National Piña Colada Day | Protein Piña Colada Smoothie Recipe


Save on the macros this Summer & give our Protein Piña Colada Smoothie a try.

Enjoy this sweet treat alone or add any preferred extras when the sunshine hits!


Calories: 225          Protein: 13g          Fat: 14g          Carbs: 12g          Sugar: 10g      


1 Scoop Impact Whey Protein – Pineapple or Piña Colada flavour

250ml Reduced-fat coconut milk

2 Pineapple rings

1 Handful of ice


1) To your shaker add the handful of ice, pineapple whey & coconut milk.

2) Add 1 pineapple ring and blitz with a hand blender until all combined.

3) To the serving glass add more ice and pour the mix over the top.

4) Garnish with pineapple ring and serve.

… Enjoy!


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Gemma Amery

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