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Glycine is a nonessential amino acid which can be found in protein rich food such as meat fish and dairy. It is considered the simplest amino acid in the body and is largely associated with the building of proteins.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Glycine, when combined with a simple carbohydrate, can improve lean growth and recovery. It is thought that this combination can promote a greater glucose uptake compared to ingesting glucose alone. The combination of carbohydrates and Glycine can result in a greater use of glucose for energy before exercise or for recovery after exercise.

Glycine is recognised as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system and has also been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory, antispastic, and antipsychotic activity.

Other studies suggest Glycine can improve the uptake and use of creatine by the body, which may result in greater gains in strength and lean mass.

Product Reviews - 13 reviews

- (05 / May / 2014)


Doesn't dissolve well in water (slight downside) no taste which is good, i have been using for about two weeks with creatine Monohydrate and i find after workout pains are gone and i can lift more than usual. very good product.

Goes Well With:


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- (14 / Apr / 2014)


first class service a big well done to all.

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Great product

- (31 / Mar / 2014)


I bought this as it was recommended in a magazine I read and I can say that it is very effective. I take it before going to sleep and it improved my sleep quality

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- (28 / Jan / 2014)


Important to eat all proteins for maximum effect from other powders, and i think glycine made me better.

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muchos good

- (09 / Dec / 2013)


I've been taking Glycine alongside my whey protein for a few months now and have been finding that I do not ache as much after a workout. I take this along with protein, creatine, taurine in a shake and they all mix together nicely, leaving no clumps or sandy texture. I cant say for sure how effective the glycine is by itself, but take in the way it should be seems to be pretty good.

Goes Well With:

protein, taurine

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good for sleep

- (08 / Dec / 2013)


This fine powder does eventually mix into liquids. I has no flavour. I use 2 mini scoops before bed and I think I have been sleeping more soundly as a result. I have had some great dreams too.

Goes Well With:

L-Theanine, vimto

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- (06 / Dec / 2013)


Very good product for my liver and I like the sweet taste of it.

Goes Well With:

Everything that needs some sweetness

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- (26 / Apr / 2013)


Glycine is a very underrated amino acid in the world of bodybuilding that is beginning to take rise in the bodybuilding world. Now being recommended by pros such as Ben Pakulski. I was delighted to see MP stocking it at such a great price. Thanks guys.

Goes Well With:

Post-workout nutrition - protein/dextrose/glutamine etc

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- (07 / Mar / 2013)


Glycine really helps to get the carbohydrates into the blood. My training sessions are much better, because I feel like I have more energy to spend.

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- (05 / Dec / 2009)


"Seems to help relax me and reduce cortisol at night. But may be more helpful PWO in a shake with creatine etc, so why do you suggest taking it on an empty stomach?"

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- (02 / Sep / 2009)


"Tastes fine to me. Good for your liver and for improving the quality of your sleep. Plus GH release. Also a calming neurotransmitter. And very cheap. So an all round a good thing, I reckon."

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- (13 / Jun / 2009)


"Thinking of buying some to go with th creatine im taking, it suggests 700mg daily, how much would 700mg be in a small scoop?\nsomeone get back to this. thanks"

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- (25 / May / 2009)


This was one of the aminos explored in the late 80s.I've recently started training again and am using this with lysine. After 3 weeks it's having a definite effect.\n\nIt definitely helps make progress and recovery easier. I'm 39 so the rejuvenating effects are quite pronounced. My skin tone has changed noticably and lean mass development is quite surprising.

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