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Chromium Picolinate

Trace Mineral

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan


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Chromium is a trace mineral that is required by the body for normal growth and development. Chromium Picolinate is one of the most potent forms of Chromium and is often used by those looking to control blood sugar metabolism for weight control.

Studies suggest that Chromium Picolinate may help reduce body fat as well as increasing lean body mass, which makes it a particularly popular supplement with those looking to 'watch their weight'.

Chromium Picolinate is also a very popular product amongst the athletic community due to its important role in blood sugar productivity. It promotes glycogen storage in muscles, enhances protein synthesis, and stimulates fat formation in fatty tissues. A deficiency in Chromium would, therefore cause a severe limitation in athletic performance.

Product Reviews - 19 reviews


- (17 / Feb / 2014)


Bought this product as my usual l carnitine wasn't in stock, I read the reviews and was a bit sceptical. I usually get a craving around tea time so anyways I took the pill in the morning and come tea time no craving, I've no idea how it works but it works!

- (07 / Feb / 2014)


I like that the tablets are really small because truly I HATE to swallow pills/tabletts..... I've started my healthy diet and fitness programm 2 weeks ago. I've totally changed my diet from super unhealthy ( a LOT of sugar, bad fat and wrong carbs) to super healthy (Zero Sugar, a min. Salt, Zero chemicals, no pastry just super clean healthy food). I also took the Chromium tablets and I really had no cravings but in my second week I didn't took them and had also Zero cravings. So I can't really tell if it's because of the Chromium or is my mind really that strong or is it because of the healthy diet. I really don't know but I've read just positive reviews about it. And for that price I think it worth's a try.

Goes Well With:

Water, Organic Juice, Tea

Great craving killer

- (27 / Jan / 2014)


I recently switched to a low carb diet and the sugar cravings were killing me! My PT told me to try taking this to balance out my blood-sugar levels. I don't know the science behind it, but it really worked - I've stopped getting sugar cravings and peaks & troughs in my energy levels. I'd strongly recommend it to anyone trying a low carb diet or who just wants to kick a sugar habit.

Chromium Picolinate

- (19 / Nov / 2013)


Very good and helps to stop sugar cravings.

My goal is within reach thanks to these!

- (14 / Nov / 2013)


I have been using these Chromium Picolinate for nearly two weeks, it has definitely curbed my want for sweet things and this is noticeable for me as I am a sweet addict! For the price of these and the amount you get it is just worth a try, these along with CLA, carb blockers and diet whey protein has led me to lose a steady 5lb in nearly two weeks with the gym 3-4 times a week as I am only looking to lose a stone. I feel these have really helped me to reach for healthier fulfilling foods instead of a chocolate bar. It's a good staple to add to the CLA carb blockers and protein (also bought off here), they work well together.

Goes Well With:

CLA, Carb blockers, Diet whey protein, Gym

- (09 / Oct / 2013)


I have been using for a few weeks now and feel that is helping, but will need to use it for a few more weeks to be really sure. But in combination with the other products that I am using all I can say it fabUlose It is so lovely to be taking products that actually work and work so well so fast. Also in saying that my sugar intake has decreased and I am losing weight which is why I am doing all this. so YES YEs love it and will continue to use in combination with my other purchases because it is working and in a few weeks I have noticed and my family have notice my weight going down.

Goes Well With:

Thermopure Impact Diet Whey Carb Blocker L Carnitine CLA

Sweet-tooth no more

- (08 / Oct / 2013)


I can't give a complete review just because I have only just started using this, what I can say however is I'm normally chewing sweets left right and center but since taking this product I have cut down drastically. One tiny pill with a drink in the morning is all it takes, can't even feel it goin down its that small and tasteless. Would recommend this if you have a craving for sweets like I have and want to do something about it.

Goes Well With:

a nice drink in the morn'

worth a try

- (25 / Sep / 2013)


I've been taking this for a week now and I can honestly say I've noticed a difference in sugary cravings. i have'nt got the sweetest of tooth but it has definitely had a effect on me.

Goes Well With:

green tea extract

Reduces sugar cravings..

- (09 / Sep / 2013)


I use Chominum Picolinate for a month now. It works perfectly to maintain my diet and gives my body the essencial trace mineral which is necessary for normal muscle developement. It helps controll blood sugar too so can reduce cravings. Fits perfectly into a weight loss regime as an additional supplement.

Goes Well With:

CLA, Thermopure, Impact Diet Whey

Mish review

- (18 / Jul / 2013)


These Chromium Picolinate are small easy to swallow tablets. It works well at suppressing appetite. I received super fast delivery.

- (10 / Jul / 2013)


I've been using it for a couple of weeks and can't really notice any difference with sugar cravings - ok I don't have many these days, but that may be down to my diet and mind set, as im hardly eating any sugar or sugary foods. Can't comment on it's usage regarding aiding weight control as I'm on a pretty lean diet and using other supps for that such as thermopure. However it is 1 very small tablet a day and it's pretty tasteless.

Chromium Picolinate

- (09 / Jul / 2013)


Chromium Picolinate is a useful aid in keeping lean.

Not sure!

- (03 / Jul / 2013)


Not sure about this product. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and can't really notice any difference with sugar cravings. Some people have said the thought of chocolate is horrid after taking this but I can't say I've noticed that! I have definitely eaten less sugary things lately but I'm not convinced it's down to this product. Great value though so worth a try!


- (24 / Jun / 2013)


I purchased these Chromium Picolinate tablets to assist me with my diet. I have taken one a day for the past 2 weeks, and my cupboard at home is full of the family treats, and I have not taken one item from the cupboard. I take one a day with food and I'm also taking the CLA tablets. I work out 2 - 3 times a week, and I'm losing the weight with the assistance of these tablets.

Goes Well With:

CLA tablets.


- (23 / Jun / 2013)


The first day I took Chromium Picolinate was my birthday. I had planned on buying myself a caramel frappuccino that day. I went to town and really didn't fancy one, which for me is strange. I have such a sweet tooth but didn't even want cake, I'm very impressed.

- (16 / May / 2013)


Helped with my sweet crazing which was useful for dieting. Tasteless and easy to swallow.

Great product

- (30 / Apr / 2013)


Since I've been taking Chromium Picolinate, my cravings for junk food and sweets have decreased dramatically. No more biscuits and crisps! I am taking it along with green tea and CLA, and I feel great!

excellent appetite suppressor

- (03 / Apr / 2013)


I was astonished at how good an appetite suppressor Chromium Picolinate was. This combined with a green tea extract, B-12 extract and rose hip tablets had me burning the pounds at an astonishing rate when I was training and using them. I will definitely be concocting this little mix again. Thank you guys for managing to keep the price so low on such an astonishing product, well done.

Goes Well With:

Green tea extract, Rose hip tablet, B-12 Extract

- (13 / Apr / 2012)


"Taste is fine. Ever since taking this I don't have any craving for junk food at all, actually if i go near junk food it makes me feel sick! For the price and how much you get is ridiculous! For £11, this will last you a year! A year without eating junk food and no craving for junk food for £11?! Can't rate this enough!!"

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