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Fructo-Oligosaccharide (FOS)

  • Vegetarian


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Inulin is a soluble, dietary fibre extracted exclusively from chicory root. As a soluble powder it can be added to any food or drink with little impact on taste or texture whilst adding a fantastic source of fibre to your daily diet. 100% natural, Inulin helps boost your fibre intake, improve satiety and encourage a healthy digestive system.

Inulin is an easy and convenient way to increase the fibre in your diet helping your digestive system work more efficiently whilst encouraging the friendly bacteria in your gut. As a prebiotic fibre, Inulin can stimulate the growth of friendly and healthy intestinal bacteria which support good colon health and yield important metabolites such as lactic acid, acetate, propionate and butyrate. These metabolites can help promote good gut health, skin health, vitality and promote a strong immune system.

Inulin displays a sweet, pleasant flavour and is highly soluble, without raising blood sugar levels. It may be useful for people on calorie controlled diets, low carbohydrate diets and for general weight control as it is often used as a replacement for sugar. Due to its links with a healthy working digestive system, Inulin may also be beneficial to those who consume large numbers of calories.

With the recommended daily fibre intake at around 24g, the British diet is severely lacking with a national average of around 10-12g per day. This makes Inulin a fantastic option for increasing your daily fibre intake. It is also suggested that soluble fibre should make up around 1/3 of your fibre intake whilst insoluble fibre should be around 2/3.

Product Reviews - 15 reviews

Good and healthy

- (27 / Jan / 2014)


Inulin is very good to get enough fibres. I put it together (10 g) with with a pound of lowfat fromage blanc and a proteinshake. It tastes good, is good mixible and its the best overnight combi

It works

- (23 / Oct / 2013)


This is very mixable, you don't need a lot of it, in fact even the small scoop suggested once a day can be a sudden change to the body, any rises in fibre can give gas until the body is used to it. Saying that it does actually work as it's meant to, so I would suggest it for anyone that eats a lot or finds it harder to break down protein and carbs, but maybe start with a tiny bit and work your way up.

Goes Well With:

protein, oats, glutamine, juice

- (17 / Oct / 2013)


Have only used this lately, first time purchased and was surprised how easily it mixed, considering it looks like it wouldn't. Doesn't really have a taste, don't even notice it in a shake. Can't really say if we have had any benefit from it yet. Time will tell.

Goes Well With:

Juice, nut or rice milk.


- (10 / Oct / 2013)


Inulin is a good product! Thanks!

Goes Well With:

250ml of water.

inulin powder

- (07 / Oct / 2013)


This is a must have for me while I'm taking in a lot of protein, it can take a week or so using it every day before I noticed that it was working for me but once it's working the extra fibre is excellent.

Goes Well With:

protein shake and creatine powder


- (24 / Sep / 2013)


Just started using this Inulin and as with all Myprotein drinks, I am happy with it. I put a heaped teaspoonful in with water in the morning and same again at night. No taste of it at all and it does what it says. Digestive health feels a lot better even after a short time, I will definitely be buying more.

Goes Well With:



- (06 / Sep / 2013)


I bought this Inulin to make it easier for me to reach 35g of fiber every day and I must say it helps me a lot. I mix it together with cottage cheese, a little milk and I put few drops of FlavDrops and I have a nice sweet treat. I can't even taste it, and it does it job as it should. I recommend it for anyone who has problems with fiber intake.


- (20 / Aug / 2013)


Inulin has good mixability and works nicely.

inulin powder

- (03 / Jul / 2013)


I'm a bit disappointed with this product, it hasn't really worked well for me.

works well

- (18 / Mar / 2013)


Inulin is a very nice product. It does what the description says.

- (07 / Mar / 2013)


Inulin mixes well, is slightly sweet and seems to promote gut health.

- (17 / Sep / 2012)


Inulin is great for digestive health. Way better than probioitcs who efficacy is inconclusive at best. I could feel my digestive health get better and my health get better where I had had a weak stomach for years

- (16 / Jul / 2012)


"Have been using My Protein Inulin for over two years. I have very slow digestion which leads to indigestion (lazy bowels), coupled with a poor intake of fibre, so this stuff works wonders for me. I mix a heap teaspoon into my coffee each morning, and a level teaspoon into water for dinner. It reduces my indigestion and makes me 'regular' without feeling bloated. A big plus whilst training. It has no taste. Its expensive but needs must and all that!"

- (17 / Sep / 2011)


"Tasteless, fine powder, that mixes like a gem. Only been taking for a little while but does seem to do what it says on the tin."

- (22 / Aug / 2011)


"Had trouble with 'slow transit' constipation for years and have tried every laxative I could find but then had to take them in ever increasing doses and ever more frequently to have any effect. The results went from one extreme to the other, not a healthy solution. Heard about pre-biotic Inulin, took it 3 times a day for the first fortnight and noticed a gradual improvement day by day. Nearly five months on now and my digestive system is the best it's ever been with no extremes. I still take Inulin approx twice a day, adjusting intake as appropriate. So glad I found it available on MyProtein."

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