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Activated Barley


  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan


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Aktivated® Barley is the ultimate carbohydrate! It is a pre-sprouted grain that is digested slowly thus providing energy over a prolonged period. Aktivated® Barley is also a great source of immune-enhancing beta-glucan soluble fibre.

Aktivated® Barley is manufactured through a patented process that increases the beta-glucan content by up to 94 per cent. Furthermore the fibre from Aktivated® Barley forms a gelatinous medium, creating a stable, steady release of nutrients, which include high levels of the antioxidant and oxygen scavenger super oxide dismutase. It also contains 5.6% omega-3 and 4.6% omega-6 fatty acids. All in all Aktivated Barley® has a superb nutritional profile.

As Aktivated® Barley has a very low GI score; ranging between 20 and 30, the energy you receive will be released over a much more prolonged duration when compared to a high GI carbohydrate such as Dextrose. This makes it a great carbohydrate at any time during the day.

Product Reviews - 3 reviews

- (17 / Sep / 2009)


"It's hard to beat for it's nutrient and fibre content and being low GI as well it's ideal for a breakfast shake. It's a bit gritty though and doesn't really dissolve as such, it just seems to get held in suspension temporarily! If you're having this in a shake, don't pour it into a glass after mixing in the shaker otherwise you'll have an inch of silt to fight through at the bottom of the glass. Instead drink it straight from the shaker (leave the wire ball in) and give it a swill round after every couple of mouthfulls. It is expensive compared to oats but given the far superior nutrient profile of this and it's ultra low GI it's not really a fair comparision. If you're just having one scoop a day it lasts so long that the cost isn't that noticable."

- (17 / Jan / 2005)


This is a great carb source if you want complex. The taste is nice and mixes well the only thing to let it down is its gritty texture.

- (15 / Jan / 2005)


got my activated barley this morning and used it in a shake with milk and chocolate whey80. It has minimal taste and smell with a floury consistency. I mixed it with a hand blender and the shake had a slight 'gritty' feel but was fine no lumps just tiny pieces. Mixed this way it tasted similar to instant mass by reflex. So my verdict is it was a very good alround product and i would definately recommend it to others! \r\n

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