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Acid Whey Protein


  • Vegetarian


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Our Acid Whey Protein is a Whey Protein Concentrate 80 (WPC80) manufactured from high quality vegetarian Acid Cheese Whey produced by a leading western European dairy.

Having the highest Biological Value (BV) of any known protein Whey Protein contains high levels of both essential and non-essential Amino Acids.

Our Acid Whey Protein is instantised so mixes instantly with a very bland flavour profile. Of course it also has excellent nutritional properties including over 80% protein (dry basis).

Traceability is a key part of our quality monitoring process and to aid this process we work with dedicated European whey suppliers so that we are able to control the supply of whey right back to the source.

Acid Cheese Whey, or as it’s sometimes known as Sour Cheese Whey, is obtained during the production of acidic cheese such as cottage cheese. The more common Sweet Whey is derived from "hard cheese" such as Cheddar or Swiss Cheese.

Whey Protein sourced from Acid Whey has numerous benefits including the fact it is particularly rich in natural beta-lactoglubin. This is the protein able to "trap" the lipidic molecule. Other benefits for whey derived from acid whey over sweet they are:

Increased amounts of naturally occurring Lactoferrin (1%).

Naturally higher Leucine levels which highly stimulates protein synthesis.

Naturally higher Cystein levels which will enable faster glutathion synthesis.

Naturally higher Typtophan levels could reduce stress and improve sleep.

The protein fractions of Acid Whey Protein are: 60% Beta lactoglobulin, 20% Alpha lactalbumin, 8% BSA, 10% Immunoglobulin-G (IgG), 1% Lactoferrin, 1% Others.

This is an Acid Whey Protein. If this doesn't mean anything to you, we then recommend you choose our Impact Whey Protein® which is from sweet whey.

Product Reviews - 25 reviews

- (17 / Dec / 2012)


Don't listen to reviews stating you need an electric blender or you get lumps! This is nonsense - I mix mine with a standard bottle blender the one with spring agitator and it mixes fine (no lumps) - you just need to shake it well (add the powder to the liquid - not the liquid to the powder!). The unflavoured stuff tastes awful on its own but nice enough with some MiWadi in there. -Man up I have experience good results with this stuff.

- (21 / Jun / 2011)


"Have tried True Whey, which mixes well and tastes good, however wanted something without sucralose or any artificial sweetener in it. This Acid Whey does not mix too well in a blender bottle, leaving lumpy bits (and yes I put the water in bottle first). The taste of it is not pleasant when you drink it unflavoured - as the name suggests, rather acidic with a bitter after taste. Blends better in an electric blender, and the taste is not too bad if you mix it with something to disguise the taste, however this usually means adding something sugary or artificial sweeteners. So in summary, while I think the results from using this would probably be good, if you're not using an electric blender, and don't want to add sugar or use artificial sweeteners, be prepared to not look forward to having to down your protein shake, or try something else!"

- (31 / May / 2011)


"This stuff has a much better zoonutrient profile than other whey's. It has a higher content of leucine and immunoglobins than normal whey, making it a kind of 'poor mans' colostrum. The flavour tastes fine to me. I normally have it with chocolate instant oats and intsant buckwheat anyway, but i have tried it by itself and its fine."

- (13 / Mar / 2011)


"Excellent product. Definitely supports the immune system (high lactoferrin content). Mixes brilliantly. I get good mass gains from this. Top stuff. Would like to add the following: I am sick of seeing blokes belly aching on this site about the taste of products. You're men aren't you? where are your b***s? oh, I forgot, that's why you go to the gym, to try and grow some. Just neck it down and shut it - or go join some girly dancercise site. You could always ask your mommy to put some nice tasting sweeties in there for you I guess - jeez!! Try CEE and HMB together, first thing in a morning - lovely!! "

- (05 / Nov / 2010)


"I was quite reluctant to try an unflavoured powder like this, but have to admit to being pleasantly surprised. You don't need to mix with milk like some people suggest, simply mix with water and either orange squash (to make a sort of creamy orange juice) or blackcurrant squash (the result of which tastes uncannily like strawberry milkshake). The resulting drink is so smooth you can gulp it down in no time. It mixes fine, just be prepared to be pretty vigorous with the shaker."

- (22 / Oct / 2010)


"I have bought Acid Whey for the first time. The taste and smell is foul like animal stench. I thought there was something wrong with the product. I called to complain and asked for an exchange to some other product. The support team told me that I have to send in an example for them to do lab testing. The result was nothing wrong with the product, it is a natural characteristic of the product itself. I had to wait for many months for the conclusion after chasing them again and again. Once they took your money, they don't really care."

- (02 / Sep / 2010)


"This tastes great with apple and blackcurrant juice! just pop the powder in a jug or mixer, add juice and water, mix quickly or shake and you're ready to go! Tastes fine, but adding your favourite flavoured juice is even better! Results seem to be working, been using this for a couple of months and am seeing more tone in my body and arms."

- (12 / Jul / 2010)


"I have purchased Acid Whey Protein for the first time mainly due to its higher concentration of Lactoferrin, which is very beneficial. It mixes extremely well with water, milk or juice. The taste isn't exactly neutral as it's a bit cheesy but that's not an issue (down it like a man!). I'm sure it works as well as Impact Whey Protein."

- (01 / Jun / 2010)


this one of the best powder proteins I have ever purchased. Not only is it cheap but taste great with both flavored milk and even tap water. I do not recommend using normal milk from the supermarket as it may taste a little cheesy with it been an unflavored powder. also with water it looks awful to drink but is rather tastey to be fair. so overall i give this product 4 stars out of 5

- (11 / Feb / 2010)


very pleased with the results. tastes great. although to be honest I prefer the impact whey. still good stuff.

- (21 / Oct / 2009)


I started taking this about a month ago - unflavoured. Tastes quite pleasant slightly like butter milk. Mixes ok though not as well as Impact Whey. Ever since I have switched to unflavoured/unsweetened powders I have noticed a significant reduction - almost absence of the unpleasant wind and digestion problems normally associated with protein powders. My guess is that its the artificial flavours and sweetners that are reponsible for this.

- (17 / Sep / 2009)


"This is decent protein and mixes well with fruit juice. I am currently taking the unflavoured one, which does not taste the greatest but have definitely tasted much worse. The flavoured ones will probably taste much better."

- (19 / Jun / 2009)


Tastes great (unflavoured)\nMixes well\nVery pleased!

- (09 / Jan / 2009)


Excellent product. Good quality and it's not expensive.

- (05 / Dec / 2008)


"There are very different oppinions related to this whey protein. My friends had order it and most of them like it. I'll have to give it a try by myself, but I think it's effective."

- (04 / Nov / 2008)


"This was my first order from MP, and the reviews kind of worried me. The first shake was indeed a little lumpy, but I'm using a manual egg-beater... not ideal.\n\nI found a fix, though - instead of cold water, use warm-to-hot water from the tap. Dissolves completely with almost no effort.\n\nFlavour's like "strong" milk, which isn't a problem, but I can see how some might prefer to use a flavouring product. I quite like it, though."

- (29 / Oct / 2008)


"Tastes good, mixes well, comparatively cheap and delivered fast. I'd recommend the Choc. smooth flavor."

- (28 / Oct / 2008)


"I dont currently understand why people say this tastes revolting, so far i've mixed it with 2 different things:\n\norange juice\nwater\n\nand honestly out of the 2 i just prefer water! to me it taste just like milk, which i love drinking anyway so waheyyyyyy!!! with orange juice it gives a funny after taste and is basically like drinking milky orange (not nice)\n\nPlus the results are fantastic! i love this product!"

- (05 / Sep / 2008)


"I can only assume the other reviewers are referring to another product (They make reference to flavoured varieties this product is unflavoured). \n\nIf like me, you just wanted a neutral-tasting protein without the sickly sweetness of the usual flavours, then stay well clear of this. It is FAR from neutral revolting in fact. It tastes how I imagine industrial chemicals ought to, and comes coupled with a lingering after-taste. BE WARNED!"

- (01 / Jul / 2008)


"This mixes fairly well, about 4/5.\n\nThe taste on its own is pretty nasty but if mixed with a spoonful of cocoa powder and a squirt of honey it is transformed into something I could drink all day!\n\nOverall very happy with this, will be buying again."

- (19 / Apr / 2008)


Never seen this stuff pure before. Gonna try mixing it with oats & Maltodextrin.\n\n

- (06 / Feb / 2008)


"good stuff, relatively cheap, tastes fine, what more could you say?"

- (02 / Jan / 2008)


"Tastes great, the strawberry one does at least, it's the only one I've tried, but yeah it was nice. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for more protein in their diet."

- (24 / Oct / 2007)


Mixes well tastes gr8 especially the bannana - yummy - I notice the result too.

- (08 / Aug / 2007)


"i tried whey, taste good mixes well but cannot have this anymore because i have come to know that i am allergic to soya and cows milk causing severe acne all over"

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