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Apple Fibre

With apple pectin



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Apple Fibre is a super fine powder with subtle apple taste and a high content of insoluble and soluble dietary fibre. Made from 100% dried apples the soluble fibre content helps absorb water from the digestive tract, increase the size of the stool whilst normalising its transit time through the bowel.

Studies have shown that Apple Fibre, when used as part of a calorie controlled diet, can help enhance weight loss. The fibre has a mild appetite suppressing effect by providing a sense of fullness and improves the process of digestion and elimination by stimulating healthy bowel functioning.

The pectin in Apple Fibre helps to normalise the levels of fats in the blood stream. Research shows that Apple Fibre taken each day can have the effect of reducing total cholesterol by up to 10% in people with elevated cholesterol levels.

Warning: Without drinking enough liquid the product may swell in the throat, causing blockage or choking. Avoid use if you ever had oesophageal narrowing or swallowing difficulties.

Product Reviews - 25 reviews

Does the job but dont taste too good.

- (01 / Jan / 2014)


Great for doing what its meant to do, but the taste aint too good by itself with water. You have to swallow it fast with a little water kinda like taking powder medicine but with a hint of apple flavour. Also no scoop so you have to measure out the 3-4 grams per day so a spoonful is a guess??? But saying that its just a little to swallow with each meal.

Goes Well With:


- (13 / Nov / 2013)


This Apple Fibre does what is says, it mixes very easily and you don't taste it in a smoothie or shake.


- (07 / Nov / 2013)


I've been using it every morning and evening for 3 days now and I love it! I didn't think I would get results so quickly so that is definitely a + in my books, so I would definitely say to anybody, get it. you wont regret it! Also, I know its only been 3 days, but I seem to have lost 3lb since I started it.. don't know if that's a coincidence.. haven't been to the gym for a couple of days but diets still clean... anyway, it works.. get it in!

Goes Well With:

water,oat bran and protein shakes.

Excellent fibre

- (15 / Oct / 2013)


I started using this only a few days ago as I didn't have enough fibre in my diet. I used Inulin which is difficult to mix in water and having read the reviews on this product I haven't yet tried it as a drink. However as a few suggested I have mixed it with my porridge in the mornings with cranberrys and banana. There is no taste of it that I can tell, it doesn't thicken the porridge too much. It definetly fills you up, first day I couldn't finish the bowl! And the effect of the fibre? First class, without going into detail it does exactly what fibre should. No stomach cramps either which is a big plus for me. Thoroughly recommend this fibre, will definetly be buying more though am only using a teaspoon of it so should last a while. I also as MP advise drink more water than I would have using this product.

Goes Well With:

Porridge and fruit

- (26 / Aug / 2013)


I add this Apple Fibre to my protein drinks and it keeps me regular.

Apple Fibre

- (20 / Aug / 2013)


I mix this Apple Fibre with milkshake. It tastes a little bitter but a works wonders. I will be ordering further supplies.

Great Product

- (15 / Jul / 2013)


We are using this Apple Fibre with our clients to increase their fibre intake (mixed into a green drink) for drinking during intermittent fasting. It mixes well and has a neutral taste. It's a great product!

- (10 / Jul / 2013)


Mixes well. I have strawberry, it tastes good. Sustained lean tissue no worries.

Goes Well With:


Easy way to add fibre

- (22 / Jun / 2013)


I mix Apple Fibre in porridge with protein powder, 0% greek yoghurt and blueberries - no problem. It mixes well (need to add a little more water as it does swell up), slight apple taste (surprise, surprise) and it's easy! I ran out and noticed the difference (I won't go into details!) so I'm ordering 2 lots this time!

Goes Well With:

Impact Whey Protein (Vanilla)

Apple Fibre

- (13 / May / 2013)


This Apple Fibre mixes well. The taste isn't great with water. It's better in fruit juice.

- (08 / May / 2013)


Apple Fibre is a great product, it mixes very well. It gives you satisfaction if you're looking for some extra fibre. The taste is not really good, but if you mix it with some 'stronger' juice, then it's fine.


- (19 / Mar / 2013)


Apple Fibre is a brilliant product for filling you up when cutting up.

Goes Well With:

ultra fine oats and superfoods.

- (16 / Jun / 2012)


Well I'm not one to moan on about taste/mixability but oh god this one is like chugging back mud (with a slight apple tinge))! It's the nature of the beast though (read: INSOLUBLE fibre)... By heck it works however -I tried a fast day and had a couple of scoops throughout day and it totally ridded me of rumbling stomach when usually would have been griping in agony! Not used long but the best appetite suppressant I've ever tried by a country mile! However due to the dread of getting down the hatchett hadn't used for a couple of days but a breakthrough this morning... -COOK UP YOUR PORRIDGE IN THE MORNING AND THEN STIR IN A SCOOP -you will barely notice it in the slightest! Perhaps make initially a little more watery as it thickens things up but I had blueberries in there this morning and it all just tasted like fruity goodness. I'll be employing this tactic every morning now methinks

- (30 / May / 2012)


"beware tastes horrible when mixed with water, however is soo much easier to consume with a shake, i have this mixed with my total protein shake- its much more easier to consume "

- (21 / Apr / 2012)


"One of the best products from MP, add 2 tsp to a protiein shake and shake... One of the best appetite suppressants I've tried... "

- (10 / Apr / 2012)


"I bought this as i didn't feel i was getting enough fibre in my diet (i'm on a low carb diet at the moment). This supplement really does work for me. Keeps things nice and regular, and also helps with suppressing my appetite. I have, up until today, been mixing this with water and squash. It doesn't dissolve at all well in water, but it's drinkable nonetheless (knock it back quick i say!). Slight taste of apple. However, for a change today i thought i would mix things up and have a go with milk........bobs your uncle it mixes like a dream! Who's have thunk it eh?! I definitely will be ordering more of this."

- (04 / Nov / 2011)


"I bought this as I'm on a low carb diet. Wanted to make sure I was getting enough fibre and don't care much about taste, though I didn't want to end up with something so horrible I could not stomach it. This did not disappoint, don't notice it much in my unflavoured impact whey, other than there being small bits, but it dose say in the description ""insoluble and soluble"" so no one should be surprised. And if your buying it for the flavour, then you got the wrong product. But what I Like the most about this is, it does a good job of suppressing my apatite, I have diet pills and they don't really suppress my apatite much, but with 2 small scoops of this, I can almost forget about food for hours.. Would recommend for those on a diet. "

- (24 / Feb / 2011)


"Has no taste, does not taste like apple, anyone who thinks it does is clearly drinking something else. when mixed solely with water it has a bland taste, doesn't really taste of anything, it's not the taste that gets to me, it's the texture, it's like drinking grit, if it mixed into the water and dissolved it would be good, but I guess that's the whole point of fibre, it has to actually be non liquid. add some flavourings too it MyProtein, some natural apple flavourings, if the taste was good I wouldn't be bothered about the texture, and if the texture was good, I wouldn't be bothered about the taste, so at least fix one of them."

- (02 / May / 2010)


"Actually I don't know what you're complaining about regarding taste. It actually GOT a mild apple taste, although you must not expect some apple-drink-synthetic-aroma taste. It's mildly sweet and sour and you get a mild notion of apples in my opinion, but it's not a soft drink. That's why I think it actually IS refreshing.BUT I have to stir at least a minute (always changing direction of stirring) to eliminate the little jellyish bits. Can have something meditative )"

- (04 / Apr / 2010)


"This product does not taste of Apples, is it as good compared to other Fibre prducts, I am not sure. I believe in taking lots of Fibre to see off hunger as it adds bulk without calories, but think are there alternatives. Try Soya fibre, its good too."

- (08 / Feb / 2010)


"Love this stuff best fibre by far easy to mix in shakes doesnt change to texture, and well just all round awsome, so why did it drop half a star, well becasue they dropped the 1kg bag, boo hiss.\n\nLoving the stuff myp, just want more of it."

- (10 / Jan / 2010)


Just started on this supplement yesterday and it pushed whatever I had stuck iside me right through. But the thing does not mix at all. There were jellyish bits floating in my drink that would not disolve. I will try to take it all in a single glass of water today. Very odd as I tried other fiber supplements before and they mixed in withouth leaving any bits or taste in the water.

- (27 / Feb / 2009)


"I have been using Apple Fibre for about 6 months now and it definitely helps out with keeping you 'regular'. It also helps suppress appetite. I have some every morning but be sure to drink loads of water with this. You can become constipated without it!\n\nIt doesn't taste like apples at all though and is a brown powder. Chuck it into your PreWO or morning shake, you will barely notice it."

- (17 / Feb / 2009)


"I use the Apple fiber to make my own detoxing shake mixed with organic apple juice and psyllium husk. Also with some bentonite clay and organic ginger powder. Especially while dieting, twice a day staves off any hunger, keeps the bowel movements regular and 'clean'. I love this product and love even more that makes it available for consumers. Thanks. Lina"

- (29 / Dec / 2008)


"Although it does what it says on the tin, the taste of apple fibre isn't remotely apple-ish. I was hoping it would be pleasant, refreshing. But no it's not a drink one would take purely for enjoyment."

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