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Citrulline Malate




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Citrulline Malate is a unique combination of the amino acid citrulline and the organic salt malate that offers athletes a potential method of improving performance, delaying fatigue and accelerating recovery. It is particularly useful for people involved in high intensity exercise such as weight lifting and sprinting.

Citrulline aids in the removal of toxins such as lactic acid and ammonia, which are by-products of intense physical activity, protein metabolism and catabolic states. Unfortunately, these by-products can seriously hamper exercise performance but Citrulline can go some way to reducing their effects.

Citrulline Malate can be used with Taurine to produce excellent pump and vascularity.

Product Reviews - 19 reviews

citralline malate

- (20 / Jan / 2014)


very good product, excellent pumps, and energy especially for full body workouts taste: very sour but enjoyable and mixes easy use in doses of 6-10g (3g in morning, 6g pre workout) combined with creatine and a pre workout for excellent pumps and energy also recovery improved but this may have been due to the combination of citralline mate and bcaa ......once again myprotein delivers another great product with value for money

Goes Well With:

creatine bcaa pre workout drink

Best I've come across

- (30 / Sep / 2013)


This is the best Citrulline Malate I've come across. I have tried a few brands now and others tend to clump up and taste extremely acidic. This mixes well, stays in soft powder form, and doesn't taste anywhere near as strong.

unbeatable 5 star.

- (20 / Aug / 2013)


Citrulline Malate is first class as advertised. It increases energy for all your workouts and aids recovery.

Goes Well With:

mct powder

Citrulline Malate

- (21 / May / 2013)


I decided to take this Citrulline Malate as a precursor to argine to help with my circulation, and to help my small scale weight training. I've had no noticeable side effects and it doesn't taste too bad just neat in some water - it's like a sharp lemon taste. It's still a bit early but I have felt some benefit in that the training and cycling have felt easier and my circulation has improved. I will continue to use it before exercise.

Goes Well With:

Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass and Maca

Well worth it!

- (20 / May / 2013)


This Citrulline Malate is a great add on to any pre-workout. It gives an awesome pump everytime and it is cheaper than all the pump products out there! And with most pre-workouts not using a suitable dose of citruline malate, using this lets you choose how much you want, so you know you are getting the right dose! This is well recommended!

Goes Well With:

Any pre-workout

- (29 / Oct / 2012)


"Having used this many years ago and remembering how well it worked,i chose recently to use again. Fantastic ability in allowing me to train easily for 1hr hardcore! Cardiovascularly makes a big difference in myself and coupled with creapure im getting some amazing pumps...The t-shirt i wear is loose around the arms and after 15mins of training,,ie back etc (not even arms directly) the t-shirts is tight around the Absolutely crazy....!!...So for me it works without any doubts whatsoever ever!....Search which ammount works for i mix 2.5g or heap it to 3.5g mixed with 2.5g creapure and thats what lets me train. Also worth mentioning i suffer with fibromyalgia/cfs. It's a remarkable supplement that allows me to train where i simply cant without it."

- (11 / Sep / 2011)


"The pre-cursor to beta alanine with more instant effects very useful supplement for that extra boost in the gym. Taken with caffeine and beta alanine pre-workout in the following amounts it makes for an awesome pre-workout: 3-6g beta alanine, 2-4g citrulline malate, 100mg-300mg caffeine If you are ligther (sub 150lbs) or female take on the lower side If you are male and above 150lbs take closer to the upper amounts"

- (31 / Mar / 2010)


after just 2 days i was running a lot further without feeling the tiredness and doing a lot more reps in the gym. i would advise

- (13 / Jan / 2010)


"I've been taking this regularly for 2 weeks now, having become sick (literally) of NO Xplode.\nCitrulline is a much better alternative, and I'd encourage anyone to make the switch.\nI add to my pre-work out drink and it's hardly noticeable apart from a slight grittyness if I haven't mixed it properly.\nIt's a very natural feeling boost, and doesn't leave you shaking like a crack wh*re on the come-up and the come-down"

- (03 / Dec / 2009)


More refined powder than when I purchased this same product 18 months ago. I put into capsules and find it a very good supplement and is very cost effective compared to comparable companies products.

- (25 / Nov / 2009)


"i have found using this along with creapure, maltodextrine and dextrose is amazing for bulking."

- (27 / Jul / 2009)


"Everyone seems to give 5/5 for every product they use - that means its the perfect supplement!\n\nThis stuff is good, so 3.5/5 is a fair reflection."

- (26 / Nov / 2008)


"Helped a bit, got a few more reps out, but im not totally convinced. I suggest Pulse over this.\n\nIt is pretty sour/sharp, so i suggest mixing it with something other than lemon squash."

- (06 / Jul / 2008)


"I am a conditioned athlete, and have been hitting the wall for some time now. This stuff just punched a progress-sized hole through it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have always been cynical about supplementing, but Amino acids are the way and the truth if you want the body beautiful, and this stuff is the jewel in the crown. Take with 5g of Taurine, give it a fortnight (maybe less if you're lucky) and unleash the animal in you. Top drawer amino acid."

- (19 / Apr / 2008)


"I have a flushed face, all my viens are out and in the gym the pump is amazing. I will fill you in in 6 weeks but I think its working. I mix mine with Ginko herb.I am a Human Biology & Sport exercise student so I don't buy suppliments unless there is solid evidence behind them.\n\n"

- (16 / Apr / 2008)


This has been shown to be more effective than any in boosting NO! Bitter. Will review in a few weeks!!\n\n

- (12 / Apr / 2008)


"Good product, my views are in line and consistent to the previous reviews re training and pump etc. I put my powder in 00 size capsules as I prefer this way of taking the product however be aware that if you do this it will take more time than normal as I found the product chalky and hard and required to be shaved with a knife before it turns into a finer powder."

- (11 / Apr / 2008)


I just started on this. Service is good. Expect it to be clumpy due to the nature of the product.\n\n5% of your first order use MP24735

- (22 / Sep / 2007)


"this supp is great improves vascularity and performance noticeably, especially in cardio. Also helps you get out those last few reps, I also noticed slightly faster recovery times taking this twice on work out and rest days.\n It even tastes nice."

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