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Written by Jack Boardman

5 Top Fitness Gifts

Christmas is a time when many people talk about turning over a new leaf. Be it the excessive intake of mince pies and Christmas party boozing, or a resolution they’ve been meaning to get around to, the number of new gym memberships soars at the start of each new year, and here’s betting you have a friend or loved one who’s thinking about making a couple of healthy lifestyle changes.

You know our mantra: fuel that ambition! And a thoughtful fitness Christmas gift could well be the perfect way to help that loved one take a step to achieving their New Year’s resolution.

Whether they’re already an avid gym-goer or just have good intentions at this point, here are a few gift ideas that could save you stressing about present ideas and will help them achieve their health goals.




Clothes are always a welcome gift at Christmas, especially for the gym. Okay, so the clothes don’t make the athlete, but the right gear can enhance performance. Also, if the person in question is an avid gym-goer, they’ll be needing plenty of fresh gear.

Not sure what gym clothes to get? If you’re shopping for the elite, compression gear is pricier but worth every penny. If it’s a gym newbie you’re buying for, sweats are a good place to start (and also make comfy home wear if they don’t quite live up to their New Year resolution).

fitness girl in myprotein clothing



As Forrest Gump said: “My mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.” The right training shoes, without a doubt, can make all the difference to those long-distance runs to burn off the Christmas pudding. A lack of cushioning, an ill-fit or bad support could result in injury, so the right pair of shoes is important.

The same goes for all kinds of training – you wouldn’t wear golf shoes for football, would you? Weight lifters benefit from a flatter sole, while all-round styles are better suited for cross-fitters and people who do a bit of everything in their workout sessions.

Need some ideas? Take a look at this selection of training shoes that come with a further free gift.

gym bag essentials

Workout Accessories


There are a few bits of kit that the average weightlifter takes for granted, beginning with a decent bottle for water and a shaker for whey protein. Gym accessories could make the perfect stocking fillers for gym-goers who didn’t even realise they needed them.

Exercise Equipment


If the person you’re buying for is wanting to take their new healthy lifestyle one step at a time and aren’t quite ready for a gym membership yet, some very worthy stocking fillers might be a few pieces of home exercise equipment.

A few essentials include:

An ab roller for sculpting abs and toning up.

Push up equipment to work a multitude of muscles and get the practice in for barbells and gym benches.

Resistance tubing to tone and stretch.

triceps foam roller

Health Supplement Bundle


Who would want a health supplement bundle for a Christmas present? Both long-time bodybuilders and gym-newcomers need to pay close attention to their nutritional intake, so it’s no surprise that supplements are incredibly popular among the bodybuilding crowd. When it comes to sporting performance and nutrition is fuel and fuel is essential for achieving health gains. Health supplement bundles provide nutrition for more than a month’s gains at half the price, offering the perfect step in the right direction for anyone talking about turning over a new leaf in the new year.

If you’re not sure what kind of bundle, consider what sports or fitness exercises the recipient does and pick one that will work well with their gym activities. If they do a specific sport, pick a bundle that will suit their needs.

Get the best results with these Essentials:




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