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Electrolyte powder

Essential Salts

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Electrolytes help provide the electrical energy necessary for many functions within the human body, including nerve impulse transmission and myofibril contractions.

Our Electrolyte Powder is made up of the essential electrolytes; Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. When exercising, these nutrients are generally lost through sweating, especially when exercising in hot weather; excessive loss of electrolytes can severely impede performance.

The addition of electrolytes to a sports/carbohydrate drink can help maintain salt levels in the body and maintain proper hydration. Keeping a balance of electrolytes can help avoid cramp and dehydration whilst maintaining mental clarity and the ability to perform repetitive myofibril contractions.

A loss of just 2% of body weight through dehydration can dramatically impede and negatively affect your physical performance.

Product Reviews - 19 reviews

Nothing special

- (06 / Feb / 2014)


I'm sweating quit alot during my training so I thought these electrolytes could be benefitable for me. But I'm actually not feeling any difference at all. Maybe it would be better to review this product during the summer, where it is more hot? Or maybe it's just better to consume during cardio (I'm doing strength exercise/bodybuilding)? Anyways, it didn't have any effect on me (not something I could feel).

Goes Well With:

BCAA powder and other amino acids

Hydro pack friendly

- (26 / Jan / 2014)


Great stuff. I've started using it in my gym bottle as a cheaper alternative to sports drinks, but with better absorption than water. Perfect for long bike rides, and doesn't lead to mouldy hydro pack tubes (learned that lesson - never put sugary drinks in a hydration pack!). Initially didn't realise the difference between a mini scoop and a small scoop so was using way too much - if you can really taste it or it's not mixing properly, you're using too much.

Goes Well With:


Electro doctor

- (10 / Sep / 2013)


Twice in my running career my body has lost too many electrolytes and I have been in serious trouble. I never want to go there again. Once was on the last day of the Marathon des Sables and the other was in the mountains of Tasmania. Hyponatremia is no joke but long before that stage of electrolyte imbalance, your performance is badly impaired. My Protein Electrolyte Powder is the prevention and the cure. The only problem is that it is so salty. Ha ha. Funny that! This formula is concentrated and so it is easy to put too much in your mix so that it is too salty. Once I had cut back to a much smaller amount I have had no problems and everything is good. Cruising on.

Goes Well With:

It needs some honey or good juice to balance out the saltiness.

Works well for cramp!

- (26 / Aug / 2013)


I suffer from cramp in my hands, fingers, thighs, calves and feet, especially after intense exercise. I've tried various things in the past, but Myprotein's Electrolyte powder seems to do the trick with a 100% success rate so far! I have given the product a 4 because the taste isn't its best attribute, and it needs to be mixed in something you don't mind drinking. I currently have it in a cup of fruit tea made up of 500ml with cold water, 2 tsps of sugar and 1/4 tsp of electrolyte powder added.

Goes Well With:

Cranberry & Blood Orange Tea.

- (15 / Aug / 2013)


This Electrolyte powder is awesome! There is a salty taste however that's the nature of electrolytes and when mixed with orange juice it is unnoticeable.

- (02 / Aug / 2013)


Electrolyte powder works well and helps me to stay hydrated.

does the job

- (15 / Apr / 2013)


Electrolyte powder is a nice product that helps me keep my body hydrated.

Goes Well With:


Be Careful

- (23 / Mar / 2013)


Be very careful with this powder as it is possible to overdose on electrolytes. I added this to a few glasses of water the day of receiving and was violently sick for 4 days afterwards. When consulting the doctor, he believed taking this supplement was to blame. Apparently, higher overdoses can have severe consequences. So although this isn't a bad product in any sense, I just advise you to use with great caution.


- (18 / Mar / 2013)


Mix Electrolyte powder with your protein drink and it'll go down fine

Goes Well With:

flavoured protein

- (03 / Jul / 2012)


"Great product. Those that say it doesn't mix are using too much powder, from personal experience 1 gram mix well even in cool water (which has a lower saturation point). As for the taste, most think it's disgusting on here but for some reason I have no issue with the taste-all electrolyte powders taste the same anyway. If using squash that's quite sour this powder actually makes the taste more neutral and easier to drink. Must buy for those that sweat a lot during exercise, I think electrolytes are more essential than protein itself. Nearly. No side-effects whatsoever!"

- (19 / May / 2012)


"Electrolyte powder:It's cheap, but it doesn't stay in solution, it doesn't taste very nice & I'm not definitely sure it's much more hydrating than water. Service/delivery perfect as always."

- (01 / Mar / 2012)


"Gave a poor score for mixability as this should dissolve 100% (being electrolytes) but seems to be mixed with some non-soluble filler (I'm making the assumption that its the stuff they use to compress them into tablets). Its a bit of a hassle messing around with the powder, just buy the tablets. Much more convenient."

- (23 / Jul / 2011)


Taste is awful. I'm one to just put up and shut up but this made me feel ill. Going back to Tri Carb.

- (07 / Jul / 2011)


I think this is an essential - especially if you sweat as much as I do (Niagara Falls of the forehead anyone?). Mix it with bog standard Robinson's squash and you effectively have a cheaper and better version of many of the 'Isotonic' drinks on the market. Also great for hang-overs I should add...

- (14 / Apr / 2011)


"Great for making sports drinks at home. For the reviewer above, I use a 1g of citric acid per litre of liquid to counteract the taste. I also tried natural lemon flavouring, it's good but not as good as citric acid at masking."

- (10 / Dec / 2009)


"Brilliant for electrolyte loss recovery in summer rugby league, also brilliant for reducing hangover if you take it in the morning and even better if you can remember to have some before you pass out in a drunken heap, that's if you drink & I don't obviously"

- (15 / Aug / 2009)


Very strong salty taste that could potentially ruin the taste of a drink you put it with. Even so much as 1/8th of a teaspoon is very noticable.Does anyone know any flavourings I could use to counter its taste?

- (17 / Dec / 2008)


"I compared the electrolytes in this with those in isotonic drinks. Not only are there more minerals, there is ten times more of them.\nThe mix could be better - much of the powder just remains in suspension. Neat, the taste is barely noticeable.\nHighly recommend this product.\nOne gripe: I ordered 500g it came in 500g-capacity containers, but with only 100g in each. A bit ecologically wasteful."

- (30 / Mar / 2007)


"Hey! Finally it is here and it does exactly what it says on the label! Good-bye to cramps, headaches nausea and blurred vision. Add you favourite carb according to training plan and heat and off you go until the fail. Highly recommended. And no, sports drinks do not have to be blue red or green to work. Guess this will make the likes of Luc***** etc sweat. Lets hope they have a good electrolyte :-) Bye for now. (PS: And no, only cooking salt does not do the trick. At least not for me.)"

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