre workout along with caffeine, green tea extract, taurine, bcaa and alcar"

- (14 / Jan / 2010)


"found this to be a very good product,1-2gm with 150-200mg caffiene tablets 20 mins b4 workout,gives great boost during training,does seem u can do alot more and helps with tackling heavier weights.very good price ,100g will last u 100days of training!!! no taste is also a bonus!!! will be buying again."

- (30 / Apr / 2008)


"deffo gives me more energy i take 2grms 30 mins pre cardio sesh.had comments that im alot darker latley since using,must be triggering my melanin production off as ive not increased my sunbed sessions."

- (15 / Apr / 2007)


"i take a gram of this about 10 minutes before my workout.\r\n\r\nthe effects are almost instantaneous, and it's an excellent way to get your body fired up again after a day spent sat in an office.\r\n\r\nyou can wash the powder down with a glass of water quite easily as it's tasteless as far as i can tell."

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