Oatbran Breakfast


Oatbran Breakfast


When dieting and trying to lose weight one thing people seem to forget about is fibre! Fibre is so beneficial for the diet and in the UK it is recommended we consume at least 19g of the stuff a day!


Despite this recommendation, the average intake of fibre from the national diet and nutrition survey shows we are consume just 12.5g a day. Fibre has a range of health benefits- from preventing cardiovascular disease and bowel cancer, to increasing fullness and weight loss. Consuming extra fibre in the diet- especially if you’re on a tight budget and fast moving schedule might be difficult, but with this Oatbran Breakfast recipe you can easily fight back with fibre.


What’s more this recipe is ready in a matter of minutes!


Oat bran is super cheap and super healthy, providing a good source of slow energy releasing low GI carbohydrates- with just 108Kcals, 3.9g of protein and 5.4g of fibre in just one scoop.




Here’s what you’ll need:


1 scoop of Myprotein oatbran (30g)

250ml of boiling water

10 drops of Myprotein strawberry or raspberry Flavdrops

50g of frozen blueberries and raspberries

1 scoop of Myprotein strawberries and cream soy protein isolate.


Oatbran Breakfast




Step One


In a pan add 1 scoop of Myprotein Oatbran to 250ml of boiling water.


Oatbran Breakfast


Stir and bring to the boil for around 2 minutes.


Oatbran Breakfast


Step Two


Add your frozen berries, a scoop of Myprotein strawberries and cream soy protein isolate and ten drops of strawberry Flavdrops. Stir well.


Oatbran Breakfast


And thats it! One high protein high fibre breakfast in minutes!


Oatbran Breakfast


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