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Glutamine Peptides

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What are Glutamine Peptides?

Peptides are naturally derived chemicals that allow users to get larger doses of glutamine into their system quicker due to the stable structure. The advantage of this stable form is that it is digested rapidly and has a fast uptake.

Glutamine Peptide Benefits

Glutamine is a non essential amino acid and is the most abundant free amino acid in muscle cells.

Who are Glutamine Peptides Suitable for?

Glutamine Peptides are ideal for anyone involved in intense, physical exercise and looking for optimal muscle recovery.

Product Reviews - 11 reviews

help me to recover

- (10 / May / 2014)


I take this one hour before bed time.I mix it with water and tropical MPflavouring in a shaker or in a glass with a spoon. In both ways it makes lumps. It helped to deal with muscle ache, and since i started using it my muscles have grown.

Goes Well With:

youghurt for bedtime snack

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Secret of using Glutamine Peptides

- (28 / May / 2013)


Here's the secret for successfully using Glutamine Peptides: They only dissolve in the presence of protein. Take it with your protein drink, but have it well-mixed with the protein powder before you add the liquid. I use a bike water bottle to hold my recovery drink mix. I have a mix with about 4:1 of dextrose/sucrose to whey protein to which I also add the Glutamine Peptide and Creatine. I shake it well while it's dry, then I add the water and shake thoroughly again. This will get rid of all of the problems with lumpiness or bad taste, in fact if you do this, it won't change the taste of your drink at all. If you don't premix it with protein, it will clump up horribly, and the clumps will taste awful. So there it is, just mix it with your protein first and finally start reaping the benefits of Glutamine Peptides. Keep in miind, all of the clinical research showing positive results with Glutamine are carried out with the peptide form (hospitals use it to speed up healing of burn victims), the more popular form (because it mixes easily) of L-glutamine has no studies supporting its efficacy, because almost all of it is just absorbed by the lining of your stomach and never reaches your muscles via your small intestine.

Goes Well With:

Whey Protein and Creatine.

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Because i'm worth it

- (07 / Mar / 2013)


The taste of Glutamine Peptides isn't the best. It's really yeasty as other reviewers state and it becomes really frothy when mixed with other aminos. However I really notice the improvement in recovery time when used with creatine and it is excellent value for money.

Goes Well With:


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- (26 / Sep / 2010)


Doent seem to mix that well when premixing with other powders seems to clump up. I find if I seive it first and mix it with my other protien its fine tho.

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- (29 / Apr / 2010)


"like the other reviews say,make sure its smooth before adding water and dont expect it to taste nice,add it to your protein shake is best."

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- (28 / Nov / 2009)


"better absorption supposedly but would only find out through extended use.\n\ntastes vile, the 2 nastiest things on MP are this and flax powder.\n\nabsolutely horrendous."

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- (12 / Sep / 2009)


"Rougher texture and taste to the comparable myprotein previously purchased product of N Acetyl L Glutamine. I made capsules to avoid the taste of the raw material, and for convenience. If you can endure the boredom of caping this product it saves a lot of money on comparable companies capsules and tablets of the same product, a hugh saving infact. I take this product before bed time and I seem to have better sleep whilst taking this although I don't know if there is any correlation between good sleep and this product. Buy some, use referral code m p 1606 for money off first order."

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- (05 / Jul / 2009)


"It mixes in almost as well as whey if you take a fork & break up the powder after you've put it in the mixer BEFORE you put the water in. If you put the water in straight away it will clump up if you mix the powder around to break the lumps before adding water it's fine. \n\nTastes much better than it smells (very slightly nutty), the easiest drinking unflavoured supplement I've ever had."

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- (02 / Jun / 2008)


"A bit disappointed because the glutamine is a bit moist and lumpy and its hard to mix. I bought it in a bag, I just wondering if I should have bought it in a container for better quality."

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- (12 / Feb / 2008)


Been on this for a week now. Add it to my Vanilla Whey Protein shakes. What a surprise when I found it tastes like Ovaltine!! No problem downing the shake. Tastes and mixes really well. Ordered 500g so got plenty to get through. Seems like it's working.

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- (21 / Aug / 2007)


"the glutamine peptide product is very good taken with a protein powder. \r\nIf taken with water it does not mix easily and tastes of yeast/flour. it is not a pleasant taste but not unpleasant. if you put it in you protein and use a shaker it mixes perfectly and you can't taste it.\r\nIn terms of its effectiveness, i found it to be equal to regular l glutamine. \r\nthe advantage of this is that its the same effectiveness at half the amount of regular glutamine."

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