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Welcome to our overview of what’s new to Myprotein


May has been a HUGE month for us as we celebrated our 12th BIRTHDAY! We really stepped it up with some of our delicious new innovations…

New Additions | FOOD

Introducing | White Chocolate Protein Brownies

Guilt-free treats containing 23g protein & 4g sugar

white chocolate protein brownies

Irresistibly chocolatey and chewy, our melt in the mouth bakery sensations actually contain up to 75% less sugar than the standard supermarket brownie.

So what are you waiting for – make the guilt-free decision and enjoy our brand new White Chocolate Protein Brownies – you probably deserve them!

Now available in normal chocolate & white chocolate flavour.

 A guilt-free sweet treat with a huge 23g protein per brownie.

✓ Combine one of our brownies with our Sugar-Free Syrup, and some of our famous Peanut Butter!

Introducing | Skinny Cookies

80% less sugar and 70% less fat than standard supermarket cookies

skinny cookies

Skinny Cookies are guilt-free, high-protein snacks with a satisfyingly chewy texture.

With 25g of protein per cookie, they will contribute to the maintenance, growth and repair of muscle.

✓ 25g protein per cookie to satisfy your hunger as well as your taste buds!

✓ Baked using milk protein and oat flour, with added white chocolate chips.

Available Cranberry & White chocolate and Lemon & Chia Seed

Introducing | High-Protein Chocolate

Dark chocolate combined with a whey protein isolate blend. YES, REALLY.

high protein chocolate

We are proud to present High Protein Chocolate, our latest innovation brought to you by Cocoa+. Crafted by a master chocolatier, High Protein Chocolate is a chocolate sensation like never before!

✓ Deliciously rich, dark chocolate taste, with 62% less sugar than your standard supermarket alternative.

✓ 19g protein per bar from a whey protein isolate blend.

Enjoy post-workout or as an anytime treat

Introducing | Organic Peanut Butter

You asked, we delivered. 

organic nut butter

The peanuts used in our Organic Peanut Butter are roasted in their natural brown skins before being ground to a delicious texture. Absolutely nothing else is added to the resulting peanut butter, making this a natural and healthy choice free from added salt, sugar and palm oil!

Our Organic Peanut Butter is an ideal spread to add to snacks such as rice cakes, crackers, wholegrain toast and also to fruits such as apples and bananas.

✓ Made from 100% pure roasted peanuts.

✓ A great source of protein and magnesium to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Great for vegans and vegetarians! 

Introducing | Flavoured Nut Butters

Coconut…. Vanilla… TRIPLE NUT?

flavoured nut butters

Our best sellers just got EVEN better!

Try our delicious Nut Butters now with added flavours – still containing no added sugar or salt!

Peanut & Almond butters now with added coconut.

Indulge in Cashew & Vanilla butter or go all out with a Triple Nut combo.

✓ Ideal to add to snacks such as rice cakes, crackers, wholegrain toast and also to fruits such as apples and bananas.

New Additions |

12TH BIRTHDAY Limited Editions


Introducing | Birthday Cake Flavour Whey Protein

Birthday Cake, Chocolate Cake & Victoria Sponge flavoured whey

birthday cake whey protein

Our best-selling Whey Protein just stepped it up a notch! Enjoy delicious new Birthday Cake, Chocolate Cake and Victoria Sponge Cake flavour shakes or protein treats – whilst it fuels your body and contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass!

Delicious new flavours to celebrate Myprotein’s 12th Birthday.

✓ 20g protein, 4.5g of BCAA’s & 2g of leucine per serving

Supports all training goals – including both weight loss and muscle gain!

Introducing | Limited Edition Birthday Box

A selection of Myprotein’s best selling supplements


What better way to celebrate Myprotein’s 12th birthday, than providing you with a nostalgic assortment of some our bestselling products from each of the last 12 years!

Tuck in to some of our best sellers with our Limited Edition Birthday Box – including our famous Whey Protein, Oats & Whey Bar, Protein Clusters & more!

✓ Celebrating 12 years of the very best supplements with proteins, pre-workouts, bars & snacks.

Goodies suitable for pre-workout, post-workout or simply on-the-go.

✓ Great value for money!

Introducing | Limited Edition 12th Birthday T-Shirt

Available in both Men’s and Women’s

birthday shirt

Continue our birthday celebrations by sporting the 2016 Men’s and Women’s navy blue Birthday T-Shirt! It’s soft to touch and ideal for most gym workouts, weekend and travel wear.

✓ Soft and delicate feel against the skin, made from 100% cotton.

✓ Regular fit with a rounded neck.

Suitable for the gym or anytime lounging!

Introducing | Limited Edition Birthday Shaker

Ergonomic design created to hold 700ml liquid, with added secure lid


Stand out with our new, limited-edition Birthday Shakers. These reliable MixMaster shakers have secure screw-top lid to prevent leaking and are an essential item for anyone using our powdered supplements to ensure smooth, lump-free shakes!

✓ Superb ergonomic design with secure screw top lid to avoid leakages.

Holds a huge 700ml – perfect for pre-workout, BCAA’s or a trusty protein shake.

✓ And… they’re dishwasher friendly!

Keep your eyes peeled…

Make sure to check back for more innovative, exciting products!






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