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HMB is an amino acid, but derives from the breakdown of Leucine, a part of normal dietary protein. HMB can be also found in certain foods like catfish, alfalfa and it is also a natural component of mother's milk, but is scarcely found in a normal diet. HMB was discovered in the 1950's and has been studied for several decades, but has only really become popular as a sports supplement around 1995.

HMB has been proven to slow down the breakdown of muscle protein as well as promote lean gains, which means that it has both tissue sparing and tissue building qualities. Early studies have shown that HMB supplementation also lowers cholesterol and helps strengthen the immune system.

Product Reviews - 10 reviews

- (05 / Feb / 2014)


helps with my goals to keep my muscle mass

Great stuff!

- (20 / Jan / 2014)


I've noticed an improved recovery time after workouts since taking HMB.

Goes Well With:



- (06 / May / 2013)


This HMB is a good product, one of the few which are actually consistently proven to work. The only negative of this product for me is the size of the tablets. I don't personally have a problem swallowing them, but certainly when I initially looked at them they can appear slightly intimidating, and if you are one of those who doesn't like swallowing tablets you may struggle.

Goes Well With:

normal protein

- (04 / May / 2012)


"I have used this product along side impact whey and recovery xs. After breaking my hand and having 6 weeks off the gym i thought i would try HMB to help my recovery getting back into the gym... with no success! I didnt feel any gains off this, if anything while using this product my recovery was worse ! wont be buying again.."

- (30 / Oct / 2010)


"Initial effects were good, shorter recovery times and a slight gain in stamina - though these effects were short lived. After half a tub I have weened myself off the pills and witnessed no degradation to my performance or recovery. Good to help get you through an initial patch of hard training, though make use of it while it lasts and train hard."

- (14 / Apr / 2010)


Took this for a couple of months while training hard and eating a consistent diet. I seemed to put on a couple of kilos during the first month but they disappeared without trace after that...probably good for beginners or to get you through a very hard patch of training but wouldn't use regularly.

- (29 / Jul / 2009)


"have been dieting from 5000 calories down to 2000 calories for 2 weeks now,have 5 hmb tablets daily and have lost almost no strength! put it down to this badboy and strength training!!"

- (14 / Oct / 2008)


"I've used this product a few times now, and it has always worked well for me. It is true that it appears to work best for beginners, or after longer lay-off periods, so if you fit into this catagory, I'd DEFINATELY recommend it. Remember, though: train hard, and eat sensibly, otherwise it'll do nothing. It's not a magic pill!"

- (19 / Jan / 2008)


"If you are training at your maximum level before you start to overtrain then HMB can give you a little more results than you would normally acheive through training without it. It works best when you have not taken it for a long time (months).\n\nI have tried it a few times, it works best when you do things such as drop sets, negatives, more sets than you normally do, or higher amount of reps. If you dont want to 'push the envelope' you will find it pretty crap. If you do 'push it', then you will be able to get away with extra hard training temporarilly and reap the results. Do not use HMB when doing cardio, for IN MY EXPERIENCE it can lead to exess thirst while training (which disrupts exercise), tiredness, and generally crap performance. I find all these characteristics to be true of every so called anti-catabolic available."

- (23 / Nov / 2007)



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