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ELITE Hurricane Evo

HFL Batch Tested



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MP MAX® ELITE Hurricane Evo is a premium all-in-one sports supplement designed to promote gains in strength and size whilst supporting maximum exercise recovery. Packed with a unique combination of proteins, carbohydrates, Creatine, amino acids and HMB this formula provides the vital nutrients your body demands during intense periods of training. The protein blend will ensure a slow release of amino acids to encourage muscular growth and is provided in a visible ratio to ensure you know exactly what you're getting; 40% Milk Protein Concentrate, 30% Whey Concentrate and 30% Egg Albumen. The carbohydrate content, sourced solely from ultra fine oats, helps to provide a prolonged stream of energy for increased endurance. In order to further your exercise intensity we have also added Creatine, one of the most popular and successful muscle building ingredients on the market.

As with all products in the MP MAX ELITE® range, MP MAX® ELITE Hurricane Evo has been batch tested for WADA banned substances by HFL Sport Science under their INFORMED-SPORT programme, for additional peace of mind.

To augment the recovery process of your muscles, we have included a substantial serving of peptide bonded amino acids and HMB. Peptide bonded amino acids are rapidly assimilated and have been shown to enhance muscular recovery and muscular growth by drawing water into the muscle thus promoting glycogen synthesis. The growth of your muscles will also be supported by the presence of the anti-catabolic HMB. HMB has been proven to aid lean muscle growth by preventing protein breakdown and repairing muscle tissue after exercise. Finally, to push MP MAX® ELITE Hurricane Evo beyond any other all-in-one supplement, we have incorporated the amazing health benefits of Lactospore® and Digezyme®. Lactospore®, a pro-biotic enhancer, has been shown to develop the function of gastrointestinal organs, whilst Digezyme® can improve the digestive system and promote the absorption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Product Reviews - 3 reviews

- (15 / Nov / 2012)


"I wasn't a fan of the tate BUT it does exactly what you want it to do so if you just close your eyes and down it and then drink water, you'll be making all the gains! Wish it had a better taste though"

- (15 / Jun / 2011)


"Been using Elite Hurricane Evo along side BCAA+ & Alpha Men for about three weeks. Intermediate level weight training routine (3-4 times a week - heavy) and fairly strict high protein diet. With basic knowledge of supplements and being a hard gainer I wanted to use a powerful All-in-One protein shake. Used Maximuscle Cyclone for best part of three months and swapped over to Myprotein products due to good reviews. Ive seen excellent results, more energy, quicker recovery time, fantastic workout pump. Asthetically I look as though I have gained lean muscle but no physical proof as no actual weight increase but ive no doubt this will follow if I continue with this product with a long term review. Highly, highly recommend. Amazing product. Has a very strong de-hydrating effect, tastes average and very very poor mixing (recommend mixing with at least 450ml of water and leaving to sit for 5mins regularly shaking) but when results are this good i dont give a....."

- (19 / May / 2011)


"I have been using this for the best part of 3 weeks, and have definately seen results. I am also lifting heavier weights with more reps and shorter breaks inbetween sets as well as being able to push myself for longer without failure. Therefore i have noticed significant increase in lean mass over the last 3 weeks. The taste, well its not great, but who cares! Just neck it as quick as possible and shake as much as possible! At first its not to bad, but after a few days its vile. If you want good taste get a milkshake from Mc D's, and i think we all know what the results of that is! If you want an effective product that will provide great results buy this. Pricey, and doesnt last long at all for £40, but definately effective."

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