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The Vegan Diet

World Vegan Month is a time of year dedicated to educating people about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. It’s a popular time of year for people who are interested in “going vegan” to pledge to 30 days without the use of animal products. Health, environmental and ethical benefits are all on offer – so could you live the vegan life?

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When Is World Vegan Month?


World Vegan Month is November, but of course you can try a vegan diet at any time in the year.


Is It Hard To Be Vegan?


A rise in awareness and a growing market for vegan friendly products means it is easier than ever to follow a vegetarian or vegan friendly diet. For instance, here at Myprotein we have a dedicated Vegan range.

However, the exclusion of all animal products is a strict lifestyle to maintain. Some people find it easier to attempt veganism for a one month “trial”, hence World Vegan Month. Others find it simpler to gradually immerse themselves into veganism, by cutting out red meat, then white meat, fish, dairy and so on.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Vegan Lifestyle?


A lot of vegans are motivated by ethical reasons. Veganism cuts out products made from the exploitation of animals, and promotes a cruelty free world.

Vegan and vegetarianism also benefits the environment, as crop farming produces far less C02 than cattle farming, and demands far less destruction of forest land.

The health benefits of a vegan diet are a very common reason for those invested in fitness to exclude animal products from their diet. Without animal products (particularly animal fats and dairy) the vegan diet encourages low cholesterol. Additionally, animal fats and red meat are linked to a higher risk in diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and a number of cancers. So, through eliminating these factors from your diet, you can significantly reduce your risks of suffering from these health issues.

Do You Lose Weight On A Vegan Diet?


A vegan diet is often great for weight loss as it eliminates a great deal of fat and can be very low in calories. However, as with all diets it should be incorporated into an active workout regime in order to create an entirely healthy lifestyle.


How Do You Have a High Protein Vegan Diet?


Protein is an essential part of your diet, especially pre and post workout. If you’re worrying about how you could get your protein hit without your usual portion of chicken, fear not, there are plenty of plant based protein sources easily available, including:

» Quinoa

» Soy Milk

» Tofu

» Lentils

» Artichokes

» Pumpkin Seeds

» Vegan protein powder

» Almonds

» Peanuts

» Black Beans

» Myprotein Nut Butters – Triple Nut, Cashew, Almond and Peanut

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Can You Make Gains As A Vegan?


While many elements of a vegan diet can be very low calorie and low fat, it is possible to be a vegan during a mass gaining phase of your workout regime. In particular, pasta, rice and potatoes are a great foundation to increase your calorie intake. Vegan creatine supplements are also a very useful tool for muscle gaining.

Get the best results with these Vegan Essentials:





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