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Electrolytes Plus

  • Vegan


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Electrolytes Plus is a comprehensive blend of essential salts that help your body maintain hydration during exercise.

The natural response to exercise is for the body to heat up and begin sweating. Although this natural response helps keep the body cool, it also makes your body lose vital amounts of water. Within this water are a number of essential salts which are crucial for keeping your body balanced and allow normal function.

Replacing the salts you lose through sweating can help your levels of hydration as well as maintain the crucial balance of salts for normal bodily function. These salts help your co-ordination and also avoid issues such as cramp.

Product Reviews - 19 reviews

Would recomend

- (05 / Feb / 2014)


Use it for rugby to prevent cramp which would affect me quite significantly if i didn't. Works brilliantly and haven't suffered from cramp since i started taking it and is very easy to take. Would recommend.

Goes Well With:

Diluted Juice

Good product

- (07 / Dec / 2013)


Good after my sprints or running.


- (19 / Aug / 2013)


Electrolytes Plus have for to be the best electrolytes I have ever tried and I have tried powders that you mix and other tablets but none have been as effective as what MyProtein sell, these are excellent and easy to take no messing about and they do what they are meant to do. Would recommend these to anyone and will def be ordering these again

An easy source

- (27 / Jun / 2013)


I have been suffering from dehydration for some time. The answer to it, according to all the sources I investigated, was to replace my dwindling electrolytes. However this apparently meant boosting my intake of sugar and salt, and I have little taste for either, and certainly lack a sweet tooth. I was might relieved and pleased to find this product online, and ordered it immediately. Although it is only days since I began dosing with it, it seems to have begun to make a real difference. I'm very grateful for that, and will continue with it for as long as I have to.

Goes Well With:

All my other vitamin supplements, and a nice cup of tea!

Electrolytes Plus

- (28 / May / 2013)


I currently have low blood pressure and needed to increase by salt and minerals intake whilst I'm away on holiday. We have just returned from our holidays taking a Electrolytes Plus table daily and enjoyed the holiday.. was recommended by a colleague ,I would recommend your web site and your excellent/prompt service you provided.

Just Works

- (15 / Apr / 2013)


I recommend Electrolytes Plus wholeheartedly. I used to have races blighted by cramps then I discovered these. I managed a whole marathon yesterday without even a hint of cramp. For salty sweaters like me electrolyte drinks just don't replace enough salt. Just follow the instructions and wash down with plenty of water/sports drink. Even if you're mouth is dry and you have to chew them, the salty taste is no worse than an olive.

Best Version I've Found

- (06 / Mar / 2013)


I have problems retaining salt, so supplementation is essential for me and I get through a lot of it. Electrolytes Plus is perfect for keeping me hydrated, and at an excellent price. I didn't know how many stars to put for "Taste" as these are pills, but gave it 4 as while unpleasant if you don't get them down at once, they do just taste of salt, so they're nowhere near as bad as most pills for that. Recommended.

- (18 / Jul / 2012)


"I really rate these tablets, and much easier to consume than the powder. Being a distance runner I would often finish a race with terrible headaches and cramps due to an electrolyte imbalance, but I found that these have largely put a stop to that. I often premix them with water and squash to make my own 'isotonic' drinks and whilst there is invariably some residue (the caking agent?) remaining at the bottom of the bottle, I don't find this a problem, especially at this price! Ideally one would take the required amount about two hours before the exercise, to give time for the kidneys to process the salts. I also thing that the recommended dosage is a bit arbitrary; the amount you should take depends on your sweat profile and how much salt you lose in sweat. Overall, however, my favourite MP product by far!"

- (01 / Mar / 2012)


"Cheap, effective, convenient. Someone said these were hard to swallow, I disagree. Just wash them down with some water. Much simpler than the powder version."

- (07 / Feb / 2012)


"I used to get really bad headaches and sickness after things like an hour long Body Attack class, and no matter how much water i drank before, during and after, it wouldn't help. Anything high impact cardio and i'd really suffer. Since talking these its really helped. The pills are however a quite odd shape, and this makes them hard to swallow. sometimes they can jammed and i have to drink loads to get them to pass.... They dont taste nice when they start fizzing in your mouth due to constantly gagging them back up!! Over all though, they;re really good at what they claim to do."

- (26 / Sep / 2011)


I used to suffer horribly from cramps and headaches during and after playing sport. Since taking these pills (i normally take 2 before i play rugby and 1 after) i haven't suffered once from cramp. Also incredibly good at curing hangovers!

- (12 / May / 2011)


I do a lot of running and require the electrolytes as my recovery drink did not provide enough. These tablets are great except the way they are shaped. They are shaped like the cut out from the middle of a giant polo and the edges are very pointy which cause them to hurt when swallowed. Not sure why they couldnt be the same shape as a normal pill but other than that they are very good

- (11 / Aug / 2010)


"Taking electrolytes is essential during exercise - I found i was getting severe chest pains and had my heart checked out - nothing wrong- then i read an article in a running magazine - also, during a race i passed a fit looking young guy who had collapsed and if you'd looked at me and him you would have thought i would have been the more likely to collapse but i had taken an electrolyte drink with me - it was a very warm day - close to the summer solstice."

- (26 / Jul / 2010)


"I mountain bike. I used to get headaches after rides, even after drinking 3 litres of water during the ride and a litre after. I discovered my headaches were caused by lack of electrolytes. I tried salts in my water which worked well but tasted sh1t. I use the powder in my Camelbak, and If I start to feel a headache coming on, I pop one of these badd-bois. Best taken as a pill as they don't dissolve in water easily, use the powder for that. I wonder now if all headaches are due to lack of electrolytes, It's pointless drinking water if it doesn't contain any electrolytes, even if you drink water constantly, you will still dehydrate."

- (07 / May / 2010)


*edit* \nthats £33.75 every month... not 4 1/2 lol

- (07 / May / 2010)


at my muay thai gym they sell sachets of electrolytes for £1.50 each.. that would cost me at least £7.50 per week.. thats £33.75 every 4 1/2 months.. which is how long this bottle would last on the same training routine.. and it costs £6. \n\ you are amazing.

- (10 / Jan / 2009)


"Good value for money, helps stops the cramps, tablet is a little sharp and can be difficult to swallow."

- (11 / Apr / 2008)


Pain in the gym can be just something as simple as lack

- (17 / Dec / 2007)



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