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Impact Milk Isolate


  • Vegetarian


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What is Impact Milk Isolate?

Impact Milk Isolate is a spray dried milk protein made from fresh ultra-filtered skimmed milk. This protein is an excellent source of casein and whey protein in the same ratio as found naturally in milk (4:1).

Impact Milk Isolate Benefits

Impact Milk Isolate has approximately 1.5% of lactose and 27g (90%) protein per serving. It is recommended to take Impact Milk Isolate in the evening or throughout the day to increase daily protein intake. Due to the high protein content, Impact Milk Isolate can contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Who is Impact Milk Isolate Suitable for?

It is ideal for those looking to increase their daily protein intake with minimal additional carbohydrates and fat.

Product Reviews - 23 reviews

What a product!

- (16 / May / 2013)


This Impact Milk Isolate product is a total revelation! Finally, an isolate powder that doesn't taste or smell bad. So long as you shake vigorously in milk (in a suitable shaker, e.g. the amazing one sold on this website), it mixes fine and results in a nice thick frothy milkshake-like consistency, it's perfect. It doesn't seem to matter whether you use skimmed or full fat. It also mixes well with other powders such as cocoa and sucrose. In terms of effectiveness, I'm already seeing results beyond and above what I've ever achieved with whey isolates. It's really quite amazing - perhaps the 80-20 ratio really is ideal, as some reports suggest. Amino acid profile is also simply superior to most other brands of milk isolate. I totally recommend this to anybody on a vigorous weight training program. It's surprisingly good with Greek yoghurt and results in a mousse-like substance after much vigorous stirring. Add cocoa and a couple tablespoons of splenda for easy chocolate moose! It's really great.

Goes Well With:

Greek yoghurt

Impact Milk Isolate

- (03 / May / 2013)


The taste of Impact Milk Isolate is poor. The mixability is good, although it does leave some foam after drinking in the shaker which is sort of horrible to drink, but other than that it mixes really well.

Impact Milk Isolate

- (22 / Apr / 2013)


I was slightly hesitant about ordering this Impact Milk Isolate based on some of the reviews but thought I'd give a small bag a try, as has been said previously if you mix it in with your usual protein shake there are no problems at all, if you use it on it's own then yes it does go very frothy but just let it sit a while and all is well. As for the taste (I got unflavoured as that was all that was available at the time), I really didn't find it that bad, OK it won't win any awards but my wife's cooking has tasted worse!

- (14 / Mar / 2013)


Impact Milk Isolate tastes good and also mixes well. It's nice with milk. I've put effectiveness at 3 stars as it's just protein, so you're not going to all of a sudden make huge gains by adding 1 shake a day into your diet.


- (11 / Mar / 2013)


Good ratio price-quality

Goes Well With:

soluble cacao

- (21 / May / 2012)


"Very useful for adding slower releasing proteins to your diet. Doesn't mix that well on its own, in that it becomes very frothy. Add it with some whey isolate though and it mixes perfectly. It's easily digestible as well, I haven't noticed any bloating or uncomfortableness with it. Very useful if you have a delicate stomach. Overall a good product."

- (21 / Mar / 2012)


"Bought the strawberry cream while it was on sale and Its really really nice. I'm having it with water and it still tastes a bit like a strawberry milkshake. I didn't have high hopes because It was on sale so the fact it doesn't taste vile its a bonus. Makes a nice change to the normal chocolate flavours I go for. Only thing is its a bit frothy, but hardly ruins my day! Definitely recommend the strawberry cream! Closest thing I can say it tastes to is that soft-scoop strawberry ice cream you can get from supermarkets - not a bad thing for me I love that stuff :p"

- (08 / Jan / 2012)


"Use it for 2 years already, very good before sleep or when you know you won't be able to eat for a long time"

- (04 / Dec / 2011)


"WOW, another great product by MYPROTEIN. Besides the fact that i received my delivery on a sunday, i think that the product is great, so pure, great flavour and easy to mix, great nutritional profile, please make the flavoured ones in bigger sizes!! i ordered the chocolate mint and the vanilla, both really good and tasty, 5/5MP!!"

- (24 / Nov / 2011)


"Almost through with my first 2.5kg pack of this product and it's great. Mixability is okay, unfortunately leaves behind a lot of foam. Taste is better with milk, surprisingly ;) Definitely drinkable either way. Tastes a little like a chalk milkshake if you have it with water. Very effective product, delivers a lot of protein and helped me a ton on my cut so far. I usually take it before going to bed or mixed with Impact Whey Isolate during the day. Definitely recommendable."

- (24 / Jun / 2011)


"Have been using this the last couple of months and very happy with benefits. Mixing with just milk is fine, albeit somewhat bland - with water not everyone can handle. I find mixing a scoop (30g) or True Whey (Banana my favourite) makes it alot more palatable (infact tasty) especially with Milk (I use skimmed to reduce calorie/fat content)"

- (07 / May / 2011)


5 star product in my opinion I got unflavoured and went down fine only down side is the smell but that's it.

- (02 / Mar / 2011)


"I'm not a fan of this powder. It tastes of nothing, is difficult to mix with water or milk (on its own), it froths up uncontrollably and doesn't settle. I use it for the pre bed time meal and have started to mix it with my own oats and Nesquik mix. I blend the oats in a juicer (dry) and seive the resulting powder, mix in a couple of spoons full of chocolate nesquik. I then add 2 desert spoons of my own mix to the 1.5 scoops of Milk Isolate to fuel me through sleep. This has reduced the frothing but it's still difficult to drink as the taste just isn't there. Caseinate next time, if MP have the big bags in stock."

- (06 / Nov / 2010)


"This product is an excellent before bed product, other compains sell before bed protein products for ridiculous prices, most likely due to the hype that many proffesionals create from their statements of, ""i have casein before i go to bed"" therefore other companes rob you with thier special casein protein poweders! However MP as usual stick to the basic sell a really good product, many people have mentioned the powder itself, it is really sticky and can make a mess and some of you may think mixing with a MP shaker wouldnt work and you would have lumps but if you shake VIGOURISLY like all compaines tell you to you will find that their is ZERO lumps! Taste with milk is just like milk, with water its is rather vile but managable, I add peanut butter and blend mine before bed time which makes it taste YUM! Flavoured Impact Milk Isolate wouldnt be a bad idea but I dont think its completely nessessary! Being effective is hard to tell but I dont find on my low cal days I dont feel really hungry upon waking which is always a bonus! Hope this helps!"

- (02 / Nov / 2010)


"Tried choc mint and it was not very tasty at all, very strange after taste."

- (23 / Sep / 2010)


"Great product. The slow release protein is perfect just before bed. Stops muscle catabolism during the night. I'm not starving when I wake up now. I have seen good lean gains with this. I have been getting a better sleep with this. It tastes good with water but better with milk. Great price, Great product. Sticks a bit to the side of the shaker but its no big deal. Buy the shaker with the blender ball mixes it perfectly. If you want to be huge you need this product."

- (28 / Jun / 2010)


"Very good quality protein. Mixes well but can stick to the side of the shaker or glass (no big deal). It's a really light powder so be careful as it has a habit of going everywhere. I love to add this to a smoothy of 1 banana, 1 apple and raspberries."

- (19 / Dec / 2009)


"Although the product you cannot question. The taste of the unflavoured is absolutly vile beyond belief to the point I had to spit it out. It mixes ok, but resembled man milk, and according to the mrs, tasted worse.\n\nDoes anyone know how to make this more managable? I cannot do this 4/5 times per day. It feels like a bushtucker trial! HELP!"

- (21 / Nov / 2009)


"Please do some flavoured versions, especially strawberry!"

- (31 / Oct / 2009)


How this stuff gets 4.5 stars for taste i do not know.

- (09 / Sep / 2009)


"I'm lactose intolerant so maybe should have guessed clues in the name lol! in my defense i have found that I can just a bout get away with minimum levels of lactose in supplements. this however was gave me bloating and mild stomach cramps so wouldn't recommend, I'll stick to Whey Protein Isolate easily mixed, bland taste and easily absorbed, good stuff"

- (08 / May / 2009)


Very neutral taste almost a nice taste. Goes thick like a proper milkshake. Don't know why they don't offer flavoured version would take the flavour very well.

- (30 / Mar / 2009)


"If you're anything like me and hate Whey, no matter what flavour, then I suggest this. If you mix it with like 200ml of Milk it is rather thick and tastes like plain chalk. Using 500ml of Milk it tastes just like Milk, nothing else - none of that Whey taste. With water, it is not very nice. I've only just took some so it's too soon to speak of effectivness, hence the 4.5 stars and not 5. Thank god there is now a protein shake I can have without having to flavour it."

Amino Acid Profile

Certificate of Analysis

Impact Milk Isolate

Amino Acid Profile


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