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All of your emails are now in for June and ‘The Coach’ has chosen the top 3. Over the next few days The Coach will announce the winners and answer their training and nutrition questions here on The Zone, so let’s get down to business!  Our 3rd place letter this month was sent in by Joanne Beresford…..



Hi Coach,


I am a 30 year old female at 5’6 weighing 133lbs and approx 22% body fat. I am 6 months post pregnancy and have already lost over a stone in weight due to exercise and clean eating. I have now hit a plateau with my weight loss and am baffled why I can’t seem to lose anymore. I am eating clean (all healthy home cooked meals; fish, chicken, veg etc) with a diet whey protein shake made with light soya milk for breakfast and after exercise. I am sticking to around 1400-1500 kcals a day and trying to keep my macronutrients as close to 20/40/40 (carbs/fat/protein). I am also exercising 3times a week, mostly weights and resistance work (Kettlebells etc). I appreciate that some of the weight may be due to a small percentage of muscle gain but my measurements don’t seem to be changing or clothes fitting any better. Please can you offer any advice in regards to diet plans or exercise to help me reduce my body fat further? I’m desperate to tone up but nothing seems to be working…please help!


Thanks 🙂





Hi Joanne,


Congratulations on losing over a stone already. That is fantastic work and shows what hard work can achieve. It simply sounds like your body has now become accustomed to your current nutrition and training program and needs to be shocked a little to kick start your metabolism again.

There are a few changes I’d recommend for you to implement which should help get your progress started again. On your training days, I’d actually recommend increasing your calorific intake. Try to increase it up to 1,800 cals if possible. When your body is on too few calories, it will try to actually preserve its fat stores and burn any other tissue it can to help you survive longer. So by increasing your calories on training days, maybe by adding in some extra protein from lean sources such as salmon or egg whites, this should help boost your metabolism.

Dependent on your time commitments, I’d recommend increasing your training from 3 to 4 times a week. Don’t worry if you absolutely can’t manage this, but going 4 times a week and either performing 2 upper body and 2 lower body workouts a week or 2 push and 2 pull sessions will definitely help. I’d also thoroughly recommend performing 15 – 20 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) after your workout. Try using the X-trainer or bike and perform 1 minute at 50% intensity, 1 minute at 60% intensity, 1 minute at 70% and then 1 minute of 100% flat out intensity and repeat this cycle for the whole duration. By performing cardio after a resistance session, your glycogen levels will already be seriously depleted so the cardio will help target your fat stores instead.

The final change I’d recommend is adding in a few more supplements. As you’ve been training for a while already, I’d suggest using a form of thermogenic fat burner, such as Thermopure to provide your body with powerful natural ingredients designed to aid with further fat loss. I’d also recommend using CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which is a naturally occurring free fatty acid which has been proven to help mobilise fat stores within the body.


Good luck and keep up the great work.


The Coach


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