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Lighter Meals | Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Salad | By Ru Anderson

By Ru Anderson | BSc (HONS)

Performance Nutritionist, Author, Speaker,

Competitive Athlete & Owner of Exceed Nutrition

Serves 2

Enjoy this filling and nutritious lighter lunch – Chicken, bacon and avocado salad

Prep: 10 min – Cook: 5 min


– 300g skinless chicken breast, cut into strips

– 4 smoked bacon rashes, grilled and cut

– ½ fresh avocado, sliced 150g

– Baby spinach

– 100g  rocket

– 10g parmesan, grated

– ¼ tsp. Coconpure coconut oil

– Salt & pepper

For the dressing:

– 1 tbsp. olive oil

– 1 tbsp. cider vinegar 1 tbsp. lemon juice

– 1 headed tsp. wholegrain mustard

– 1 small clove garlic, crushed

– Salt & pepper


1) Light the grill and place the bacon under it to cook.

2) In the meantime, heat the coconut oil in a pan and fry the chicken until brown. Season with salt and pepper.

3) Divide salad leaves onto two plates and place the avoca- do on top of the leaves.

4) When bacon is crispy cut into pieces divided between the two plates. Do the same with the chicken. Then top with fresh parmesan.

5) To make the dressing, mix all ingredients together and drizzle on top.


428 kcals

39g Protein

11g Carbs

19g Fats

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