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Nut Roast Muffins

Nut Roast Muffins


Fancy a meat free meal but without missing out on the Protein! Try these easy to make, portable Nut Roast Muffins.


Time to make – 15 Minutes

Cooking time – 20 – 25 Minutes


You will need:


20.00 g, Nuts – Almonds

50.00 g, Rolled Oats

10 – Medium Mushrooms

1- Red Onion

30.00 g, Walnut

20.00 g, Omega Seed Mix

2 cups of Spinach

100.00 g, Courgette

20.00 g, Nuts – Cashew nuts, raw

1 Egg or 2 Egg whites

1 scoop of unflavoured whey protein




To a food processor add all ingredients but leaving the omega seed mix to one side. Blitz everything together and once combined stir in the seed mix.



To a muffin tray, spray with 1 cal or lightly grease with coconut oil, evenly fill each muffin case with the mixture until all has gone, place in the oven on 180 °C for 20 – 25 minutes until golden brown

Allow to cool slightly before trying to remove!


Nut Roast Muffins



Macros per serving –


Calories – 73

Fat – 5g

Protein – 8g

Sugar – 1g


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