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L Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate


  • Vegetarian
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L Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate (OAKG) is a strong lean tissue building formula designed for the serious athlete.

OAKG increases endurance, energy and lean mass, whilst slowing down fatigue, catabolism and the build up of unwanted fat. Add to this its ability to speed up recovery time and you can see why this is one of the most popular choices for sports people world-wide.

L Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate is a nutritional supplement developed to help improve the athletic performance of athletes and sports persons. Many athletes and bodybuilders have reported extremely favourable improvements in decreasing the recovery time after surgery or injury.

This remarkable ingredient is producing such excellent results that it is now used in France after surgery in order to improve healing times.

Product Reviews - 8 reviews

Full effect

- (28 / Jan / 2014)


Can´t be without it after 1 pouch, and beside athletic performance it keeps you healthy as a teenager. Fat disappears.

Goes Well With:

Arginine akg

L Ornithine

- (24 / May / 2013)


The L Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate product was okay but the free samples never arrived. Now I get bombarded with emails.

Goes Well With:

Would blend with almost anything.

- (23 / Mar / 2011)


"I like this product and it does work well when you mega dosing. I am on my 2nd KG of the stuff and i can tell you that it definitely works. I was stuck on a plateau and taking this stuff helped me by 1 rep/exercise a week. It does smell vile. The best way to take it is with vimto, but hold your breathe while you mix it. If you make a strong vimto drink you won't be able to taste it when you drink it. There is a bad side effect though. This stuff does affect your mood. Everytime i have had bad/angry moods so i would be careful about staying on it for a long time."

- (17 / Jun / 2010)


"This is a great product, I've always believed strongly in the value of OAKG. But buying it as a powder for the first time, I have to say, it is easily the most vile I have ever encountered. Very sour, acidic tasting. Your best bet is to stir it into a very small amount of smoothie and do a shooter, or cap it. NEVER COMBINE WITH MILK!!!"

- (09 / Jun / 2009)


"i reckon it's helping my back injury heal along with a few other sups i'm taking but as for the other claims test seems to indicate it's all in your head!\n\nCONCLUSIONS\nOKG did not cause a change in training intensity or volume, or result in an increase in muscle mass. However, ten grams of OKG taken daily with carbohydrates for six weeks produced small changes in bench press performance, but not squat performance. Therefore, the effect of OKG on strength remains unclear. OKG did not alter blood concentrations growth compound at the time periods measured in this study."

- (16 / Apr / 2008)


This stuff is mean't to be taken over a long period. Great!\n

- (04 / Jan / 2008)


"When taken at a high dose (170mg/kg bodymass), OAKG has been shown in some studies to significantly increase human growth coumpound release. Another effect of taking high doses above 10g daily seems to be increased generation of muscular contractive force, although this is anecdotal rather than confirmed by research. When taken in the evening can have a positive effect upon sleep."

- (06 / Oct / 2006)


"I can't rate it beyond its flavour because I've just started using it, but thought ppl might like to know how it tastes....\r\n... rather a lot like citrus and hence mixes well with fruit juices. I first tried it in hot chocolate, which made it taste like bile! :-)"

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