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Guarana Extract

22% Caffeine

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan


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Guarana Extract is a small bean that grows predominantly in South America, especially in the Amazon jungle. The seeds of Guarana are known to be rich in caffeine. Guarana has a powerful effect on increasing the metabolic rate, suppressing your appetite and enhancing both physical and mental performance.

Guarana Extract can be used to increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, increase stamina and physical endurance. Due its slower absorption rate, Guarana tends to give a more sustained supply of energy when compared to the instant hit of caffeine. It is a particularly useful supplement for anyone looking to lose weight or increase their physical and mental stamina.

It is also suggested that Guarana helps your brain to ignore signals of discomfort and fatigue.

Guarana Extract is a caffeine containing herb and should not be overused. Pregnant women or nursing mothers should not use Guarana Extract. Overuse can cause strain on the urinary tract, heart palpitations or insomnia. You should not use Guarana Extract with other stimulants. If you have any concerns please consult a doctor before use.

Product Reviews - 16 reviews

guarana extract

- (10 / Feb / 2014)


An amazing product, don't go crazy tho, you only need little amounts half a tea spoon will keep you going for a few hours and just top up again if needed. Top tip: buy some dates with out pips, cut 2 or 3 in half sprinkle the extract in press back together wrap in cling film and you have yourself rocket fuel on the go. Or put them on your porridge or make bars with extract in ...when your out and about and you need a boost it works a treat .

Goes Well With:

What ever you put your mind to.

Jungle Juice

- (06 / Feb / 2014)


This stuff is great! Certainly gives a real boost of energy that lasts a good length of time. I find it also helps with improving my concentration levels and memory too. Plus an excellent mood enhancer. Far prefer it to coffee

Goes Well With:

Chocolate flavour things

- (10 / Dec / 2013)


Product is a a little weak compared to some but you can up the dosage I guess.


- (13 / Nov / 2013)


I would recommend Guarana Extract as an appetite suppressant. Be warned though it is very strong, and a fifth of it is caffeine. Don't make the mistake I made, and have a teaspoon as you do with coffee - it is roughly 10 times as strong as coffee. 250mg - 500mg at at a time is sufficient unless you're a hardened coffee drinker. I think that's why some of the reviewers have suffered nausea and indigestion.

- (30 / Oct / 2013)


I only use 500mg before training on empty stomach. It should contain around 110mg of caffeine, i replaced my 100mg caffeine with this. The difference is big, this gives me a more natural boost, although my wife is using only around 200-250mg and it seems its to much for her. She has a crash after each training and she must take a nap, she is not used to train hard, and only does some basic training and cardio. I suppose to those who train a bit harder it would not have the same crash effect. Unfortunately it has a very short life, my item was produced on 01.10.2013 and it will expire on 12.2013.

extra strength,one more rep

- (12 / Aug / 2013)


My advice is mix this into a fizzy drink like Ka or Pepsi it isn't tasty but when it kicks in, you will be blasting through sets. It keeps me awake and pushes more good stuff, plus it's burning all kinds of fat.

Goes Well With:

Fizzy drinks

Very effective

- (16 / Jul / 2013)


This product is very effective and does what it says, I tried to mix this but it is like trying to mix rocks into water, so I just mixed it as much as possible in a little bit of water, took it like a shot and then had a glass of water after, the taste is disgusting and needs covering with some chewing gum or something, however the product gave me so much energy playing football and I barely stopped running. Brilliant product for a brilliant price.

Goes Well With:

Something strong to cover flavour

- (31 / May / 2012)


It's good I like it. A micro scoop or 2 or 3 seems fine. It's a nice part of a pre-workout stack and excellent before cardio too. Actually quite like the taste.

- (28 / Feb / 2011)


"Gurana is a brilliant product! Despite what others have said I find it is very mixable, just add to a small glass of orange juice and then stir with a teaspoon, admittedly you have to stir for at least a minute but eventually it does mix! I don't find the taste too bad and find that it just makes whatever you add it to a bit stronger similar to the kick of alcohol (taste wise). I would advise being careful with how much you take as ive been going for around 1.5 - 2 grams and after around 10 - 20 minutes I do feel too energized maybe a bit nausea although the effects wares away after 30 minutes and im left with a good energy uplift, currently helping me improve my mile and a half times."

- (20 / Feb / 2011)


"Mixes fairly well but can stick, tastes bitter but is concealed easily enough with enough fluid, even water. I get good results off of this, a single shot taken at once is like sipping off of a mug of coffee throughout the day (but much less jittery). I find, paradoxically perhaps, that I get the most stable energy by alternating between 500mg and 1 gram doses each morning (whereas, 500mg every day isn't enough, and 1 gram each day over a prolonged period seems to overstress my systems and make me feel tireder). Great product at a great price. Just make sure you have some scales to measure accurately as caffeine is not to be trifled with in high doses!"

- (25 / Jan / 2011)


"possibly the worst product i've ever tried, after 10 minutes my legs were like jelly, body was shaking, eyesight blury, mouth watering, I could barely walk nevermind even think about training. Needed to go to bed after 30 minutes where I stayed for 48 hours, only getting up to be sick over 20 times until it was out of my system. I took the recomended amount once and it had that affect, straight in the bin for the remainder. Never try this product unless you want to feel like your body is going to collapse and cant process properly for upto 3 days afterwards. I've used mp products for quite some time now and would warn anyone away from this. Sorry mp but I lost 2 days of work and over half a stone of goodness through this."

- (13 / Aug / 2010)


Fantastic price compared to the tab form from other retailers but OMG the taste is rancid. I'm still trying to find something to mix it with that will cover the taste as I take 1.5g at a time so its hard to cover that much. Usually take 2 x 1200mg tabs from another brand so took 2.4g of this first time which blew my head off so its definitely Very potent and Way better value IMO

- (21 / May / 2010)


Better than straight caffeine for me.Effects are more profound and longer lasting.Best combined with choline bitartrate for maximum effects.This guarana suprised me with it's potency after one serving.

- (23 / Apr / 2010)


"This gives me a good energy lift for 4/5 hours without the massive drop in energy that caffeine does, as for the taste its not that bad, just mix with a little bit of water swirl it about a couple of times, drink then have some water, job done."

- (20 / Apr / 2009)


Very strong in caffeine but very very bad taste and mixability. The first bag I tried was OK for my stomach and had a good effect in weight loss. The second bag made me vomit every time I took some.

- (25 / Aug / 2008)


"I've used guarana on and off for while now and you get a steady flow of alertness without shakiness, all through the day. I take around 700mg a few times a week and would recommend this product to anybody but make sure you don't have too much to begin with, else you might not be able to get to sleep...Take it in the morning before your cardio."

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