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Bulk Up Bundle



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The Bulk Up Bundle contains 6 best-selling products that have been specifically chosen to help promote noticeable gains in size and strength. Used by bodybuilders, strength athletes and those who want to increase the size of their muscles, The Bulk Up Bundle is unbeatable value for money and has been designed to give your body the nutrients it needs to repair and grow bigger, for an entire month.

More specifically, each of the mass building supplements included in The Bulk Up Bundle have been shown to increase the size and strength of the muscles when consumed on their own. However, when combined it’s believed the results they yield are even greater. The Bulk Up Bundle contains Creatine Monohydrate to help you increase strength and power, MP Max® Total Gainer as a protein/carbohydrate blend to aid the growth and repair of your muscles, Milk Protein Smooth to help the repair of your muscles when sleeping, Taurine to help draw additional nutrients into the muscle which in turn aids recovery and growth and Instant Oats to provide a quality source of low GI carbohydrates to fuel your workouts.

The Bulk Up Bundle is ideal for all levels. It can be used by experienced athletes who need 30 days of quality nutrition specifically for tissue growth or by those wanting to break training plateaus looking for something ‘extra’ in their diet. Lastly, it can also be used by those just starting out with a training routine and need a purposely designed supplement routine.

To help you see how The Bulk Up Bundle could be used, we have put together an example of a daily supplement plan:

Pre Workout Shake
50 grams of Instant Oats
3g of Taurine


Post Workout Shake
100 grams of Total Gainer
5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate
3 grams of Taurine

MP Max® Total Gainer (Banana, 2720g): is a high calorie, nutritious drink to help you add lean mass and size.

Creatine Monohydrate (250g): Proven to help improve power, strength and growth and has been shown to reduce overall recovery time and recovery between intense bouts of exercise.

Instant Oats (2.5kg): A fantastic source of low Glycaemic Index (GI) carbohydrates ideal for fuelling your exercise routine.

Taurine (250g) An amino acid that acts as a cell volumiser that can draw nutrients into the muscle which can aid recovery and growth.

Milk Protein Smooth (Chocolate Smooth 1kg) Slow digesting protein, ideal for pre bed consumption.

Myprotein Blender Bottle (600ml): The Myprotein Blender Bottle is the most advanced sports supplement bottle on the market today, helping you to mix your individual sports supplements with minimal effort.


Product Reviews - 5 reviews

First timer

- (27 / Jan / 2014)


As a lifting noob after a bit of research found a plan that works. And after 3 weeks am starting to see some noticeable changes in my body. I wont lie and say im the size of a house already but chest width has gained 3 inches. I also won't say the shakes taste nice cos they don't. But man up get it down ya neck and maybe you can reap the rewards also.

- (25 / Nov / 2013)


The actual effectiveness of the proteins and creatine are brilliant, I've only been using them a few weeks and I'm gradually adding the weight I want. The only problem is the mixability of the hard gainer, so it's lumpy no matter how much you shake, overall it's quite good though.

Goes Well With:

strength training

Excellent Bundle

- (06 / Aug / 2013)


I've been using supplements for some time now. This Bulk Up Bundle has pretty much all you need to get going. This bundle is excellent value for money! The shaker is a must have for anyone using supplements. Just fill and shake, nice and easy. With a pack like this it's best to push yourself. No sitting around, hit the gym, use the weights, lift big and let the healing process and a good nights sleep do the rest. Taste doesn't matter, mixability is not a problem at all. I don't recommend mixing with water but still does the job. You will notice differences pretty quickly but as with any supplement a good diet will help. Overall it's brilliant, and adds the right kind of weight. I will be ordering again.

Goes Well With:

Good diet, good routine and milk.

Does what it says on the tin.

- (28 / Apr / 2013)


Ordered this Bulk Up Bundle twice in the past, great for fueling your whole daily routine not just your workout. The oats make for a good breakfast with a little whey and the shakes are great for workouts, pre and post, meals, snacks. Pretty much any time you want to work them into your plan. Noticeable gain to size in general after a few weeks, doing 4 lifting days a week. Only thing I will say is, be careful of slamming so many calories down your throat, I went for the standard 2500 up to around 3500 and maybe more some days when I really started hitting the gym hard. Cut back down now a few months down the line to shred some excess fat off the top. Overall can't fault it, I don't review taste; you're all in this for the long haul so don't be a little girl when it comes to taste. Get it down your neck - it's not that bad.


- (30 / Mar / 2013)


This Bulk Up Bundle is great, with all the basics you need to bulk up for a whole month. It actually lasted me a month as well. The flavours are good. I mix it with a blender so it's always smooth. I noticed a big difference after taking this for a month. I'm just about to order another one.

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