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Bulk Up Advanced Bundle



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The Bulk Up Advanced Bundle contains 7 specially selected products, chosen to support evident gains in muscle size and strength. Used by bodybuilders, strength athletes and those who want to increase the size of their muscles, the Bulk Up Advanced Bundle has been formulated using a selection of our best selling products, and is designed to give your body the essential nutrients it requires to repair and grow bigger and stronger.

Regarding the individual supplements themselves, this bundle contains 2.5kg of our most advanced weight gain formula Hard Gainer Extreme, 1kg of our best selling Impact Whey Protein, 250g of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) healthy fats to increase calorie consumption, 250g of the world renowned creatine monohydrate Creapure® to increase your strength gains in the gym, 90 tab of ZMA® to promote recovery post workout, a massive 5kg bag of low glycaemic index Instant Oats to fuel your workouts and lastly a Myprotein Blender Bottle to mix all the ingredients in.

Hard Gainer Extreme

  • 2.5kg, Chocolate Smooth
  • A high calorie, nutritious drink to help you add lean mass and size

Impact Whey Protein

  • 1kg, Unflavoured
  • A rich source of whey protein concentrate that aids muscle repair and recovery


  • 250 grams
  • Designed to promote gains in size, power and strength by favourably replenishing your body’s ATP stores

Instant Oats

  • 5kg, Unflavoured
  • A fantastic source of low Glycaemic Index (GI) carbohydrates ideal for fuelling your exercise routine

MCT Powder

  • 250g
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) healthy fats to increase calorie consumption and energy


  • 90 tablets
  • A blend of 2 essential minerals needed for optimal cellular growth and recovery

Myprotein Blender Bottle

  • 600ml
  • 600ml shaker with unique blender ball


Bundle RRP based on total price of individual product RRPs.

Product Reviews - 3 reviews


- (31 / Dec / 2013)


This bundle is a great value for money and I'm sure it packs on size, my only concern is when to take what supplement and when? And how much of it, as there's no instructions so if someone could help me out.. Haha


- (31 / Oct / 2013)


Only been using this bundle over the last couple of weeks so ignore the effectiveness rating as not really had enough time to see any major gains, The Hard Gainer is a great tasting protein that mixes well with pretty much everything in the bundle, great tasting and is easy to have 3 times a day without feeling bloated and like you need to throw up The Oats are a brilliant way to get in that extra energy and because they are unflavoured they are really good to mix with the smooth choc and the texture isnt bad. MCT and Creatine mix in really well with both the Hard Gainer and impact whey The impact Whey even though it is unflavoured has an after taste of gone off milk so i just add a scoop or 2 of the hard gainer as extra calories and something to thicken up the shake a bit. overall I would highly recommend this bundle but I would buy maybe 2 more bags of Hard Gainer Extreme because at 3 shakes a day it goes very fast

- (14 / May / 2013)


I bought this Bulk Up Advanced Bundle when I was training in the army, and I put on a stone in weight and it looked amazing. It's a really good product if you can stick to taking it every day, it is a lot of pills and shakes but worth it.

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