Father’s Day Special | Staying Fit & Healthy As A Dad | Myprotein Interview With Tom Johnson

We caught up with Myprotein Ambassador and fit Dad, Tom Johnson to find out how he finds time to stay fit and healthy whilst being a Dad – and how you can too…

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How Do You Make Good Health A Part of Parenting?


“I find good health comes easily to me and my family. We all make an effort and support each other to be active – and it helps that we enjoy plenty of sports and walking etc! I regularly take my son swimming and luckily he has been able to walk from around 6 months, so I have been able to do lots with him like football or simply run around the garden, he has plenty of energy to spare – he takes after me in that department!

Food wise, I have to eat my own foods when dieting for shows/shoots so my fiancee will prepare food for herself and then make double so my son Leo can have some too – so it’s usually healthy! It’s a great way to do it and saves time. On weekends Leo is allowed to have treats and sometimes during the week when Daddy isn’t looking… I had treats growing up and I don’t want Leo missing out on life. Overall, we’re generally well-balanced!”

Top Tips for Eating Healthy/Exercising As A Family?


“Do it as a team, for sure! When I perform cardio, which might be a simple fast-paced walk, I take my son as much as I can and, depending on the time, my fiancee will come too. It helps her mentally to just relax if she’s had a tough day. Use it as a bonding experience, rather than just ‘boring‘ old cardio.

If I’m preparing my food I have my son help as much as possible teach him all the different types of food. I like to try to sit and eat my meals with him so he feels like his Dad. Leo often tries to steal my precious macros…”

Most Important Fitness Tips For Working Dads?


“As Dads, we are always busy, whether it be working, at the gym or putting together toys/dens for our son and daughters to play with. My top tips would be to make sure you eat enough, stay on track with your calories/macros and make sure you’re still eating enough to hit your goals.

It’s tiring being a Dad but what will make that 10 times worse is if your food/supplementation isn’t hitting its marks. Prepare your meals/supplementation in advance to make sure no matter how busy your day is your food and supplements are still ready!”

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Top Tips For Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule?


“If you’re busy, as hard as it may seem, get up earlier (if you can) – hopefully before your son/daughter wakes up. For example, I have work at 7:15am most mornings but I wake up at 4:30am to fit in cardio/training before work. I know to some it may seem crazy but if you want something so bad and really enjoy it, then getting out of bed is easy.

Also, try working as a team with your partner to find times where the both of you can get to the gym whilst your son/daughter is being looked after. Alternatively, when you arrive back from the gym, let your partner go and train whilst feeding dinner to your child(ren)/taking them to bed. Having a partner who understands and works with you helps more than I can explain! Sometimes I train at fairly anti-social times and my fiancee never complains. We just work together as a team.”

What Motivates You To Exercise On A Daily Basis?


“My motivation comes from just the enjoyment I get. I love going to the gym – plain and simple. Some people have hobbies such as playing football, painting, rock climbing etc-  but my love and passion is the gym.

My mind goes into its own world and for those few hours in the gym, all of my worries disappear. I don’t think about anything else other than my next set. We all need our own time – and for me, the gym is just that.”

What Advice Would You Give To Fitness Newbies?


“I get asked this question a lot, and my answer never changes. Honestly, be yourself. Don’t try and copy what someones else is doing, don’t work for someone else’s physique – you can only be you.

Work on creating the best you, you can be. If you are genuine and motivate and inspire others, then what you want will come with time. Love what you do! Make fitness/health/gym your passion, involve your loved ones, create a happy environment where it will help you succeed and stick to your goals – just make sure you believe in yourself, as stepping outside your comfort zone can be hard but that’s where your life will truly begin to change.”

Father’s Day Gift from Tom Johnson | Tom’s Killer Chest Workout

Chest Exercise  Sets & Reps (%=1RM)
Flat Bench Press 1 warm up
10×65% 8×70% 5×85% 12×70%
Flat Dumbbell Flyes 2 warm ups
3 x 12 – 70%
Incline Dumbbell Press 2 x 20 – 65% 10 press ups at 5th rep
Decline Barbell Press 3 x 10 – 75%
Chest Press Machine 6 reps, 6 sec rest x6 60%

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