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Cod Liver Oil



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Cod Liver Oil is a rich source of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. These two essential fatty acids have been shown to support a number of health related functions. Cod Liver Oil is also a good source of Vitamin D.

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are both long chain fatty acids that have been shown to provide a number of health benefits including; reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, improved immune function and reduce inflammation. They also provide the basic building blocks for nerve tissue and brain cells. As a majority of people struggle to consume sufficient amounts of essential fatty acids in their normal diet, Cod Liver Oil supplementation may be crucial.

As sunshine and sunlight are the main sources of Vitamin D production, a large proportion of people tend to consume Cod Liver Oil in the winter months when there is less chance of exposure to the sun. However, if you lack Vitamin D in general it may be advisable to supplement with Cod Liver Oil throughout the year. Our Cod Liver Oil also contains Vitamin A which has been shown to support healthy skin, hair and nails whilst the Vitamin E content acts as an antioxidant.

Our Cod Liver Oil is sourced from the unpolluted fisheries of Iceland, ensuring you receive the highest quality available in its purest form. We do not use deodorised oil.

Product Reviews - 13 reviews

- (05 / Jan / 2014)


Basic cod liver ol tablet, low cost


- (08 / Aug / 2013)


Cod liver oil is essential for use with any kind of intense workout. You won't find better value for money than this product from my protein.

- (08 / Aug / 2013)


Good delivery and description of item!

Just excellent

- (29 / Jul / 2013)


I have a family history of OA, and these simple Cod Liver Oil capsules are easy to take, with no hassle. Taking them surly makes me feel good, at least. On top of that, it's way cheaper than other kinds. It's recommended.

Great product

- (18 / Jun / 2013)


Excellent value for money, excellent quality, would definitely buy again!

Essential supplement for any lifestyle, active or not

- (01 / May / 2013)


I've been taking Cod Liver Oil for about 6 months and I have definitely noticed subtle differences. First of all, my joints feel stronger and less prone to irritation after heavy work. The Vitamin A and Vitamin D are great for healthy skin and bones, and even though this may be a placebo effect, the old brain seems to be working a bit better too! It's the best price I've seen anywhere for these capsules too, and they are just as high quality, if not better, than pricey high street brands.

Goes Well With:

Anything, I have mine with breakfast.

Going well so far

- (23 / Apr / 2013)


This Cod Liver Oil is in the form of tasteless, easy to swallow capsules. It's too early to tell if they're making a difference to training and recovery yet!


- (12 / Apr / 2013)


What more could you ask for? It's an effective, reasonably priced supplement, that's easy to swallow and in my experience, doesn't have the fishy 'after-burps' you can get from other similar products. Defiantly recommended.

In some cases 50% cheaper than other brands

- (10 / Apr / 2013)


I have issues with joints and my hips but since taking these I've noticed an excellent response in movement without aches. I definitely recommend these.

Goes Well With:

vitamins and caffiene pro

Cod Liver Oil

- (29 / Mar / 2013)


I take Cod Liver Oil daily. I know it's good for me so I'll keep taking them!

Great product

- (19 / Mar / 2013)


Great product and much cheaper than most high street shops.

- (17 / Dec / 2009)


"I usually buy the Omega 3 oil but bought this when the Omega 3 was out of stock. Fish oils are one of the few supplements I consider absolutely essential and this is a quality product for a very reasonable price. If you're at all interested in your health, you should invest in this."

- (11 / Sep / 2009)


"I've not tried this product. But, thought people might find this useful (from the forum page:\n.\nVitamin A & D in each capsule is 100% RDA, per capsule: Vitamin A : 800mcg, Vitamin D: 5mcg.\n"

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