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CLA Powder

Conjugated Linoleic Acid



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Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in dairy and beef products. It has been the subject of numerous studies which suggest it is an extremely effective supplement for reducing body fat.

It is suggested that CLA can help your body prioritise fat burning when it is in need of energy, which can lead to a reduction in your stored levels of body fat, whilst sparing carbohydrate and protein stores. Whilst the studies on CLA do not show a full understanding on how it works, they do recognise that it can help lower body fat whilst promoting lean tissue growth.

As a powerful antioxidant CLA has also been shown to assist in the fight against free radicals and other harmful toxins. This can reduce the signs of ageing whilst also helping your body run at its optimal levels.

Product Reviews - 19 reviews

Taste is some what

- (13 / Feb / 2014)


The taste is definitely not the greatest, the smell reminds me of paint and that same smell is the same taste you get. I mix it with chocolate soy protein and it mixes perfectly well, no issues on that front, but you can still taste the CLA through the protein. Noticed the love handles vanish a little bit. Would most likely get again, just be prepared for an odd taste.

Goes Well With:

Soy Protein + HMB

- (15 / Dec / 2013)


Taste isn't great, but you soon get used to it. After a couple of weeks (mixed into my main protein shake) I dont even notice the taste anymore. I'm not sure how effective it is as a weight loss supplement, however it seems like it is helping me add a small amount of extra mass, giving my muscles a nice little 'pop'

Goes Well With:

Impact Diet Whey


- (29 / Oct / 2013)


great if you dont like or cannot take tablet form. Taste is okay if mixing with fruit juice or something similar - would not take on owen with water. Would buy again.

- (07 / Oct / 2013)


I can't tell of the effects just yet, but it seems to have some or little effect, but it has a weird taste, that you just have to get used to. Nothing bad if you just swallow without enjoying..

5 star

- (28 / Aug / 2013)


CLA Powder is very good, it gives you extra strength.

Goes Well With:



- (13 / Aug / 2013)


Great for Vegetarians who cannot consume the gelatine capsules nor if you want to swallow large pills. You can also eat it without mixing it with water, the taste is not that bad! I would recommend it.

Excellent product

- (29 / Jun / 2013)


I started using CLA Powder on recommendation from a friend while cutting - it really works! It mixes very well, taste is not brilliant but is definitely very manageable.

Goes Well With:

Water, soya milk, almond milk

Good Product

- (29 / Jun / 2013)


I've been using CLA Powder for over 6 months now and I do feel the difference. This is recommended, the taste however isn't great yet I got used to it!

Great product

- (08 / Jun / 2013)


Only been using CLA Powder for a week and I can feel the difference already. It doesn't mix very well, gets a bit lumpy, but if you mix it with juice the awful taste is masked. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to cut weight, you do still need to keep a good diet though. If you don't and you try and use this as a quick fix, it will not work.

Goes Well With:


myprotein cla

- (06 / May / 2013)


This CLA Powder is a good, standard product. It does what it says.

- (30 / Apr / 2013)


CLA Powder is a fantastic product, if you can get over the bitter chemical taste that seems to overpower almost everything I have tried mixing it with. Personally I find the taste seems to linger also and feels chalky. Instead of incorporating it into my regular supplement shakes, I just mix it separately with a small quantity of milk and some green tea extract. It works for me.

Goes Well With:

For me, nothing. Use a small quantity of water or milk.

go soft

- (16 / Mar / 2013)


I previously had the soft-tabs, but needed to save money. After reading this CLA Powder unflavoured, I didn't actually check the ingredients until after receiving the bag. As this product is only 50% CLA - 2.5g of CLA per 5g of product, the remainder been sweetener, this works out £8 more expensive then the soft-tabs per 250g of CLA, but with all the hassle of mixing and storing a powder. Otherwise, CLA seems to help me stay low fat. This product has only a mild taste, so no problems there.


- (25 / Feb / 2013)


I would not recommend this if it's your intention to mix it with a shake. The horrible taste renders any flavour virtually undrinkable. Results are good with CLA but I'm having to investigate other ways of consuming the remaining powder I have.

Goes Well With:


CLA powder

- (14 / Feb / 2013)


CLA powder has no taste! I need to order my second pack. I mix it in warm water or warm milk, it mixes perfectly and has no taste as well. It works well, especially if you like the occasional fats i.e. butter, biscuits, cakes. You have to have a good diet and have CLA, but a cheat day is good to keep cravings away. I have it 3 times a day and I am loving it, especially before I go to gym. I have a lot of energy! It's good stuff!

- (08 / Nov / 2012)


"Have gone through numerous CLA powders from many suppliers, and this by far is the best. Ignore what people say about taste...because who cares? Its CLA powder from my Protein, not a Steak from a 5* restaurant...the potency of this product is the best I've had, and it really helps with cutting fat! "

- (05 / Jul / 2012)


"Received it today, intrigued to know what it tasted like after the reviews! ...It hardly tastes of anything. If you think CLA powder tastes bad you should try BCAA or HMB powder. Haven't notice any effects yet.....mind you, i've only had one dosage haha."

- (10 / Apr / 2012)


Cla is effective. Usually get tabs but thought id try the powder and just add it Into my shakes. Safe to say i will be sticking to tabs as it is one of The worst tasting things to ever grace my stomach.

- (26 / Jan / 2012)


"I have only just started using this so can't comment on its results, but one things for sure it is one of the most vile things to ever pass my lips. Tried it with water and promised myself never again, so mixed with juice and it helped mask the flavour. So the stronger the juice the less you can taste it which is a good thing. Plus side it mixes ok. I will leave further feedback in a couple of weeks with its results which I hope are worth it."

- (16 / Dec / 2011)


"I haver been using CLA for a while now and although its a different more expensive brand the ingredient profile is practically identical. With that said the only part f this review that info will be applied to is the Effectiveness. CLA doesnt MIX very very well in liquid. It always leaves a little froth which some people may find unpleasant texture-wise. The TASTE however is quite milky, almost like the dust off the old fashion milk bottles. Taking this into consideration for those that may find the mixability an issue, you can always sprinkle/dust CLA over food. It has a pleasant and mild taste and will go almost unnoticed. The effectiveness for CLA is well documented. I wont go into the research but this brilliant product has shown to decrease body fat whilst increasing lean mass... All without any other intervention. This means its a must for ALL athletes/practitioners of good health. HOWEVER - to be effective CLA should be taken regularly for quite a few weeks to be effective. Research shows 8 weeks minimum - now at £16.99 for 250g this is AMAZING value for money. So if you cant afford Grass fed meat and want to take advantage of this great opportunity, jump on - CLA has worked for me and I will definitely be buying from MP again."

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