• Bodybuilding Myths | Targeting Different Quadriceps Muscles

    By Callum Loundes | In Training | on April 28, 2015

    The Quadriceps are a group of muscles that make up the overall mass of the thigh. It is often that you will hear that a great pair of legs in bodybuilding requires optimal development in the ‘tear drop’ muscle – the Vastus Medialis, and the ‘outer sweep’ the Vastus Lateralis. If one is lacking in either […]

  • Performance Enhancer | The Science Behind Beta-Alanine

    By Christopher Tack | In Supplements | on April 27, 2015

      Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist and Manager Guys & St Thomas’ Private Physiotherapy Service (London, UK) Owner & Lead Clinician of All Powers Rehabilitation & Conditioning   Myths abound in the world of supplements and nutrition. Walk into any supplement store and you are faced by a wall (or 2) of tubs and bottles and sachets. […]

  • Introduction Football is an intermittent sport, with elite players performing lower-intensity movements for over 70% of a match, interspersed with periods of explosive, higher-intensity movements such as maximal sprints (Rampinini et al., 2012). During a competitive match, elite footballers usually reach up to distances of 13km which incorporates of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems […]

  • Build Big Arms For Summer With Simeon Panda

    By Ashley Wilson | In Men's Training, Training | on April 24, 2015

      Pre-Workout of choice – MYPRE “I always take the MYPRE pre-workout, to get that big pump. Best day to have a pump is arms day! Love the Lemon & Lime, my favourite flavour by far, 2 scoops every time” says Simeon. “Today I’m going to hit arms, as its a Friday, its my day […]

  • 6 Negative Side Effects of Juice Diets

    By Heather Geary | In Nutrition | on April 24, 2015

      Everyone is aware that fruit and vegetables are beneficial for our health, therefore the idea of juicing/juice diets seem like a great way to add our daily servings to our diet. However, consuming just juice alone could lead to potential health problems. There are many different varieties of juice diets or cleanses, some require one […]

  • 5 Ways to Prepare for Tough Mudder

    By Mr Protein | In Training | on April 24, 2015

      So you’ve either been enrolled or entered yourself into competing in this year’s Tough Mudder and if you’re not sure what’s in store… let us give you an insight… Tough Mudder is no walk in the park, you’re on route to attempt a 10–12-mile-long military-style obstacle race….This means a lot of running and with obstacles such […]

  •   By Anna Sward of   These energy balls are really easy to make and they’re absolutely delicious! They taste like almond cookie dough with a subtle hint of coffee and they’re perfect to carry with you to work or school and have as a snack before you head to the gym. I added […]

  •   Beginning your journey into the weight lifting world can be extremely nerve-racking if you don’t know where to start… With so much advice out there it can be hard to know what to do once you actually get to the gym. Body part splits, crossfit, kettlebells etc, etc. Most routines have one thing in […]