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Myprotein Foam Roller



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The Myprotein Foam Roller is the ideal tool for physiotherapy, pilates, yoga, fitness and rehabilitation. This scientifically designed training aid will support and massage lean tissue whilst improving balance, stabilisation, flexibility and core strength.

The lightweight design makes the Myprotein Foam Roller perfect for use at home or in the gym measuring 15 x 45cm. Made from high density EVA foam ensures the roller will maintain its shape, even with frequent use.

Product Reviews - 32 reviews


- (14 / Feb / 2014)


The best buy I have made in ages. Gets all the nasty knots out

Great value and quality

- (27 / Jan / 2014)


Brought as I was constantly having leg injuries from running, picked this one for excellent value and knew I'd get a very high quality product from this trusted site and brand and I was not disappointed, have been foam rolling for couple of weeks now and am noticing the benefits from it and it does wonders after my run. Very happy I purchased this foam roller.

- (21 / Jan / 2014)


Some roller for one roller. Great job.

- (07 / Jan / 2014)


Excellent product, really good and much better than the other alternatives that are too soft. Has really improved my flexibility and I strength

Goes Well With:

Lacrosse/tennis ball for hitting those deeper muscles

- (24 / Dec / 2013)


This was a great purchase. The roller is nice and dense and keeps its shape perfectly. Good size too as it is easily transportable but still does the job.

Goes Well With:


Great product

- (16 / Dec / 2013)


This is a great roller, perfect for reaching all those aches & pains needing a good iron out.

Excellent foam roller

- (28 / Oct / 2013)


Brilliant product, never realised it could be so effective after a long ride.


- (07 / Oct / 2013)


Good product, I have used a few foam rollers some being too hard others been too soft to stimulate the muscle. This however is perfect. Does a great job of getting deep into the muscle and the pain isn't too bad. Value for money is good too.

Foam rolled to Heaven

- (05 / Oct / 2013)


I love Myprotein Foam Roller. Gets all the kinks and soreness out of my muscles after a hard workout.

Goes Well With:

Your back

- (13 / Sep / 2013)


The Myprotein Foam Roller is a very good quality product.


- (12 / Sep / 2013)


Due to not streching after doing weight or any workouts my body needed a good physio! This does everything you need without paying a lot. Very effective!

Goes Well With:

Tennis ball for glutes.


- (09 / Sep / 2013)


Use it whether you work out or not; it's lovely and will help recovery, aid balance and posture.

Goes Well With:

The human body

- (05 / Sep / 2013)


Amazing. Can't say anything bad about this. It's really helped reduce aches, pains and injuries. Again, it's amazing!

- (03 / Sep / 2013)


Just as expected! I am a happy costumer


- (02 / Sep / 2013)


These Myprotein Foam Roller are really good for getting a deep massage on big muscle groups like quads and back and this product is good quality and does the job well. Would recommend to anyone!

Goes Well With:

Leg day.

- (08 / Aug / 2013)


Great service and description of goods!

Myprotein Foam Roller

- (05 / Aug / 2013)


The Myprotein Foam Roller is excellent for self massage and improving recovery time. It really helps to loosen up and massage tight muscles.

Myprotein Foam Roller

- (08 / Jul / 2013)


I get lots of back pain and this Myprotein Foam Roller is just the right length, density and circumference to really make a difference on my back and legs. It's ace.

Does the job...

- (02 / Jul / 2013)


Heard from a friend that they were a good investment...and he wasn't wrong. Great to use if you have a tight muscle anywhere and can really feel the difference the next day!

Very effective

- (28 / Jun / 2013)


Using the Myprotein Foam Roller is similar to getting a sports massage - painful but effective. This is a must have for those that train regularly to aid recovery. The foam is dense when new and therefore very effective. I expect this will become softer over time and I will have to replace it eventually.

Goes Well With:

Rehab and recovery

Very nice

- (28 / Jun / 2013)


The Myprotein Foam Roller is very good and cheap, but is still good quality. I use this after leg day and it has really helped me to recover faster and be more flexible in my squats!

foam roller

- (13 / May / 2013)


The Myprotein Foam Roller is too soft and can easily be rolled out of shape when using it for a couple of minutes. It needs to be firmer to hold its shape, so it's not the best roller I've used.

- (08 / May / 2013)


I use this Myprotein Foam Roller a few times a week before I go to the gym. I just roll my back up and down a few times to loosen up the muscles in my back and afterwards I feel more flexible. It's great and a lightweight but sturdy product.

Resilient + Good size

- (07 / May / 2013)


The Myprotein Foam Roller feels like quite a hard-wearing material and provides good resistance.


- (06 / May / 2013)


The Myprotein Foam Roller is a good size so it can but put out of the way and it helps with releasing tight muscles. Saves you money on massages.

It was worth adding it to my order

- (30 / Apr / 2013)


I've heard a lot about foam rolling and thought I should give this Myprotein Foam Roller a go. I haven't typically focused on my flexibility or tissue health in the last 18 months, so it was about time. The roller arrived next day, as expected. The first few times using it on my legs were brutal, but I'm now getting used to it. Adding this 3 times a week in the evenings, coupled with static stretching, has really loosened up my legs and helped me get to depth on squats.

Roll This

- (27 / Mar / 2013)


The best deal on the market for quality and a price that can't be beat! I am an avid use of the Foam Roller and it is part of every workout that I give my personal training clients. Use it or lose it. Stretch for health!

- (13 / Mar / 2013)


The Myprotein Foam Roller is a very good quality product. It's the perfect stretching tool and I would recommend it.

Oh So Good

- (11 / Mar / 2013)


I literally use this thing every time i get a spare few minutes. just rolling out on my back on it is such a good stress relief, gets rid of all those knots from those gruelling deadlifts and squats. i would recommend this to anyone who wants to save money on deep tissue massages as this is just as good and you are in control of the areas you want to hit.

Good bit of kit!

- (07 / Mar / 2013)


The Myprotein Foam Roller is an excellent tool, its simplicity is its greatest feature. It is great for sorting out those knots in your back etc, I really rate it as a product. It has improved my recovery from gym workouts and rugby training, and has even helped with my shin splints! Give it a go, you won't be disappointed!

- (03 / Mar / 2013)


I would definitely recommend this Myprotein Foam Roller to everyone. It really helps with muscle and pain and helps get out knots, also it really helps prevent, or at least minimise DOMS. Definitely get it, it's great for your leg and back day!

Muscle relief

- (18 / Feb / 2013)


The MyProtein Foam Roller is a brilliant piece of kit. I use the foam roller every night after a hard workout and it relaxes all the muscles in your back and releases all the tension. I also use it after I've been at work and on my feet all day which sometimes leaves me with a stiff back however, the roller takes all the stiffness away and makes your back feel great.

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